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SIM Rules

The Mystic Realms is now an Adult Sim ​

But we have specific areas for adult content. Please be aware that notices will be sent out when you walk into a specific area. Please respect what the notices say. 

This will NOT:

Make The Mystic Realms a sex sim. It will never be that but will be less strict of privacy and location FOR it if people do. This does also NOT allow RLV/Capture/Slavery/Gorean.

We still want:
Players to RP anything adult in DMs unless in those specific places. Others in the area do not consent to read your Adult RP without their own prior permission.
Players to follow consent rules. 


If you do not consent to an adult action/conflict/situation you are uncomfortable with and are continually harassed, do tell us. We want this place to stay a safe and welcoming zone.

18+ Roleplayers ​

​To Roleplay on SIM you must be at least 18 years old. This is a mandatory rule and if broken, leads to an automatic ban.

Keep in IMs even in your home

Sexual Content RP is private!

Chat range might make your 18+ posts visible even in your rental. Respect the private RP rule.

If you are roleplaying anything adult, keep it in DMs if you're in chat ranges of others. Even if you have a lax comfort zone, others might not and we try to respect the consent of others. We are an Adult sim, but we have specific areas and events for this content. This applies for both the sim and LL rules.

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