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Aurochs in a Meadow

Unloading the huge bovines hadn’t been easy. Jean-Luc, Aethe Watertail and Cayde McAntir had been paid and were on their way again, after Aethe was cared for as much as could be done. She just needed time to recover. She didn’t want payment either and her request to donate that to the infirmary would be fulfilled. Kalli and Saga’s payment would be much grander. The enclosure had been built rather quickly, with Elijah and Ripper tactically placed to keep the still groggy bovines at their place. They were quite happy to have solid ground and lush grass under their hooves so that took less effort than it could have.

Brynn sits in the makeshift meadow, watching the mighty Aurochs, leaning her head against Kalli’s shoulder. She is exhausted from the journey. The Pack are having a lazy moment together to rest up a little from the hard work that was behind them, and to gaze at the treasure in front of them while the delicious, salty tones of the jerky roll over their tongues.

“They are almost as tall as I am,” Brynn describes the Auroch to Kalli, playing thoughtlessly with a twig that was cut off the wood used for the enclosure, “There is a bull, and I think he might weigh somewhere between a tonne and a tonne and a half (2200 to 3300 lbs). He is calm now, but the look he gave us when we landed was vicious and powerful.” She inhales, taking in Kalli’s delicious scent, the reassuring smell of Saga and the deep prickly musk that hangs around these huge bovines. “You can probably catch all that by his scent. And I have no doubt that he could even wreck a lot of damage to us even in our warforms if it comes down to it. They all are oozing out a deep, primal strength.” Relaxing a little, seeing the behemoth of potential destruction be so calm now, she crawls a little closer to Kalli. “I’m not sure, but the moment I saw them, I felt a primal call.” She looks at Saga: “And it wasn’t hunger… or not only at least,” she jokes. She becomes a lot more serious as she continues: “It wasn’t unlike that pull that the sea had on me. A call as primal as they are. I didn’t think when deciding to bring them in,” it had been pure instinct indeed. And on the same note, Brynn draws a few lines in the sand with a stick she’s holding. A sort of squarish upside down U. She looks at Kalli: “Can you look into the spiritual side of them?” And at Saga: “And can you make sure they are healthy? We must figure out why, in Búri’s name we’re stuck with them and what to do now.”

Saga lazes in the grass, watching the mighty bovine as they move in the make-shift area. She seems happy to see that the large creatures finally settled more comfortably where they were, the constant use of her druid gifts most likely taxing the Were. "I have never seen an herbivore so large, not even in the villages that my old pack raided" She shakes her head a bit, marveling. "That bull is pure testosterone and strength, and I was never met with such a challenge when I stared into his eyes to calm him." The Were obviously had not been home yet, and though she would have to make the trek home sooner rather than later, she felt it in her gut that it was important to see these animals were settled first.

She would give a nod at Brynn when asked to take a look at them "Mmm. Now that they've calmed down a bit, I can get near the cows. The bull won't be so defensive." Saga would get up off the grass, making her way to the females, deciding to save checking the bull for last in case he gets agitated. She'd approach the huge animals, a hand held out as she did so, the beasts standing for her. They were used to her calming energy, and would simply just look at her, lick their noses, and swish their tails as they began to graze again. She runs her hands over the first, feeling the muscles and tendons, paying close mind to any discomfort in where she touches and treating any cuts or scratches. When she reaches the cow's belly, she furrows her brow in focus, squinting her eyes further in concentration to make sure she's feeling what she's speculating. She finishes with the first, giving her a pat and moves onto the second, and going into the same concentration mode as she did before. Her suspicions are confirmed, and she nods a bit before moving to the bull. The bull she does rather quickly, but just as efficiently, knowing that the muscular beast would not tolerate her touch for long, as calming as it was.

She makes her way back to Brynn and Kalli to tell of her findings, face neutral "They seem to be fairly healthy animals for the most part. They mostly just need some rest and food right now." She squats, shaking her head with a smirk "You're not going to believe our luck, but the two cows are pregnant. I can feel the calves. I'm not sure when they bred, but they will both most likely calf in spring. It might be wise to separate them from the bull once they progress further along." She looks back at the huge animals in the fence, watching them for a moment as they happily graze. "I'm going to have to obtain some supplies for them. I don't have all I need on me, but will go out to the village and get some things needed, and collect the herbs I need along the way. The rest will come later, after I've gone home and had a rest." She stands, picking up her bag that she brought with her, and does not waste time to go get what she needs.

Brynn watches Saga work on the cows, while still sitting against Kalli, resting up. She nods as Saga tells her the expected, but her eyes widen as she hears of the impending calves. “Oh bloody…” she blinks a few times, “well, that’s good news.” She sighs, this was getting more complicated by the minute. Saga gets a nod: “Of course, go ahead. We will guard them for a while. Tomorrow, orso, I will need to head the Fearndil to bring Aethe’s donation to the infirmary. And buy a cow.”

