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The Dracolich

Throughout the night, Many might find themselves plagued with a strange recurring dream. Some with the foresight might see it as a vision, while others may simply think it a side effect of the piss poor ale they’d drank at the tavern the night before. However the dream remains the same as though it were a warning. Within said dream one will find themselves shin deep in cold snow upon a vast mountain scape yet they’re unable to move from their spot as the freezing cold icy snow storm pelts into their flesh like knives, over the loud winds of the snow storm a guttural roar like no living beast echos through the mountains. Those who have heard a dragon’s roar might find this one far more disturbing in its sound, wet….choking…Pure hatred in its roar. When one is able to move it is only to turn completely around to look at the chaos behind them. Blood… so much blood splattered across the once pure snow.. Bodies.. Some humanoid… some beastial of all sorts lay littered across a battlefield through the mountain pass, the Roar echoes deep into ones mind.. And then silence as the bodies begin to twitch and move to their feet… hands grabbing for weapons as they rise once more… and then… nothing but darkness as the dream ends.

Vyphora drew in a slow shaky breath as she moved through the castle holding a bucket full of scrolls. Her features solemn and exhausted as she came upon the small messenger dragon’s perched upon the battlements of the castle. “Send this to the Mayor of Faerndil” She said to the first dragon as she place it into the small bird sized creature’s talons. “And no eating their livestock this time…” She said with a dominant growl that caused the small dragon to whimper but huff in response and flew off. She turned to the next dragon. “Get this to the Fae realm and find Sunday” She said as she watched the dragon preen and take the scroll with proud talons and took off. She said as she gave the dragon his scroll. She moved to the remaining dragons and handed them their scrolls to send them out to the rest of the realm to invite all to Hrive for this meeting


The Summit Meeting:

[11:55] Vyphora 'The Oracle' exhaled sofly as she lead Mene up the spiral staircase into the summit meeting room. She held the door open for the Scholar and gestured to the table. "I am unsure if we've enough seats for everyone so some will likely need to stand" She said gently. Her black orbs turning towards the door as she heard the servants lead those arriving into the room.

[11:57] Mene Walking into the room, Mene tried to keep herself calm. This was an important event and she needed to do her part. Walking into the room ahead of Vy, she looked at the big table, soon to be host to all the power in the realm. And she would be among them. Mene Brumble from the Western Dales. Oh goddess she hoped she didnt stammer. "Its alright," she replied, "Ill be fine.."

[11:58] Zaeydren the nerves Zaeydren felt quickly started to fade though his mind quickly became a pit of realization that this was truly happening, the greatest evil he had known. Returned to life. He moved across the room, Azihan, his personal guard at his side as she strides over toward his mate and he took his place at her side, his eyes bouncing around the room from person to person. He smiled to himself to see familiar faces in the crowd and took comfort in knowing that he had such a great support system on his side

[11:59] Armaria Valqirelle pushes the door open, hoping she was in the right spot as she clung into her snowy robe. As she did hear rumors of stuff going on, the elven maiden decided on the spot to go and listen what has been going on. Although nothing seemed off to her in the first place but there was tis weird eerie feeling that tickled her back wich made her concerned for sure.. So she had left the quest of Caras Galadhon to her fellow kin Leikanglei for now, while she traveled with her stallion towards the icey lands of hrive. The sun elf would blow some hot air into her palms once she was inside, seeing she was perhaps early still? She would look around and bow to the others " Vendui.." with a gentle smile

[3:17 PM]

[12:03] Aine had not been directly invited to such a summit, for she had no power to represent, but it was difficult to miss the news of it happening when one lived in Hrive. She slipped into the room without a word, curious nature getting the better of her. She lacked the more more muted elven form she was often seen among the snowy village. Now, her heritage was on full display. Crystals jutted from her skin at angles that seemed more like a way to enforce her personal bubble, than as decor. As she strode in she heard the Oracle speaking of limited chairs and instead opted to step back and leave seats for those with more stake in the meeting.

[12:04] Vyphora 'The Oracle' turned her starlit eyes towards her mate and their childhood friend as they walked into the room and moved over to her side. She looked to him with gentle calming eyes. "I can feel you..." She murmured softly as her hand reached up to gently caress his cheek. "Everything will be alright..." She murmured reassuringly to her mate before chuckling. "For once ... you're the worrier..." She teased. Her eyes turning towards the red headed woman across the room and smiled. "Thank you for making your way through such cold conditions and answering our call to meet" Her eyes turned to Aine and gave the Dragoness a respectful nod. "It is good to see you're well" She smiled and then turned her eyes over towards Azi and purred in a gentle tone. "You look wonderful, Azi"

[12:06] Davian The Bard comes to this summit more to observe. Hes not particularly a leader in his own right, but was indeed curious of what would be discussed.

[12:06] Azihan followed Zae into the room, she caught sight of Vy and walked over with Zae, she embraced her dear friend, now Queen of Hrive, before taking her place to the left of the King. Her eyes scanned the room, many faces she had yet to meet, having just returned to Hrive only recently. Azi placed her hand on the Zae's arm and gave a gentle squeeze, assuring him all will be well.

[12:09] Mene Mene was having several revelations in a very short span of time as she watched the room. All of them would be worthy of a dead faint, but it was through sheer stubborn refusal to make a scene that she stood still and calm. She would loose her mind, and most likely her head, later. Standing apart with the lesser court that were also in attendance, she would be silent and still until called upon and kept her eyes trained on the great table- waiting for the meeting to be called to order.

[3:17 PM]

[12:10] Sulvulondrem enters the room unsmiling. A memory stirs of the last time he was here, summoned under happier circumstances to deliver the regards and blessings of the Seelie Court on the as yet unborn - or is that hatched? - babe. For once he wears the crown of his station, as he represents his mother's court - at least until such time as she makes her own arrival, if her duties allow it. Politely, he inclines his head towards the draconic ruling family, but he waits to be invited to sit. This is their court, after all, and he is mindful of protocol.

[3:18 PM]

[12:13] Zaeydren as the crowd all seemed to gather and more and more people poured in, he would extend his welcomes to them all with a nod of the head followed by words of "Welcome welcome...please, do take your seats where you are comfortable" now realizing they may have needed a bigger table. His eyes taking in all of his guests, though the very vibe of the Monarchs were not one of a joyous reunion, but one of serious matters that would affect all of them. Some more than others.

[12:13] Armaria Valqirelle removed one of the fur stoles she was wearing but kept her main one on. Sure she has been through wintery seasons before but she was never fond of them nope, she loved more nice warm and cosy days. Not so much the cold although it held its own beauty. The elven maiden would move to the side and waited there till others arrived and to be seated perhaps. Many unfamiliar faces she spotted so it felt a little be awkward to her to stand there without the desert elf. But she wished to know what tis whole meeting was about. Even if it was perhaps something the elves should a close eye on or not..

