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  • What’s the point of this sim?
    This sim is meant to be as much in the players hands as possible. Create lores, factions, buildings, and more! We want you to be what forms and grows our sim! Want to create a city? Tear one down and keep it wild? Go for it! Do give us a heads up so we can start clearing out and building as your roleplay goes, but there’s a 95% chance we’ll say yes to whatever you’re wishing to change the area to as long as its slowly and thoughtfully roleplayed out and you’re open to possible sabotage or fights.
  • Where can i find “x” lore?
    Check our pages HERE. if any new lores are created, we will keep them up to date on our website and send out a notice pointing yall to it. If you wish to join in creating lores for the sim as unofficial staff, fill out the form here! We do ask that you be an active roleplayer, be open to critique, and be willing to work with other lore weavers together.
  • How do I change an area on sim?
    Be an active member and roleplay it out! As long as you put in the effort to create it through roleplay, we are most likely alright with making the change! If you have a specific build in mind, please reach out to CassandraMiddles Resident as she is our Build Master. Again, make sure everyone that currently resides in the area you wish to change consent to it, or at least consent to the building of it but that you both are okay with roleplaying out the changes and any possible consequences or push back.
  • Where is the City?
    Currently there is no official city of Faerndil or dire waters. But you’re able to create one! As long as any players of the area you’re wishing to build upon/take down consents to it, start rping the building and taking over a spot! The Faerie realm is a full land of fae with courts and all, ever growing and changing in areas but itself a full already thriving realm looking for more and more growth.
  • How do I seek out roleplay?
    At The Mystic Realms we strived to make it as easy as possible for all types of roleplayers to get involved in roleplay, whether this is through jobs, events, sim plots, or just by seeking out roleplay with other roleplayers. We acknowledge that it is not always easy to find people to roleplay with especially at certain times of the day, on top of that we know not every roleplayer is open or comfortable enough to simply hoping in on a scene which is why we've put in place several ways for roleplays to find people to roleplay with. In our sim hud, the title has an option for "Shy" and "Walk up friendly" these two options lets other roleplayers know how to approach you Icly, those who have "Shy" showing may recieve a private IM inviting them to roleplay while "Walk up friendly" is what it says on the title, someone will walk up to you and start a scene. We have two inworld groups, one ic and one ooc both can be used for seeking out roleplay, a short sentence or two can be posted in the IC group letting other players around know "Hey, I'm here and doing this, you are invited to join" and the OOC group you can just invite them and let them know you're up for roleplay. Our discord is the third way to find roleplay, we have dedicated channels and roles for those who are looking for roleplay, the @lookingforrp role when used in the #looking-for-roleplay channel, will tag anyone who has that role and let them know you're on sim and happy to roleplay, there is also #roleplay-show-and-tell where you can post snippets of scenes you are currently in and tag the role or specific people. We encourage everyone to roleplay with everyone, TMR is one big happy family and do not allow or tolerate roleplayers to be snubbed or ignored especially when doing a scene with others, if this behaviour is noticed or reported to a member of staff there will be consquences, unkindness and balant ignoring is not okay and is very discouraging to roleplayers, we do not want that enviroment on the sim.
  • Can I play this specific type of race?
    Honestly, go for it. As long as medi-fantasy, we’re happy to have you. We do allow anthros so long as you don’t look too cartoony. Gods are our only hard no. When in doubt, ask us! We’re happy to answer but answer the fastest in our discord server.
  • How do I submit whole sim plot ideas/storylines?
    As Mystic Realms is a player built roleplay sim, we love when roleplayers come to us with plot ideas that they have especially as we are opening to every and any lore, happy to mold it in with ours. To bring a plot idea to the table, first you need to bring it to the attention of one of the staff members, who'll ask you to submit a form in our discord. When that is all done, the staff will look over using this criteria: Will this be welcoming to all? Will we leave multiple ways players can solve this plot or make it more than it is? Will we make sure this is inclusive in ways players can find out as well as find out necessary tools for following? And making sure that this isn't a scripted event but open and tangible for all to mold in rp how the story goes, so no specific scripted ending is made.
  • Do I need to be a lore weaver or staff to run events?
    Nope! Just let us know! If you’d like to just be an event runner too and are active, we can give you a tag to post notices both in our discord and Inworld. Otherwise, just give us a heads up and we’ll add any events you wish to run on the calendar and in notices for you! Any set up needed too, please just let us know and we can help there as well!
  • How does combat work here?
    ---Combat or contest rolls----- -If fighting, please go based on a simple contest between the two rolls; Attack vs defense roll. Highest wins. If attacker rolled highest, the blow is a hit. If defender rolled highest, the blow is a miss. Dice rolls on a D20:1-5 Fail6-10 Low Success11-15 Success16-20 Great Success. -Attack v Defense Ties are a stalemate in that round and require rolling again the next round. -Lose 1 HP per successfull hit -After 3 successful hits, the attacked player is out. See more below. -Players can use the difference between the two rolls to determine the style of the result, but not the result itself. An extra flashy hit or dodge etc. When someone hits 0 Hit Points, they are not DEAD. It is up to the player to interpret and chose how to 'out' their character. Passed out, captured, limping away to lick their wounds, or if they really wish, they can die. That is completely up to the player. Everyone is expected to respect how each player wishes to remove themselves from the combat. On the same note, please do not use consent to be unbeatable. Use it with judgement and keep in mind other players will also note on your rp and this can affect who wants to interact with you in the future. Same goes for people who tend to ignore consent or push outcomes on people. Let us emphasize dice combat is NOT MANDATORY NOR REQUIRED AT ALL. We prefer roleplaying it out fully and let dice rolls be for any decision making. Talk in DMs and come to a consensus if there's an issue.
  • Is there a Pantheon?
    'Disclaimer: We are a sim open to multiple temples, pantheons and religions, we do not place a limit, however we do not allow established real life religions e.g: Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity' There a multiple pantheon, one of them being the Goddess of Justice Delora who has a temple in Faerndil, the elven town - speak to Brian or Jessica (ICly) for more information regarding their pantheon (A Page dedicated to each pantheon is WIP on the website), there is also the general belief in Gaia and some other titans especially in the fae realm, Gaia, Helios, Selene.
  • Is there a faction for “x”?
    Maybe! We allow multiple factions and groups to be made [multiple temples, multiple packs, multiple mermaid groupings. Etc.] So first check any official ones made, you can find them at the landing point. If there’s an established one you like, join it! We also have some ‘catch all’ groups there that players can join for like minded group ups. Otherwise, create your own and if you have at least 5 members interested, sign up as a faction in the landing point so we can add you to the website!
  • There's already a job for X, can there be a second job as well as competition?
    Yes, absolutely. We want to build a world where there are no limits. Just like we allow more than one of similar faction or wolf pack, we also allow more than one of similar businesses. use this as a means to icly compete or collaborate! or if the main villages don't fit you, create your own building and let us know! we'll set it up for you. damn the man, create a new empire.
  • Where do I get that pretty character card?
    The character card was created by Deathly.Fright. Reach out to her if you need help creating one, or snag them here.
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