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The Dire Waters

"Rising from the sand at low tide, the shipwreck’s spars, brown wet, decaying. Reaching like skeletal fingers, grasping for one last piece of the breaking daylight.
Tentacles of seaweed, woven. Wrapped around decaying planks, anchoring it firmly to Davy Jones’ Locker"

Tales are told of beautiful women with the lower bodies of fish who lure sailors with song, only to drag them, into the depths never to be seen again. Others speak of being rescued at sea by friendly creatures from the deep, pulling them to shore from a shipwreck, or guiding them through treacherous, rocky coastlines.


Protected from the large swells of the open ocean, the coastline of The Mystic Realms appears tranquil and inviting. Tiny islands and sand banks break the surface close to shore, and the water is teeming with color and life. From the land, one might never suspect that sunken ships litter the shallow Dire Waters, a reminder of dangers that have lurked below. Long ago, merchants viewed this land as a potential trade port. The land was rich in resources, and surrounding mountains promised wealth just waiting to be mined.

The first ship of settlers arrived, mostly men hired to begin construction of the new buildings. They were eagerly greeted by the sirens of the Dire Waters, who wasted no time feasting on the new arrivals and sinking their ship before it could even reach the land. Some months later, another ship arrived carrying settler families, expecting that the construction was already underway. Of course, the sirens were prepared to greet them as well, but other inhabitants of the Dire Waters heard their screams and intervened.


Although the ship went to the bottom of the bay and many aboard lost their lives to the sirens on that day, a few were helped to shore by other ocean races. This resulted in hostilities between the sirens and those who helped the settlers. The newcomers were taken in by the residents of Faerndil, and came to understand the importance of the land remaining wild and pure.

With the help of friendly merfolk, word was sent to the merchants that this land was blighted and uninhabitable due to a great sickness in the colony, and warned that no others be sent. It was presumed by the merchants that the entire colony was lost. As it often happens, word spread of the terrible fate of the settlers. The superstitious say the land is cursed, and sailing ships have avoided going near it. Some of the descendants of the original settlers still live in Faerndil, but the story of their origins has been lost to them over the centuries. They are considered residents and natives of the land.

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