[12:14] Sunday fidgeted. She wasn't all too fond of ever being indoors. But at least the other royals were kind and seemed to remember this. filling the place with an array of folliage and even with a wide range of windows the faun could edge near. She'd do just that, swooping down to grab a planter of monstera, to hug to her bosom, arm stealing her son's by the crook of his own to drag to the corner as she hoof shuffled to the edge. Was this proper royal protocol? absofuckinglutely not. but she felt so beyond claustrophobic, she couldn't help it. Not until her tail brushed against a pane of glass, until she snorted up a leaf, and until she could smile towards a few older friends, did she let out a bit of a relaxed groan. frayed. her nerves were frayed. yes.

[3:18 PM]

[12:16] Aine 's tail snapped back and fourth, agitated. While she was able to offer a smile to Vyphora she still seemed out of place even among her own kin. She fixated her gaze for a moment on a chair but was not willing to take the first seat for fear of looking out of place or drawing over much attention to herself. The feathers on her wings tensed, fluffing and smoothing over and over.

Quen Sunday — Today at 3:22 PM

[12:19] Vyphora 'The Oracle' rubbed her hands together as she looked at the seats around the table and whispered to her mate. "You were right... we need a bigger table..." She chuckled before turning her eyes back to the ground. "Please everyone.. Take a seat and we will get started on why we've called upon you all" She spoke with the familiar calm voice but her features seemed solemn and serious

[3:22 PM]

[12:20] Sulvulondrem patted his mother's hand reassuringly, knowing how uncomfortable she was in such situations. He leaned in to her to murmur, "Would you have me stand at your shoulder, mother?" To offer his calm presence as a comfort to her. Though the call to begin was made, he'd not move towards the table before she did - she was after all the Queen. And while not the only Queen in the room, she was his.

[3:23 PM]

[12:22] Azihan stiffened as more guests poured in. So many royal leaders, faction heads and interested parties alike gathered. Azi counted off the number of guests and number of seats in her head, she glanced at her king and queen and smiled, waiting for the monarchs and the like to take their seats

Quen Sunday — Today at 3:34 PM

[12:26] Armaria Valqirelle would glance at the group of dragons as she smiled softly to them with a nod, glancing around the room as well seems everyone was waiting so it seems.. so she took a step forward and sat herself down on one of the chairs, fixing her dress while she continued to wait nicely. Though her green vibrant eyes would scan the room, maybe she would spot other kin of hers?

[12:26] Mene Mene, knowing the pattern of these kinds of things, was seemingly the first one to step towards the table. Oh monarchs, no one wanted to be the one to offend. Well, better to help than have them all look foolish. Pulling out a chair silently, she took her seat and clasped her hands on the table, expectantly.

[12:27] Sunday shook her head to her son and finally let out a slow exhale. That feeling of desperately needing to wee at the most inopportune moment struck, but she could hold it. it was beneficial anyways, incase she needed to skidaddle and needed a good excuse. So, snagging her son and giving a nod to her guard as she caught sight of him, she'd waddle on forward, peeking through the foliage of her security plant, she'd settle into a seat, still close to the window, and flump down, careful of her tail. Hooves kicked a bit, too short for them to rest on the ground, but otherwise, she'd settle in, arms wrapped tightly around the planter that seemed to be a bust? "now then, before i freeze my tits off, my friend. why have you brought us here?" She'd ask, looking towards the other Queen. indeed, those titties were total tootsicles.

[3:34 PM]

[12:28] Amos Lejeune walked into the room and looked around. He gave a nod and smile to anyone that would look his way before silently taking a seat in an empty chair.

[12:28] Lu-Hiriel: arrives via portal

[12:29] Aine does a quick headcount, then a quick seat count. Apparently it was satisfactory because she finally decided to slide delicately into a seat, holding her tail out so as not to sit on it. She let out a heavy sigh, shouldering her feather boa which seemed to just meld with her wings-- it was hard to tell where the feathers of one ended and the other began.

[12:30] Lu-Hiriel: hopes it isn't presumptuous for her to attend this meeting of leaders, but she has a deep feeling that this evil to come is tied in to her other concerns

[3:34 PM]

[12:33] Aika Bando sighs and shakes her head, seeing the hesitant nature of those standing around the table and decides to take a seat at the far corner.

[12:33] Lu-Hiriel: smiles at Edie, her first friend here, and at Davian, whom she recognizes from previous gatherings

[3:38 PM]

[12:34] Davian The Bard though he is dating someone else, he still cant but help feeling admoration for the man. Being someone whos lets say love life has been a train wreck before his arrival to the village he doesnt know what to do with the feelings. He feels a bit guilty. Though even with that he still has to look cool in front of all the leaders of the realms. He never knows when hes able to throw in a good word for his tavern.

[12:35] Magnola was in the area of Hrive in her exploration. Being new to these yee ol' parts, she had yet to come across any happenings and the idea of a fancy meeting of sorts excited her when she heard such. So she peeked her lil head in and entered the room, shuffling to a corner quietly despite her hooves clip-clopping against the wood floor. Making noises that she did not want to make in her attempt at stealthing to the corner.

[3:38 PM]

[12:36] Rhys entered the room, taking in his surroundings and the people present. He had only been back on duty for a few days, returning from his home village with Monarch. Not wanting to leave her alone at court, he had decided to bring her with him in Hrive, as a summit was to be held. He noticed Queen Sunday sitting around the table, with the prince at her side. He hesitated for a moment, knowing that there was no need for his presence as a guard at that moment. However, he didn't see himself sitting with the others so he moved silently and placed himself against the wall behind the queen and her son.

[3:38 PM]

[12:37] Edie Centaur-Born smiles at Lu-Hirel as she sits on the ground, unsure if a simple Merchant belongs in a room with people of such high esteem in their communities. Still, being an ardent lover of Faerndil, she can not resist sneaking in and listening.

[12:37] Garrack Shrinewarden (kiall.macbain): Garrack grabs a seat at the table because his ego is too heavy to carry

[3:41 PM]

[12:41] Aine shifts in her seat until she finds a comfortable position, tail coming to lay at her hip. Her crystalline eyes sweep over the room and those she does not know-- which is most present. She takes slow, measured breaths while her nails drum on her thigh and pick at the fur on her boots.

