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The Death of the Advisor - Closing a Chapter.

- A summary of the events at the ball and where the plot goes from there

(( Photo taken by Vyphora, editied by Daddy Amore ))

Half way through the Masquerade hosted by the Monarch’s cult, The Advisor made their grand appearance. Unbeknownst to those attending the Ball who exactly the Advisor was most believe him to have been the so called Monarch. Not shortly after their arrival tensions began to rise and many that had been forced to attend swiftly left after finding out their masks were the things holding them there and the only way out was by shattering them.

Through the terror a fight broke out between the Advisor and those who remained to fight against them. Vyphora, The dragon Queen of Hrive found the mana fountains at her advantage during the battle and used some of her magic to Shatter the Advisor’s only source of mana, using the rest of her strength to parry nearly every spell they threw at her. Working alongside a woman named Dalia who was able to knock the cursed grimoire from the Advisor’s hands, With Vyphora’s aid Dalia’s Mask was shattered and she was teleported back to her last location with the grimoire. In order to protect her people from the curse, Queen Vyphora tried to strike a deal with the tiring Advisor to release Hrive from the magical drain with the threat of Dragon fire. The Advisor strikes the deal with the ultimatum that Vyphora has to defeat them, However he tricked the Queen and died before restoring the power back to the Snowy peaks of the north.

However, Not all hope is lost, Due to the mana spring being destroyed within the ballroom one of the pipes has leaked and created a glowing green river of pure mana leading from the castle of the Monarch to the Sinking Swamps. While this is not a permanent solution to the magicka situation. it may grant a small portion of strength back to those brave enough to reach it, it is only a matter of time before the Monarch and the cult figure out a way to repair the leak. Furthermore, any areas where the thorny plants had gathered have started to fight against the invasive plants, the vines and thorns wither and decay, Perhaps it is because the previous owner of the book has been defeated that these invasive plants have gone. Perhaps it is due to the defeat that those heavily affected by the drain in mana now feel strong enough to walk once more, One would be able to use their magic once or twice in a burst before feeling exhausted (Like D&D Spell Slots)

Though the Advisor has been finished, the curse is still in the air, bound to the Cursed Grimoire. Created by the Unseelie King, darkness binds to this book, causing the holder and bearer of the curse to be wild with power, see those that were friends now enemies, and a mania that is untamable. But where has the book gone? Now that the bearer of the curse is dead, what is to happen? Will the book be blank until the next bearer comes forward, their temptation opening it again?

The castle still stands, the bulk of magicka still held within the chambers, and those that worked together over the weekend to build a safeguard against it are still needed. As the Faeries need to restore their mana first and foremost to be able to help replenish the realms, they are spreading word and need for those that are able to create, craft, and help, to continue to do so for those too weak. Focus on those that rely on magicka to survive.

But now what? THe face of the Monarch and his recruits still thrive. Though the advisor and powerhouse of the cult is defeated, what lies ahead for the darkness and the castle that was built in the dense forest? Will they continue to build and create a dark city? Or will they be overtaken by others wishing to vye for their power and rank?

Remember that players(you) are who decides what happens in this realm. What you RP, is how the world will change. Create your magic, change the worlds, and show us what’s to come in the future of the Mystic Realms.

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