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The Fae Realm 

High Court Queens: CassandraMiddles Resident l Daddy Waifu
Royal Advisor: Noor of Rowensdale
Emissary: Elfame
Lady in waiting: XxMysticAngelxX Guard[multiple]:open
Kitchen staff[multiple]:open

If you are interested in a lead role, please do be active for at least a week's worth of RP on sim before showing interest. Jobs, please just let Cassandra Middles through a DM know where you'd like your business, or if there is already a pre-existing one, she will help you get set up.

Spring Court: uniltira l temerariie
Summer Court: open
Autumn Court: open
Winter Court: aro.lionheart  l fygac00
Night Court: devil mommy
Dawn Court: yoichi.kumaki

Realm Couriers
Lead: @Faunstar @ OnlyFauns
Couriers: open

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