[3:43 PM]

[12:42] Zaeydren as the crowd shuffled to their chairs, the pair of Dragon Monarchs would remain standing to address them all. His eyes flickered back and forth from person to person and with a few empty seats left he was sure someone would claim them eventually. He cleared his throat and appropriated his posture as he prepared to address the grouping. "This day...we have gathered under unfortunate circumstances. It is my deepest regret that it could not be a joyous occasion that we have invited you all to attend." he paused a moment to let them settle down some before continuing with his opening statements. " My respected leaders, friends...loved ones, I thank you all for heeding our call here today for a shadow of the past has reemerged. A foul darkness that will plague these lands" he spoke loudly for everyone to hear. He had no intention of drawing them on and was direct as he could be, the time had already past, there was no more time for waiting idly "I am sure many of you have experienced nightmares of late, blood snow, the shriek of a dragon, though one not like any other. These are not mere dreams my friends, they are visions of what is coming...or rather...what is already here. War." his jaw clenched and he would wait out the reactions of the word before speaking again. "A darkness that seeks to enslave us all. You are called here today in the face of a choice we must all make. To unite, to fight as one." his eyes gaugeing the reactions of the gathering, it was not a thing many wished to hear, the call for battle. " I now turn to my Queen Vyphora, as she will explain in more detail, the threats we are to face and what is expected of us in the coming weeks." gesturing to Vyphora for her to take the lead in the matter, giving an account of all she had gathered and learned. (edited)

[3:46 PM]

[12:46] Sunday wasn't one to sleep often so she'd just stare blankly, looking around to see who might have had those dreams, especially looking towards her son. No, not looking, glaring, waiting to see a guilty look in an 'why the fuck haven't you told me so i could give you comfort and love you fucking fuck' of a look, between a peek of green. Though the guard was nearby and watching from behind, she'd pat the seat next to her, glancing over her shoulder only a moment, trying to get him to join the table as well. if she had to sit, rhys had to as well, god damn it. all the others would be given a look out of curiosity too, some recognized either of her court of through passing in the mortal terrarium that was faerndil, but otherwise, she'd go back to staring down her son, waiting for that gulp and sweat drop. she'd corner her daughter later, too.

[3:47 PM]

[12:46] Vyphora 'The Oracle' drew in a slow breath as she turned her eyes towards her mate. She stood at the edge of the table, her violet finger tips brushing the expensive wood as she listened to her mate speak, giving the opening of the reasons why they'd come. The Dragon Queen's Black pitch eyes looked to those gathered, some friends, some strangers... all of them potential allies. She exhaled the breath she hadnt realized she was holding until now and raised her head. "As some of you may know, before I was named Queen of Hrive I was an Oracle.. My abilities to see not only the future but also the past.. some come in the form of a warning.. others as a blessing." She murmured as she looked towards her mate, as though one of her visions had lead her to him. Her features grew stoic as she turned to look at everyone. "It is my understanding that these warnings I usually see... have been given to others.. in the form of a reoccurring nightmare within a snowy hellscape..." She said as she looked to those around her. "If any of you hav

[12:46] Vyphora 'The Oracle' had these dreams.. please raise your hands... It is important that I know who has been given these warnings so that we may know whom else to turn to should more of these warnings come our way..." She said as she looked to those around her.

[3:49 PM]

[12:47] Lu-Hiriel: raises hand

[12:48] Garrack "Red" Shrinewarden raises his hand

[12:49] Azihan raises her hand remembering what led her to return to Hrive.

[3:49 PM]

[12:49] Aine hesitantly raises her hand above the edge of the table. Nightmares were not unusual to her, not after the events that sent her on her path to this place. But the new ones were. Those with keen eyes might spot the slightest tremble in her wrist and fingers, even if she did not appear to be fearful.

[3:51 PM]

[12:50] Magnola did NOT raise her hand, for she was here to be a nosey lady. Too new to recall any dreams in her snoozes.

[12:50] Aika Bando shakes her head. "Most curses are lost on me, and I don't often dream anyways."

[3:51 PM]

[12:51] Sulvulondrem gives Sunday an ever so slightly guilty nod - the 40-something year old prince reduced to a child again under his mother's withering gaze. He'd not realised it was a prophetic dream at the time, merely believed it to be yet another nightmare about dragons and his own internal struggle. So he adds a sort of helpless shrug, too. He's in trouble. Sol is probably also in trouble. And by extension possibly Aero and Mneai on the basis they were probably sleeping next to the royal twins and would, therefore, have been woken by their nightmares. Sunday might have a long list of lectures to give. For now, though, he turns his gaze steadfastly to The Oracle. And not just cause it means he doesn't have to meet Sunday's stare as he raises his hand, confirming his CRIME against Sunday.

[3:58 PM]


[12:52] Amos Lejeune patted his waist coat for snacks as he listened to the words about some nightmares. He literally just stepped off his ship and bought an abandoned village, so this was interesting news to say the least. But one thing was for sure, this bad thing didn't come off his ship, for once. The man watched as hands popped up, and each person would get a gaze in turn. Truthfully, the man has no idea what dream he had, because he was usually black out drunk by dusk.

[12:54] Davian The Bard thought for a moment about his nighttime sleep. It did have nightmares however, a good number of the nights in his life did have nightmares, so he would not know how to seperate the two. He does raise his hand anyway.

[3:58 PM]

[12:54] Armaria Valqirelle didn't raise her hand although she had felt tis weird eerie feeling, her dreams didn't get clouded with terrible nightmares like some of these people had. At least not of what was said.. trauma's of her past did haunt her however still but that was something else. The maiden would cross her legs and placed her hands over one another. Her eyes scanning the room once more, specially across from her seeing who she had learned was the fae queen with a plant? She would tilt her head a little but realized that it must be a form of comfort. As she smiled softly, must the woman made eye contact with the faun she would bow her head a little.

[3:58 PM]

[12:54] Monarch Entering the room right after Rhys, Monarch let her eyes wander over the vastness of the great hall. To her it was almost a little intimidating, especially filled with all of those yet unknown faces. A little shy but none the less curious she would muster the attendees' features, brows furrowing as she attempted to memorize them. Knowing herself however, it'll be a little harder for her than she might have liked to admit. The mark of her eyes settled onto the queen as she noticed that Rhys was focusing on her, her head tilted in a silent question. Gently wrapping her coat around her shoulders for warmth she continued following her friend towards the other side of the room. She grew a little more attentive as she heard Vyphora talking about oracles and dreams. A cold shiver ran down her spine as she remembered visions and dreams vividly. Silently she raised a hand over there at the edge of the room.

[3:58 PM]

[12:55] Edie Centaur-Born does not raise herhand. Lately she had spent so many sleepless nights working that she had nearly become nocturnal. Hugging her knees she listens on.

