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 Any race is allowed, even home-brewed ideas. But no Gods/goddesses as playable characters; demi gods with fae like characteristics are allowed​. In doubt, ask a staff member! Some of the most commonly picked races:

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For the roleplayers that are sea based races e.g: nymphs, mers, sirens, selkie etc; gives access to the aquatics channels.

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For the dragons and those with draconic roots; gives access to the dragonkin channel and threads for the dragon based factions

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Elven and/or characters with elven blood in their vines that want to meet other elves; gives access to the elven channel and the threads within it also access to the thread for Caras Galadhon, the elven settlement

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For beastkin based races, werewolves, shifters races.

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Nefarious: For the tainted, abdominal, abyssal, infernal races and for those who with a penchant for carrying out misfortunes, gives access to the rogue guild channel, nefarious channel and the thread for Ghosmourn, the dark village.


For those of the nomadic lifestyle .


For those that primary live in the wild and/or are nature based races e.g: dryads, naiads, spriggans, but don't necessarily have a nomadic lifestyle or a feral based race. 


For the roleplayers that are fae court based races e.g: fairies, pixies, fauns, dryad; gives access to the fae court channels.

Please do note, we do not see changlings/foundlings as pookah/shifters; it all fits Fae Lore in this sim.

Guilds & Alignments

Guilds & Groups or collective of characters that are somehow aligned.

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City Living

Gives access to the threads related to each township/village/city currently established on the sim.

Courtless Fae

The fae who don't align or belong with any court, give access to the courtless channel

Court Aligned
For the fae who align with neither seelie or unseelie but belong to one of the Fae courts.

Mage Guilds

Gives access to the mage guild channel.

Rogues/Rogues Round Table

For the pirates, the bandits, the thieves, the con artist, anyone that considers them a rogue based character, gives access to the Rogues round table channel. 


For those who align with the seelie alignment, lifestyle and ideals.


For those who align with the unseelie alignment lifestyle and ideals.

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Collective of witches.

You don´t see a group, faction or specific alignment that you would like to RP as? Talk to one of our Staff Members!

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