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Storyline Rules

Mystic Realms is a roleplay sim that is player built. To clarify that means any changes to the realms, new buildings, destoryed buildings, etc are changes made by the player ICly through their roleplay, the admins and mods, unless involved in the IC changes attempt to stay as hands off in the changes that happen to the Realm, allowing for it all to be player dicated. 

Inregards to the changes that happen ICly, chat logs will be needed for the build team to know what to change and where to change it. These logs can be sent either privately or via the discord in the rp show and tell channel. 

This is the same for storylines and plots, we highly encourage players to create their own storylines and engage the entire sim in their imagination. All plots, if they are sim wide, will have to be approved by staff and may be tweaked by our lore weaver team to help flow easier, but all changes made will be done with the approval of the person who original submitted the plot idea.  

- What to consider when making simwide plot -

• Will this be welcoming to all?
• Will we leave multiple ways players can solve this plot or make it more than it is?
• Will we make sure this is inclusive in ways players can find out as well as find out necessary tools for following?
• Making sure that this isn't a scripted event but open and tangible for all to mold in rp how the story goes, so no specific scripted ending is made.

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