[3:58 PM]

[12:57] Zaeydren once Vyphora had taken the lead, he listened intently, this was an enemy who knew quite well, and one that often haunted him, for him to return brought the King a great sense of fear though he'd not publicly show that. His eyes watched as the hands became lifted hesitantly into the air, his own raised to join them. The nightmare he had not wished to come to reality. There was more to say but for now he merely listened, following along and nodding his head to the information that was delivered across the great table

[3:59 PM]

[12:59] Rhys frowned at the dragon monarch's words. Not sleeping, this was the first time he had heard of these dreams. His hand instinctively went to the pommel of his sword as the man spoke of war, his jaw tightening. His attention briefly turned to Queen Sunday who discreetly motioned for him to take a seat next to her but, a little embarrassed, he quickly looked away, pretending not to have seen her gesture.

Mona now at his side, he was surprised to see that she raised her hand, concerned by these strange dreams.

[4:05 PM]

[13:04] ....That motherfucker didn't sit next to her. So while Sunday was giving her death stare to her son, she'd glance behind her, having thought Rhys was going to sit, only to see him still standing, though now no longer alone. Though she'd opened her mouth to speak towards him, when she'd noticed the new figure, a whole, prolly incorrect, equation came into mind, and while distraction by marvelous melons, she'd give a nod, grin impishly, and turn back towards the discussion at hand. Though still frustrated her son'd told her nothing, sunday'd reach forward with the hand not clutching amy the monstera, squeezing sulvulondrem's if he allowed it. HE did have a mate. As did Sol. Sunday wasn't always needed now, it seemed. The queen settled in and wiped the slightest sign of a green tinged tear with a leaf before settling in to continue listening, trying to ignore her peepee dance squirm. she'd have to excuse herself eventually, but she'd listen and be a good queenie for now. [keeping it as my ace in hand for when

[13:04] fatigue gets too much as an fyi.]

[4:05 PM]

[13:05] Vyphora 'The Oracle' nodded her head as she looked around to those who had raised their hands. There was sympathy in her eyes as she looked at each one of them. A Woman who was cursed with violent and painful visions her entire life would not have wished it upon her greatest foe. She gestured for them to lower their hands and she leaned against the table. "A week ago, we were greeted by an orc by the name of Garekk who communed with his spirit guide about these nightmares. It allowed him three questions...The first was whether the dreams fortold a great horror... the great bear spirit answered Yes.... His second question was if there was a way to stop this great evil... the spirit said no... and then he asked about the roar that had been heard in this nightmare... if it was a dragon... the great spirits answer was not direct it said ''Darkness shall roar with tainted breath and fly on wings of decay and chaos. Strike it down or serve it in death.'" She paused and turned her eyes towards her mate. "On that same day I had anoth

[13:05] Vyphora 'The Oracle' vision... I stood in a field of snow and secay in the middle of a blizard.. a metal collar around my neck.. forged with a metal that I myself could not break... I could not shift... I could not use my magic... my bond with my mate was silenced..." She said as she looked around and exhaled slowly, her hands shaking as she bit her bottom lip. The vision had pained her still. "And then the next vision I had... I was within a dark tunnel under ground...listening to chanting in a tongue i did not recognize... And then I saw the green glow of dragon's breath beginning to release...In my visions I do not feel pain...But I awoke feeling its fires..." She exhaled slowly as she looked towards Zaeydren once more. "Before Zaeydren and I took power... There was a Monarch before us...Nurvieth... He was cruel.. Evil... a tyrant out for his own power... He sold our people.. made humans his slaves.. tortured innocences. And when we rose to defeat him.. Zaeydren delivered the final blow and we thought it was over..." She

[13:05] Vyphora 'The Oracle' looked to those around her. "It would seem.. that it is not over...I've had our schalors do research about what the ritual was...and it is to our knowledge that Nurvieth has become a Dracolich..."

[4:09 PM]

[13:08] Azihan stared blanky, thoughts of war caused her body to tense, reminded of the rebellion. Nurvieth was back and she would once again stand by Zae's side during battle and this time would stay there and fight, no matter the cost.

[4:10 PM]

[13:09] Garrack Shrinewarden (kiall.macbain) draws in breath through clenched teeth. he has heard of dracoliches in his travels and has seen the devastation brought to a land by one many years past.

[4:10 PM]

[13:10] Sulvulondrem turned his hand and squeezed Sunday's in return. She'd been so busy. Looked so tired. And he hated to worry her though of course he realised now that his intentions had had the exact opposite effect. His expression telegraphs how sorry he is as he resolves to make it up to her, because it wounds him deeply to see her sad. His thumb would stroke her hand as he listened to Vyphora speaking. His eyes narrow to hear of these dark deeds, his jaw clenching. His feelings towards dragons in general are complicated, to say the least. This isn't helping. The word Dracolich is like a smack in the face and he actuallly draws in a breath of shock and horror.

[4:11 PM]

[13:10] Aine lowers her hands to her lap, fingers lacing over her thighs as she flexes them, wings behind her lowering against her back. The word 'Dracolich sends a terrible chill down her spine, like icy fingers gripping to the bone. Her ears ring, vision blurring at the edges as she forces herself to sit quietly through an oncoming panic attack.

[4:17 PM]

[13:11] Davian The Bard watches the gaze of death that Sul was getting with clenched teeth. Pity for the dragon was in his eyes. Listening to the queen talk he almost blurted out the word dragon before he stoped himself. Theres so many dragons davian get it together. Though his nerves were calmed after its revealed its a very specific type of creature. But that then turns into more worry of a creature he knows not about. He looked towards the prince to see his reaction to all of this.

[13:11] Edie Centaur-Born held her stomach, which was filling with dread. She, was not a fighter and always felt quite useless in times of conflict. She was not even sure what a Dracolich was for certain. The words of warning from the rulers of Hrive were enough to make anyone fear, but the look on her brother's face was what made her heart sink.

[4:17 PM]

[13:12] Lu-Hiriel: thinks: Dracoliches! only legend in the realm of my birth. But the dead rising to fight, which sh had seen, that is also legend. She shudders.

[13:14] Mene Mene knew of the beasts known as Dracoliches. She had read the accounts of the worst of them to rise, hundreds of years ago. To live through the threat of one...was inconceivable. In her lap, her hands curled into tight fists as she stared into the table. It was hard to know what to feel beyond the distant fear. Logically, she knew, if this being was not stopped the world would change on a scale impossible to fully comprehend. Death would only be the beginning.