[13:35:07] Kalli (arietta.kegel) watches the interaction with her vague eyes somewhere between the animals, the gamma and the alpha. But she is silent through it, as the beta is dealing with her grounding after sailing. Although the animals were the most eventful part of the journey for most, as well as the meeting with the merfolk, the whole being at sea again, but without a sight, took a toll on the werewolf. She waves a brief goodbye to Saga as she leaves for supplies, but she still remains sort of absent. There were a lot of feelings Kalliope was chewing on, eventually one of them about the nostalgia of it, but as it is right now she is just embracing the comfort of land once again, the smell of grass, and the safety of Brynn´s closeness. She listens to the excited alpha with a smile that lingers on her lips. The spirits were as agitated as her, so the shaman was listening more than speaking. Once she is brought back to their reality just as Brynn mentions heading to Faerndil, she awaits until they are left to themselves before speaking again. "Your interest and connection to this creatures brings me joy." she says, finding her alpha, enlacing her hand with Brynn´s. She could, of course, feel their scent and warmth in the journey, she could run her fingers through their backs as they were still groggy, so she had an idea of size and weight by that and Brynn´s directions. "The way they seem to me reminds me of some poems and sayings..."Reaching out to touch the blonde hair, Kalliope nods at the question. "And yes, my alpha, poking the spiritual world about them is something I can do." but she doesnt move just yet. The beta was too at ease in her company. "But I want payment too." she points to her lips with a terrible smirk.

[13:48:57] Brynn sits on the soaking ground, it still rains, but she doesn't care for it at all. These summer rains are warm, and she has good stamina. She presses Kalli close to her in their interaction, running a hand through her white hair. At Kalli's request for payment, Brynn laughs.

She turns her face to Kalli and gives her a kiss on her mouth. Unsure if it's the wild spirits here, the musky scent, the joy of being on land after being on the stormy seas or the thrill of being alive after their encounter with the Mer princess, Brynn's blood runs hot, and she pours passion into the kiss, She drops her twig and holds Kalli by the back of her head and kisses her until she needs to come up for breath.

She remembers they were having a serious conversation and kisses Kalli on her cheek as well. "That is the advance payment," she explains, "That's a Beta prerogative. Saga didn't get advance payment." She looks at the Bovines: "We're not cattle farmers and as soon as the spells have worked out, they will be terrified of us." She takes Kalli's hand and hers and looks at it, caressing the back of it with her thumb: "I thought we could maybe sell them. They would fetch a good price. But there is more to them, and I wish to understand."

[14:00:18] Kalli (arietta.kegel) was pretty much healed of all of her discomforts as those lips locked on hers. There was little Brynn could not heal from the shaman with those kisses, as the voices went silent when they were loving on each other. Kalli´s mind was always devoted to the sensations the other wolf gave her, and this would be no different time. Once Brynn starts speaking again she tries to concentrate on the seriousness of the ordeal, shifting her pale eyes to the general direction of the creatures. Kalli happily stands up and lets a soft sigh leave her lips. "Well, they are more than merchandise, that is for sure. If they were just enormously large cattle they would already be an expensive delicacy, but they are indeed way more than that. It takes more than size to excite your blood, my alpha." She lowers her torso a little, and walks slowly over the grass, finding her way blindly to the middle of the small gathering of glorious creatures. With a slow and trust-getting reach of her hand she misses a few times but the giant cattle finds her hand with its nose. Its a large one indeed, she says to her voices, as her fingers trace more details of the creature´s face. The touch from the beyond grows as the distance from her and the alpha increases, and the connection with the animal lingers. Kalli can feel this pulsating vibration that gets larger and larger and then dissipates around them, like a lightning striking within. She stays very still and allows it to get familiar with her, while her presence becomes just a vessel for another to speak through her voice. "Úr er skýja grátr, ok skara þverrir, ok hirðis hatr" she starts. She repeats it a few times before she is Kalli once again. "The fierceness of the creature this scripting describe are of a rage that would mirror ours, so I can understand the appeal..." she starts, as if talking to herself more than to Brynn. "Úr is a symbol of strength and courage through conflict and struggle, the first of the elemental runes, the slag that flies off of an anvil when a blacksmith strikes a hammer against iron, the violent rainstorm." her words are paced and imprinted with emotion, as a shaman would explain those things. "The stories speak of an animal that carried so much strength young warriors would test their skills against them in ritualized combat. But when my grandmother shared this over a bonfire to a young Kalliope they were not successfully breeding them anymore. This encounter can not be out of some esoteric meaning to you, my alpha, as you seek your ancestors and your past just at the same time such creatures are found after being known as long gone,"

[14:23:41] Brynn keeps holding Kalli's hand as she turns her head to the cattle. She reluctantly lets go when her mate stands up, but makes sure to enjoy her beautiful curves. Her hand reaches to Ripper, and ruffles his wet fur. while Kalli inspects the creatures. She smiles as Kalli's findings are in agreement with what she felt. Brynn watches Kalli caress the nose of the creature.

