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The Danse of Darkness

(Writeup, photo, and ideas by Aєlíthє Durdєn (neferetta). Original Plot by Sunha R. Lyn-Yong (celestiallhaun) with the help of the Lore Weavers of The Mystic Realms )

Main Idea of Event

Monarch is hosting a masquerade, His plot is to kidnap his guests via magic and bring them into the ball fully masked and dressed as a grand reveal/entrance.


How are Characters Getting to the Event?

A~ There are Two options characters can get to the event.

1: Invitation Option: The roleplay that they are given an invite and a mask, when the put the mask on it teleports them to the venue (There's no other way to oocly get into the event as its a skybox so why not make it a magical dimension or something)

2: Kidnapped Option: The Monarch uses the mana they've been collecting to cast a spell upon those he demands attend even if they refused icly (But oocly really want to) The magic releases like the pulse of the obelisk but instead of draining the energy from the land it makes those the spell targets grow tried and when they black out they awaken fully dressed, dazed and confused in the ballroom.

What if someone doesn't want their character attending or simply cannot make it? Option 1: They can roleplay that their character fought against the magic that was trying to put them to sleep and won

Option 2: They never received an invite/The spell never worked on them

How would characters appearing later during the event explain arriving later if they were taken by the spell?

A~ Players can rp that they tried to fight the magic and eventually gave in, Or Take the Invitation option from the first Question to teleport whenever they feel like it.

How do Characters leave the event?

A: They remove their masks, Removing the mask will automatically teleport them to where they were before they teleported

The Monarch is dressing everyone up in clothing of his choice, how is that fair?

A: Players oocly have full discretion on how THEY think the monarch would dress their character, Would he dress them in a way to remind them of a past event that might torment them? Would he dress a typically timid and shy character into something scandalous? It is entirely up to the player!

Can a character leave the ballroom venue to investigate the castle?

A~ Yes! If they can sneak away from guards and the evil npc’s they can definitely snoop around! A Teleport to the castle will be located somewhere in the ballroom venue

What if I feel like my character going to the event would cause a lot of negative side effects?

A~ There are many ways to make sure you’re able to enjoy this event, It is entirely up to the player on how the Monarch’s magic affects their characters abilities and magic. Certainly a very powerful being would take precautions to prevent a dragon in human form from shifting and burning the entire castle down from the inside. One could roleplay that the magic of the Mask their character is wearing is weakening their powers to prevent a bloodbath.

~ Event Roleplay Sneak Peaks ~

‘An hour before the event for those using the kidnapping scenario’

Throughout all realm

from the Fae realm all the way to the highest peak of Hrive and the deepest depths of the Dire waters a strange pulse similar to that of the power surge begins once more. Those affected may feel themselves weakened and grow tired. For some a slight migraine might form as

their natural instincts fight against this strange magic that seems to be tugging at their very soul. The pulsing continues, reminiscent of a heart beat which starts off slow, each beat zapping the energy of the creatures the spell is targeting. thump thump.........thump thump.... It beats like one's own heart... beginning to race. Dizziness and panic may spread through those affected, Some may attempt to resist... some may succumb willingly... but those who finally succumb will find their world blackened and endless... like falling asleep....

When they awake they hear the eerie dark music playing around them...Dressed in fine clothing one may or may not choose for themselves in a dark ballroom covered in the same vines and thorns that plagued the realm for a while now. These poor souls will find a mask upon their face, even the strongest creatures unable to remove the mask from their face. Around them an entire crowd of people begin to appear, all seeming to be just as confused and terrified as the next... What has happened.... Why were they brought here? And who....who has done this?

(Note: Once mask is removed they wake up where they fell asleep and leave the event, Those who came willingly and weren't teleported can take off their masks whenever they wish)

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