[4:17 PM]

[13:14] Armaria Valqirelle looked over to the dragon queen as she spoke out, with every word that was said. The elf her eyes would widen and her lips where sealed in a thing line. Her hands would form into knuckles as she learned more and more. A dracolich? She has heard tales of them, vile ones was all she could think.. though words where too short to even say more to herself. But the very thought of the whole realm being in danger like that? While she just escaped a dark path weeks maybe now a month ago? It caused the elf some distress though she managed to keep it well hidden unless one truly knew her.

[4:17 PM]

[13:15] Magnola was listening in quietly, blinking at how serious it was. It was something she did not expect, really. She felt like she should be offended about dragons as she took great pride in her heritage, more so than her faun side. Especially when her father was presumably a black dragon of darkness. ...Yes, she never met him but she took GREAT pride in it, okay! Hiccuping with a black trail of darkness escaping past her lips, not seeming bothered by it as it was a usual thing for her to do. "Draco... liches.." She mumbled, trying to remember where she made have heard them before. Maybe in one of her stolen, never returned to the library, books that were piled up in her secret hoard cave. ...Magnola has read so many, her memories were jumbled up from all the knowledge.

[4:18 PM]

[13:16] Zaeydren with Vy's words on Nurvieth's return, Zaeydren would chime in shortly after "In his lifetime, Nurvieth discovered a new metal ore, infused with magic that will strip you of yours. Your very life force draining away, the metal collars in these dreams are made of those, it is currently unknown to us how and where they will replenish these stores, our only knowledge of the ore's vein had dried up centuries ago." he spoke to add as much as he could to their knowledge for every bit of information helped in some way or another "You should also note that his plans...were always to enslave the people of this world, and now he has the power to do so. " his eyes dropped and his body tensed.

[4:18 PM]

[13:18] Lu-Hiriel: Metal? Should I speak up?

[4:18 PM]

[13:18] Monarch Hearing Vyphora talk about the similar visions caused her to raise her cold hands, rubbing them over her upper arms for comfort as her mind seemed to drift off for a few minutes. It was safe to assume that whatever those visions and nightmares might have encompassed, thinking about it frightened her to the mark of her bone. And whilst she wanted to make light of it, making the whole ordeal not as bad as it was and pulling jokes, she really couldn't push herself to do it. Trying to snap out of it, she straightened her shoulders as if she was trying to tell herself to 'man up' and adjusted her cloak in an almost defiant manner. Eventually her eyes shifted towards Sunday, who seemed to look at them. Not knowing what she was thinking of, she raised a hand to wave her way too eagerly, smiling innocently. Afterwards she turned her gaze towards Rhys, giving him a 'thumps up'.

[4:21 PM]

[13:20] Lu-Hiriel: takes a seat hesitantly.

[4:22 PM]

[13:21] Anasqis - Aruna (Chinastu) played with her butterflies as she listened on in silence, the dreamweaver was drained and apparently this summit was providing her the answer she needed for feeling such a way, she began to lightly draw figures with her finger as she listened on, eyes blurring from exhaustion cause her to give slow cat like blinks to stay awake, the news of a dracoliches was interesting, draining to picture but it left some thoughts floating through her mind. Rolling her shoulder back, she sat up straighter in an attempt to seem more alive, when in actuality all she wanted to do was slump over as the lump of tension that followed her around since these dreams hit the realm, formed once again in the pit of her stomach.

[4:24 PM]

[13:22] Aika Bando slumps her shoulders and frowns, showing a face of frustration rather than outright fear. She clapped her palms together to break the painful silence, sighing loudly. "Tedious. Rogue dragons seeking destruction on their own are a pain to deal with, now a authoritative undead one. To start, has anyone seen any warning signs outside of these dreams? We have to get a lead somewhere." She sighed, leaning forward to lean on the table edge. "We cannot sit here in pity and self-doubt or else this beast has already bested us all. We have our powerful people, in their own rights and we cannot simply sit here and only think about what to do, It must be something we can act on as well."

[4:25 PM]

[13:24] Lu-Hiriel turns shyly to the dragon rulers " Your Majesties...I am no one important here. I am still new to these realms, but I have been helping guide a rather unusual visitor to these realms, a metal being. Created to harm us, but he rejects all his conditioning to do so. I wonder if he might be of use against this evil."

[4:25 PM]

[13:24] Rhys was about to ask Mona about her dreams when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Queen Sunday turn toward them. The guard expected to be reprimanded for not coming to sit down, but when he saw Sunday's smirk he knew that she was imagining things about his relationship with Mona. Closing his eyes for a brief moment and sighing slightly, he told himself for probably the thousandth time that it would not be long before he would have white hair because of Sunday's mischievousness,. Mona seemed to notice that he was worried about her and reassured him by giving him a thumbs up. A gesture that reminded him of his little sister and that almost drew a smile from Rhys.

[4:29 PM]

[13:25] Vyphora 'The Oracle' felt awful dumping so much panic into those around her. She rested her fingers upon the table and allowed her mate to speak before she nodded her head. Her hand moving to rest upon Mene's shoulder as she looked down at the young scholar. "We've entrusted this knowledge upon our own scholar to research everything in our library on liches and Necromancy. I recieved another vision of Nurvieth's minions taking five containers away from the ritual site.. I was not able to follow all of them in my dream but I do know where one of them is...and The reason i've summoned you all here today is because I wish to put together five adventuring parties to seek out these locations and retrieve the containers." She glanced towards them all. "The first location is within the Western Dales, Ive spies looking for the location already.. once it is done I will sent the first company out... do know that all adventurers will be paid handsomely for this endevour... but also know that these tombs are dangerous... and Nurvieth is

[13:25] Vyphora 'The Oracle' smart... we do not know what types of dangers lurk inside.." She exhaled softly and then looked back down towards Mene. "Our Scholar found that these containers are known as phylacteries, She believes there is a way to destroy them... and I will leave it up to her to tell you" She paused and listened to those around her. Her eyes turning to Aika as she nodded. "I agree" She stated before turning to Lu-hiriel. "If you believe this being will not harm our plans... I would like to meet with them"

[4:29 PM]

[13:29] Lu-Hiriel "As far as I can discern, Your Majesty, he only has good intentions. He wants friends. I do not believe he would join with Nurvieth. I am sure you, with your powers, could discern further than I."

[4:30 PM]

[13:29] Magnola now the drago-faun felt really offended by the term 'rogue dragon' being thrown around. A snort of black smoke escaping her nostrils. Though, she did not want to speak up about it in such a serious meeting that she wasn't really a part of. She has not had such dreams, as of yet, so she was just gonna stay in her little corner and listen quietly like a good little albimbo healer. Magnola was certainly going to pout about it however, a little frown on her lips evident. Folding her arms underneath the massive bozangos... and struggling to do so cause of them.

