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What started out originally as an unkempt feywildes developed into an influential kingdom, now known as the Realm of The Fae, filled with a rich history. No historian has been able to pinpoint when the fey came to the realm, some say they have always been there arguing that they came as children of the trees and plants that filled the wildes, birthed from their seeds and raised by the roots as the wild magic of the lands willed it; while others speculate that they came as refugees from other realms escaping turmoil and war; settling in the wildes to hide. Despite not knowing how they came to the land, it is well known that they lived an isolationist life, the seelie stayed away from the unseelie, and the seasonals rarely exchanged words unless they needed to. The isolanisiam got to the point where elected leaders would sometimes ban those who lived under them from intermingling with specific tribes.
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The Realm of the Fae

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