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A Letter to the People

Finally taking a break from her work, Sunday could no longer delay the announcement she had to make to her people as well as the realms abroad. Hands wiping soil off on her sides, she'd go to stand and make her way towards the court that was currently under construction, having to duck under wooden balustrade, hop over golems carrying large cedar planks, and she'd go to meet up with her children, should they be free to discuss before sending out a core message from the Barleythorne family.

A pixie would come to take dictation from Sunday, knowing quite well the handwriting the Illiterate Seelie Queen was now renowned for. They'd also gotten so used to her odd affectation in words, it'd make perfect sense when posted to parchment from quill , unlike the faun.

```To our people across the faerie realms and the woods beyond. One might have heard desperate need of sword and strength from the Queen of Hrive, and others might be of rumors and concerns of the nightmares plaguing many.

Here is what we know:

Many people have been experiencing prophetic dreams that foretell a dark future that may come to pass. And old enemy of Hrive - a dragon tyrant already once defeated - has risen again as an undead foe, a dracolich.

The spirits have sent a message that a great horror is foretold and that it cannot be stopped from rising. The warning is that "Darkness shall roar with tainted breath and fly on wings of decay and chaos. Strike it down or serve it in death."

The Royal Family of Hrive has sent out a call for aid to fight this enemy, and the Fae will answer.

The Dragon Queen has revealed that she was sent a vision of five containers being hidden. It is theorized that these containers each hold a portion of the Dracolich's soul and must be destroyed before the enemy can be defeated."

As the royal family of the faerie realm, we are taking our own course of actions to help in aiding in this. As it has been obvious and apparent, we have been rearranging the kingdom and courts, making them a more defined and structured means of leadership, as one can have in a world that loves and feeds off our wondrous chaos. In our changes, we are also moving our planes and entrances closer to those of mortal passage. To give closer solace for those that do not take permanent shelter in the faerie realm, to give closer means of entrance and ways of escape in times of war. Whilst we still have our strong wards up that will prevent iron and steel from entering the realm of fae, we will make sure those carrying them can still enter and have sanctuary in one of our courts. The Snowpeak mountains will meet to our winter courts. The night court to the mystical woods. The autumn court to the crags beyond and dark villages. The waters dire to our summer court shores. These things to help give safe ventures to those in need. While we will not force any of our people to help take arms, to fight, to defend, to attack, we give shelter, safety, and healing where needed.

We as fae and fey are ones that take free will and binding contracts seriously. I wish to extend this same courtesy to all across this realm, in giving you the options of going to help in the snow peaks of Hrive, in helping with building the infirmaries of stations near by, of gathering recruits and caravans in the travels. We will open safe passage for those needing faster travel through our winter courts to save weeks of travel from the mystical woods and beyond, to the snow peaks of Hrive, so that you may come to aide in our allies of Hrive, or that those who must evacuate their families and loved ones, may do so in safe passage and in good will. Should any issues arise in this wholeheartedly given trust, do know that fate will give comeuppance thrice for any and all ill-advised actions.

May Gaia and Luna guide you safely in this time, and may your choices lead to strong threads of fate.

Dictated not written

Queen Sun peeking through the daisies of the Barleythorne Name```

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