[4:31 PM]

[13:30] Aine barely heard the words of others as her ears kept ringing, and it took her a few more moments to come back to reality. Only then did she realize that her own nails have dug into the scales on her thighs and torn her leather pants. She slowly unclenched her hands, counting the loops in the woodwork on the table to ground herself. Her voice emerged a little shakey for the first couple of words before her normal, smooth cadence returned. "No Dracolich keeps their soul in one place. My son hunted one until the fear it inspired him drove him to..." She stopped, voice catching. She couldn't complete her sentence.

[4:35 PM]

[13:34] Sunday did not seem to understand. She'd frown a moment, her brows furrowing. Frustration creased them further as she'd try to understand some of the words thrown around. Chewing on her bottom lip, the faun shifted in her seat, hugging the planter a bit closer to her chest. All she could think of was both her prior partner of a dragon, and how so many of these people seemed to know what one was. Sunday's gaze rested on everyone in the room, watching them to see each expression, trying to meet gazes, attempting to match personalities [though if they looked too serious, she'd go cross eyed or suck in a fishy face at them.] before eventually glancing back at her son. the pain in her face would be transparent. a bright and obvious S O S. TRANSLATE THIS FOR ME SON SL;FDS;FLS.

[4:41 PM]

[13:40] Garrack Shrinewarden (kiall.macbain) raises his hand ..." so if i have this right we need to find the Phylacteries and destroy them right? so do we have volenteers?"

[4:41 PM]

[13:40] Monarch kept on holding her thumps up for a moment, possibly trying to goad a proper smile out of him as she started to wiggle them a little. Ever since they had left her village, Rhys had barely smiled. If there had ever even been a sliver. Or at least she had never caught him doing so. "Sometimes you make me think that you only break out a smile when you are locking yourself away, inside of your closet." The oracle tried to tease him a little, trying to ease his worry further and to get his mind off. The last thing she wanted him to do was worry about her. Though she had to admit, those pictures were haunting, traumatizing. Won't let them go for a good while. Turning her attention back towards Vyphora she could hear her heart beat a little faster, any smirk she would have offered dropping from her features. "L-liches? N-nnn-nneeee-cromancy?"

[4:41 PM]

[13:41] Amos Lejeune was so happy someone broke it all down for him cuz he was very lost in the moment. " AH so a treasure hunt "

[4:46 PM]

[13:42] Mene Mene knew that she would be speaking. Vy..Her Majesty..had told her minutes before the summit started. But it was one thing to know and another to have to perform. While her majesty started speaking of her, indirectly and then directly, her heart started to pound in her chest. She could feel every little hair on her body stand on end, her hands felt freezing cold even in the warmth of the hall. She was not the person to present the information, she was fount from which greater people gained and used information. Her worst nightmare before the events that were unfolding had been speaking to a crowd and when she looked down she wasnt wearing pants.

Oh Goddess, let her not stumble. She cleared her throat and began speaking.

"Ah, on the subject of their destruction." she began, looking around the table and then down, "The current understanding is that Liches- powerful undead in general actually- require containers for the bits of their soul. To keep them grounded to this plane, without them, they would jus

[13:42] Mene be...beasts. Creatures puppeted by magic, no higher understanding." She paused, her glasses were slipping down her small nose, " We would need to flood them, the containers, with pure magic of the opposing force. The Necrotic arts fall on the negative perspective of the magical scale. But they are more of a suffusing energy. Its opposite should be Celestial magic, known to some as Aetherial, but its a field we know frighteningly little about. Most scholars doubt its existence."

She finally looked up at people around the table, having had directed her eyes to the wood itself. many people.

"I..We would need the most learned Mages and Magicworkers to confer while you all search for the phylacteries. We would need to discover how to use, manipulate, or create some kind of weapon with Celestial magic, to destroy them." She finished, swallowing to put some kind of moisture into her bone-dry mouth.

Had anyone been paying close enough attention, they would see the leaves of the sprout on her head

[13:42] Mene trembling.

[4:46 PM]

[13:43] Sulvulondrem squeezed Sunday's hand again. His mother was not a stupid woman - he'd rip anyone to shreds who tried to insinuate such - but he did know that common was not her favoured tongue and that she sometimes struggled with it. As the conversation ebbed and flowed, he'd lean in to softly murmur in Sunday's ear - translating what had been said into fae whisper. A powerful undead dragon - an enemy of the Hrive royals come back from the dead, and a call for help to put it to its final rest before it brought destruction and death to all. Its immortal soul broken into pieces to sustain its cursed unlife. Each one must be destroyed before they could finally be rid of the monster.

Quen Sunday — Today at 4:56 PM

[13:48] Aika Bando ignored the pouting dragon, preferring to stay focused on the conversation. "Treating it as a treasure hunt is a bit minimizing, to be sure. Perhaps more of an extended adventure." She rested her head on her hand, avoiding volunteering as a search party sounded exhausting.

[4:56 PM]

[13:49] Vyphora 'The Oracle' gently patted Mene on her shoulder and gave her a gentle smile of appreciation. There was pride in her eyes as she looked at the female and then turned her eyes back to those around her. She looked towards Garrack first and nodded. "That is correct.. We need Volenteers.. we do not wish to force anyone to fight... It is not our way.. if you wish to join us in these parties or know of others who will.. It might be best for those interested to put a party together.. We will need at least five... more if things do not go well..." She paused a moment and exhaled. "Im certain we can get the Mage Guild's aid in figuring out how to dispose of the phylacteries so we can defeat him." She looked between everyone. "A treasure hunt... an expedition... which ever you wish to call it...I suspect most of them will be in dark spaces.. and if there were undead beings within the nightmares and visions.. expect to be met with an enemy or two to fight.."

[4:56 PM]

[13:50] Vyphora 'The Oracle' pauses a moment as she miss spoke "We need at least five.. PARTIES.. not just five adventurerers"

[4:56 PM]

[13:55] Aika Bando lets out a low whistle. "Do we have that many people in attendance? I assume he's lying in wait, so we may have time... We'll have to spread the word fast."

[13:56] Sunday seemed to turn a bit green both at the explanation translation communication combination from her son and the continued conversation before her. Gore, death, blood, "eggs-pet-hee-shin." sse'd mumble, "fights. blood." her stomach turned. "perhaps i will offer sol-hiss and healing to those that need it, sank-shoe-hairy but not the cum-bat. i do not do well with the cum-bat. you know this." She'd hug the plant tighter and tilt her head, looking exhausted. "My sweet night, will you bring the rest of the news back to me? i think i need rest." She'd murmur, weary and looking as if she'd aged several decades in just that new knowledge alone. [i need a post out to rest.]