It's quite scary for Brynn as Kalli becomes a vessel for a spirit, even if she's seen it a million times, she vehemently dislikes others taking over her mate's body. She knows it can't be helped, and such is simply Kalli's path, but that's just rational. Brynn doesn't understand the words and listens to it with a chill in her spine, and her fists clenched.

As Kalli switches back to the common tongue, Brynn is all ears for this explanation: She gets up and moves closer to the Aurochs. She turns to Kalli, while putting her hand on the back of one of the cows: "Are you saying these are Úr?", she asks in amazement. "How would that be possible when they are extinct?" She looks at the creature again, she can only say that all the descriptions are right. All this primal strength packed in one beast."

She looks up to Kalli: "Wait, the second rune, Úruz, that's these creatures?" Brynn feel like she's standing in some of the great and ancient stories about the past of Kalli's people. But seeing the things she'd felt lately, Brynn wouldn't be surprised if they were connected to her too.

[14:41:38] Kalli (arietta.kegel) brights up as Brynn´s voice carry that amazement. It brings her so much joy to feel the excitement and how much Brynn grows before her. "Yes. Úruz." she says, her finger tracing the air to draw irr. To the second question, she nods slowly at first, as if making a confirmation is not exactly easy. "As something I never encountered before, but heard stories about, I can only trust the ancestors on this, and they seem to be amazed. Just like you." she starts, the creature allowing her to reach for her horns. It was probably this easy because they were still docile. "See how females have horns too?" she says "That is another indication." she nods. "We had one of those in our family´s collection. It was a representation of our grandfather surviving facing such a creature and it always received phrase. So oh, Brynn..." she gazes at her general direction. "They were said to be extremely difficult to tame. Like the rune, they have the wildness behind its power. It would not be something even a regular cattle farmer would be able to do anyway." her pale eyes wide a little. "This is going to be more of a challenge than we started with. And its our responsibility now that we brought them here."

[15:02:00] Brynn keeps studying the creature from up close, running her hand over her muscular back. She looks at Kalli, as she confirms the they are Úruz.and watches Kalli draw the run in the air. Her gaze shifts to the sand where she had just, absentmindedly, drawn the same rune. She nods, as Kalli explains the cow's horns, and Brynn takes a moment to study the horn now that she is close. The last part gets a "hmhm" from Brynn as Kalli explains their new ordeal.

She turns to Kalli now: "Loki must be playing his tricks with us. Or maybe even the All-Father." She rubs her face: "We need to get them to Ilgzheimr soon then and tend for them there. The people of Fearndil will not understand their value." Brynn thinks. for a good while what to do with them, and what this encounter means. She moves to Kalli, carefully between the Aurochs, and wraps her arms around her from behind. "Their horns have a white base and a black tip," she wouldn't have to describe the horns are mostly straight but curl at the end, nor they are ab

[15:02:00] Brynn the size of her arms, and as thick too, Kalli had felt that. Brynn whispers: "When I was sitting and talking to you and Sagal. I was holding a stick. I was doodling in the soil a little with a twig, and I made the same rune. It is also featured heavily on the tattoo on my back." She looks at the Aurochs again, and kisses Kalli's cheek: "It does seem we have some new companions. Ones that can rip us apart if they want."

[15:18:25] Kalli (arietta.kegel) takes a step away from the animal and ends their contact by touch as she feels Brynn hug her from behind. There is a soft growl she lets out, closing her eyes, allowing herself to be taken by that embrace with all of herself. When it came to Brynn she was always touch starving. She nods to her assessment and smiles as the alpha describes the horns. It is almost too intimate, and it makes her slightly aroused. To the rune comment, though, she opens her eyes and holds her breath for a bit. "Did you?" she asks trying to sound casual. But it was indeed more than that it was indeed too important to ignore. "It seems my beast priestess is scratching her way out again." her hands slide over Brynn´s arms embracing her and she lingers there with amusement, awe, joy. "Ones that can rip us apart if they want... she wouldn't like different companions for a journey like that, would she? Whatever this awakens, Brynn, being followed by such a majestic creature, this means a lot. This is important"

[15:33:54] Brynn lingers in the embrace, as Kalli caresses her arms but being in the middle of this little herd of Aurochs, Brynn knows, is a bad place to be. At some point, the soothing will wear off, and these creatures will be their deadly selves. Gently she guides Kalli to the side again. "I think we must conclude there are bigger forces at work here, through us. I am not sure yet who, but I expect one of the gods, and it seems there will be more of this in store for us." She inhales, but then grins: "I think we have some time before Saga returns and this whole cosmic plan will unfold, hm?" And as they cross the fence, Brynn looks at Kalli for a moment and said: "We must name them to worthy name sakes. I have been looking into the names of the Valkyrie," she grins, "I am thinking Sanngriðr for the bull, that means 'very violent' or 'very cruel'. I would maybe scare off people that want to mess with him. And for the cows, Þrúðr for the larger one, meaning 'strength' or 'power' and Hjalmþrimul meaning 'Helmet clatterer' or 'female warrior' for the fierce one."

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