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The Queen is looking for Abled Bodies

Thursday, October 13 2022 9:08:23 PM EST

Small dragons are sent out from hrive carrying posters throughout the realm. Each village, city and campsite visited. A parchment nailed upon posts near Inns and Taverns where the most walk through traffic may occur. Scribbled in fine hand writing the poster reads


Brave Cunning & Eager individuals willing to brave a dangerous journey at the behest of the Monarchy of Hrive. Asking parties of four to six to form alliances and request party leaders to send messangers to Dragon Queen Vyphora with details of party members abilities and strengths. Each party will need alteast one adept at healing, Another strong enough to fight hand to hand combat, A magic user able to deciefer charms and magic, a lightfoot able to detect traps.

Signed by Queen Vyphora of hrive'

OOC Note: Please message Neferetta Resident if you would like to take part in the dungeon events but are unable to find a party to join. Party leaders please message Neferetta with details of characters abilities so that she may properly assign each group to the right dungeon fit for their characters.

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