[4:58 PM]

[13:57] Zaeydren his eyes and ears kept careful attention on all of their guests, then all eyes became on the little elf, he smiled proudly at her knowing well she was shy and likely would have been shaking in her boots at the moment of speaking. He inhaled sharply and it seemed to be going quite well thus far, they were gathering more support now that the threat was known to all. "To all of you who wish to be apart of this, to ally yourselves and your kingdoms to our own,this I can promise you...we shall see our enemies tremble at our wake, we shall send a message that these lands are not theirs to claim, that these people will not be condemned to the darkness of slavery and to those that would seek to place their heel upon the throat of liberty will fall to the cry of freedom!"

[4:59 PM]

[13:58] Sulvulondrem lifted Sunday's hand to his lips to kiss the back of it. "Of course," he would tell her with a nod - happy to act as her eyes and ears while she rested. "I'll find you afterwards," he added - still speaking in fae whisper so that her poor fatigued mind would not have to struggle with his words. Her broken common was becoming more so, a sure sign she was overwhelmed by the situation. It was good, in a way, because he knew that it was his duty to volunteer, and feared how she might react to him putting himself in harm's way - though she knew, deep down, he'd bleed and die for their people if needed.

[5:00 PM]

[14:00] Armaria Valqirelle closed her eyes for a moment, her skill in fighting where not great nor was currently her magic assistment but.. " i can help assist upon healing, ive.. been trained well, should tis be of use" she spoke out while glancing to the dragon rulers " i will spread word of tis among my kin, see if any might be of assistance for the party" she said with no true expression but her eyes where a bit bewilderd of all tis news.

[5:01 PM]

[14:00] Echo has sat quietly listening to the others and taking in their ideas and points of view. She spoke with a rather booming voice for one so little, "I offer my assistance to this task. We must stop this threat before it worsens," and then she was quiet once again.

[5:01 PM]

[14:01] Aine grimaces, cheeks darkening some. It was clear her mood had soured and she lacked the fire and drive others were already beginning to show. "If I can be of assistance, I will. My form is... durable, and can light the way through darkness."

[5:02 PM]

[14:02] Davian The Bard squeezed his hand into a fist. Bards are great for support in battle, yet he hasnt had one in a while. He feels hes rusty. He would make a great addition to any team, but he feels he has a lot to live for now. He feels guilty for not immidiatly speaking up, but its a natural human reaction.

[14:02] Garrack "Red" Shrinewarden nods and says "I am provisionally in ... but i need to confer with my lady before i confirm. it would not be fair to go without her blessing"

[5:03 PM]

[14:03] Vyphora 'The Oracle' taps the table. "I'd think each party would need atleast two healers, a magic user, a heavy hitter, A ranger, someone sneaky... " She said as she began to think. "I will send word to the realm once we find the entrance to the first Phylacteries location, You have time to aquire what you need. If you need anything else the royal family of hrive will provide it for you"

[14:03] Sulvulondrem turned to Echo, nodding his head at her words. He liked her. He'd known that since their first meeting. "As do I, whether you need my magic or..." these next words he said as though they pained him deeply, "my dragon form to join a flight against the enemy." He half turned in his seat to look at Rhys - he'd known the royal guard many years, but had always been more inclined to read and eschew combat lessons with him. That would have to change. If magic was to become to difficult to use, or ineffective, he would need to hone his physical prowess.

Vyphora | Aelithe — Today at 5:05 PM

@Vye | Mene | Frost |

Vye | Mene | Frost | — Today at 5:05 PM

[14:04] Edie Centaur-Born after thinking on what she could provide to the fight, she comes up blank. Other than the small amount of medicines she can manage on her own, all she could think of was someone else. "I know that Eacen is always willing to craft and repair for a good cause."

[5:05 PM]

[14:05] Aika Bando waves her hand. "I can offer medicine for any groups who require it. I prefer to avoid combat as much as possible but I'll fill in as needed should it be necessary. I can fill most roles in some capacity, but someone who's stronger in one particular role might be better fit for the job than I."

[5:06 PM]

[14:06] Vyphora 'The Oracle' looks around the table as she tries to think. "Perhaps there are some here who would wish to take the lead as party commander and assemble your own crews?"

[5:07 PM]

[14:06] Rhys Rhys shrugged at Mona's words about him smiling, his amber eyes resting on the queen and the prince who seemed to be in deep discussion. Returning his attention to the people talking around the table, he tilted his head when Vyphora, the dragon queen, asked for volunteers for parties. He considered it for a moment, but he had other duties, his sword wasn't his to give and he'd only join a party if Queen Sunday wanted him to. He watched attentively as Prince Sulvulondrem placed a light kiss on his mother's hand, who looked exhausted. The prince then spoke, volunteering as well and the guard nodded, although surprised since he knew Sulvulondrem wasn't one to seek combat, but it was expected of his royal station.

[5:07 PM]

[14:07] Azihan knew her place was at the side of her king and queen, however, with a battle coming she knew that she'd be called to fight, a fight she was eager join alongside Zae who she knew would be front and center in the battle. This time she'd be with him and all others willing, Nurvieth would not be the end of all she loved.

[5:09 PM]

[14:08] Sunday nodded and stood up, finally speaking to the group itself as well, whilst doing her peepee-jig. "The faerie realm is re-groo-ping now to reform and build new courts. there will be more safe-holds and places of safety and more leaders to give you aide when i cannot be reached as fast. i will seek out those worthy of running these courts to make sure they will be worthy ad-fur-sare-hes." her words were slow and with odd affectations, obviously not her native tongue. "we will keep in con-tack and our uh-lie-ants will grant you any help you need. you know i am no fight-turd, but i will help you in any healing, myself. The Seelie Kingdom stands by our family and friends of Hrive." She'd give a low curtsy and excusing herself, would hoofie shuffle out, sprinting to a nearby tree the moment she could.

[5:15 PM]

[14:15] Vyphora 'The Oracle' exhales softly as she looks around and nods. "If there are no more questions, I believe we're done here for now... I thank you all for offering aid and coming here today. Hrive will send word out once we find the first location. Please pass along the word and once you believe you've a strong party please send us a list of names of your party as well as their specialties so that I can be certain i am sending the right group into potential danger.

[5:18 PM]

[14:16] Edie Centaur-Born stands, looks around the room and gives a firm nod. "For a person like me, the best I can do for ye in this moment is to tell my husband there is work to be done. But if there is somethin I can do to assist any of ye, be you in parties or on your own. Ye'll have it." Edie turns for the door pausing to see if her brother is behind her.

