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The Mystic Realms

How far is everything in Sim?

Remember that our realm is a massive forest. There have been no true paths made, there are many hills and brambles, and oftentimes, it'll take several days to journey from the forest to Faerndil or the coast. Flight and on foot would of course take less time.​


 A gift from the Fae, is how The Mystic Realms are described. A society built upon the generosity of the fae rulers who held the throne in the Realm of the Fae and their essence which they planted in the area;  each area a bargain or a gift. From the highest tops of the Snowy Peak Mountains, to the lowest depths of the Dire Waters, the fae influence and magic is everywhere, wrapped around every crevice it can latch on to, inescapable, and while majority of it is good, there are some cracks which corruption and wickedness slips through. 

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