[14:17] Azihan stands as Vy calls an end to the meeting, there is a lot to think about, to plan, to enact. Azi looks at her king and queen and thinks to herself "Whatever the plan, I will protect them with my life." She nods to the guests as they start to rise and take their leave.

[5:20 PM]

[14:18] Aika Bando nods. "I'll spread the word. Any who would like to contribute supplies for medicine can seek me out at the Infirmary in Faerndil." She gives a formal bow, and turns on her toes towards the door.

[14:18] Garrack Shrinewarden: Right all I Guess i should go and sharpen my axe. let me know when the blade work needs doing

[14:19] Armaria Valqirelle took note that the meeting wrapped up and slowly stood up, giving the dragon rulers a bow before she would slowly take her leaves. She had to report back as fast as she could to her fellow kin.. specially to the desert elf cause he would want to learn about tis for sure. The maiden would put back on her extra pair of fur stoles and went outside to her mount to ride back to her new home area.

[14:19] Davian The Bard he almost wanted to clap for the meetings end. He does chime in now with, "The tavern in the village may be used for parties getting together if a place is needed." Cliche of course, but he wanted to be nice and put it out there.

[14:19] Mene Mene listened to Vy speak and felt her heart-rate slowly return to normal. She had done it and not lost her nerve! She hadnt cost them anything or embarassed anyone. It was relieving. She remained seated at the table however, as her responsibilities and orders came from the people conducting the summit. She would wait until they were satisfied and had further instruction for her. Too did she have some choice words for them both, questions that needed answers. (edited)

[5:21 PM]

[14:20] Aine pushed herself back slowly, rising to her feet. She didn't feel steady, stepping backwards to rest a hand on the pillar as she watched the group disperse.

[14:20] Zaeydren taps his fingers against the wooden table and looked around as they prepared farewells, the summit turning to be a successful advantage for them in the days to come with all of the gathered support of the realms. "On behalf of Hrive and everyone here that came to show their support, we thank you all, if there is anything you need in terms of resources and aid, please do not feel shy to reach out to us. " he would bow his head and then look to his mate with a soft smile as if saying 'this went better than expected' His eyes shifted to Azi, his guard and more than that his dear friend, "Let us take our leave now, there is much work to be done"

[14:21] Sulvulondrem rises, giving the dragon royals a shallow boy. "The Seelie court stands with you," he echoes his mother's sentiment. His eyes, briefly, meet Davian's - he's almost certain the bard will volunteer, just as he did when they raided the Monarch's castle - and just as back then he feels a prick of concern that those he cares for may be harmed. There's nothing for it though, to do nothing would certainly lead to the same outcome. Worse, even, if the dark forboding dreams are any indication of the bleak future that lays before them if they fail to stand against the dracolich. His eyes move back to Mene, "And thank you, scholar, for your wisdom. Your help will be invaluable. Though I am sure the libraries here are impressive, know that the library of Faerndil is open to you - should you need to access its... more private collections... you need only to ask."

[14:21] Lu-Hiriel "Your Majesties of Hrive, your Grace Prince Sulvulondrem, when you determine that you would like to speak with themetal man, Argenteus, send word to me, and I will introduce you. I do think he can be a good component to one of these parties of search. '

[5:23 PM]

[14:23] Sulvulondrem smiles to Lu-Hiriel. "Certainly - I have asked Her Majesty Queen Sun Peeking Through the Dasies" unusual for him to refer to her so formally, "if she would agree to meet with this construct. I will, of course, accompany her. Should she be unable, I shall still meet with you both. If it is as you say, then he may prove a valuable ally in the trying times that lie ahead of us."\

[5:24 PM]

[14:24] Vyphora 'The Oracle' smiles softly as she looks towards her mate, she gently leans over to take his hand and squeezes it. She turns her eyes towards Lu-Hiriel and nods her head. "Send us word when he is ready and We will work out a time" She murmured gently and then looked around. "Thank you all" She said as she rested her hand upon her heart.

[5:24 PM]

[14:24] Magnola nearly fell asleep while standing in her corner. Offended state of mind gone, pouting forgotten, and was just nearly drooling as she was off in maladaptive daydream land. Blinking as she heard the meeting ending, she snapped out of it and started wiping vigorously at her mouth to get rid of any signs of drool. "Oh, it is... over... oops..." She mumbled.

[5:25 PM]

[14:25] Rhys slightly bows out of habit as the royals stand. Turning towards Mona he nodded towards the door. "Let's go, we're done here." he wispers to the half-faun.

[14:25] Davian The Bard will have to leave. He has his tavern of course. And now that this is happening he'll have to prepare for larger parties.

[5:26 PM]

[14:26] Monarch shook herself a little, a shiver running through her body as she tried to warm herself up a little further. All of this was so exciting, frightening even. Shifting from one hoof onto the other she had it hard standing still there, having to move in some way to sort of getting rid off the tension trapped in her body. Catching this little gesture which Rhys gave her, caused her to tilt her chin up, her faun nose high in the air. "Your sister was right about you." Raising her arms she crossed them in front of her chest, one of her ears twitching into the direction of the round table, as she was still listening in. "..Are we going to fight evil liches and monsters now? That is what you do as a guard's dude right? Have you ever fought skeletons? If you snatch away their upper leg bones, do they still stand? How does that work?"

[5:29 PM]

[14:27] Monarch nodded towards Rhys as he nodded towards the door. "Yes, let's go!"

[14:27] Aine seems to get ahold of herself, and looks to the royal family. "You know you need only ask, and I will be there. I owe you that much, for the shelter you have given me after I left my home. I... might perhaps speak soon of what I know of such monsters, but I am not ready to do so in such a summit."

[14:28] Lu-Hiriel Your Majesties, I am honored. As I said, I think that Argenteus will be of help, and if not, I will help however I can."

[14:29] Lu-Hiriel: bows to the rulers, and the rest of those remaining, and portals out.

[5:31 PM]

[14:30] Rhys sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. "/We/ aren't going to fight anything. If it gets too bad here I'm shipping you off back to our village." He paused. "But I guess I'll fight yes, if my queen wants me to." he said, his head tilted to the side. Placing his hands on Mona's shoulders he basically pushed her towards the exit. "It's too damn cold here, let's go back." and they made their way to the door to leave.

[5:33 PM]

[14:32] Echo: "Should anyone need my assistance or wish for my help in this fight, you will most likely find me in the Magick Shoppe working with my assistant to handle a small problem we are having." she stands. "But that is nothing to this, so I reiterate that I am available." She turns and leaves

[5:34 PM]

[14:33] Aine turns to leave, to get herself some cold air to clear her mind.

[5:34 PM]

[End of RP]

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