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Magic is gone in Dire waters too?

Asherah was sitting on a rock on the shore of Dire Waters gazing at the soul shard she held captive in the vial around her neck. She seemed fascinated by its agitated movements. It was as though the shard was trying to escape. Of course it couldn't. The vial was enveloped in a magical ward of Asherah's own making. The siren poked the vial every now and then with the pointed tip of a claw, and that sent the shard into even greater agitation. She let out a cackle of delight.

Sirenia was chilling by the shore playing with the fish that came up to the surface to play with her. As she twirled her fingers playfully around and around causing a tiny water tornado to spin the fish around in a daze. Her eyes lit and she giggled. She tried to control the new found anger inside of her since her brand new change. She wondered about the crystals and why they held so much powers inside. Hearing a cackle she spun around trying to place the sound only to find her friend Asherah playing with something and seemed to be happy. "hellooo there" she trilled and waved her hand

Asherah snatched her hand away from the vial as soon as she realized she wasn't alone. Recognizing the voice before she looked up, she said, 'Oh, hello Sirenia!I didn't expect to see anyone else here.' Her eyes fell on Sirenia and she started. 'You've changed!'

Sirenia nods "yes.. i been meaning to find you but the other day i found some pretty crystals and they shocked me.. " she pressed her lips in thin line not wanting to mention her powers seemed to be out of control and she cant control her emotions now. Gasping she searched through her bag for the one crystal she kept for herself instead of giving to Maugrim.. Not wanting to mention he drained the other cyrstals she gave him of their powers she handed it over to her. "Here i saved one for you to look at"

Asherah narrowed her eyes at Sirenia. 'Crystals? I haven't been home for a few days. I've been...on an errand on land.' She took the crystal from Sirenia. 'This did that to you?' She waved at the mermaid, indicating her dramatically changed appearance, then shrugged. 'The way things are at the moment, anything is possible. Has anyone else suffered the same fate?'

Sirenia nods gently and bite her lip not really wanting to say who cause it scared her... "Yes... " was all she said.. sighing she got up and strolled to sit down with Asherah.. "My powers.. my pretty green tail.. all screwed up now.. " She looked to the dulled crystal in asherahs hand that was once a bright red color. "Magic i didn't think could do this?"

Asherah frowned down at the crystal. 'Messed up magic more like it. Magic gone backwards, sideways, upside down, whatever. Faerndil is a mess with those vines and I heard there have been issues in the fae realms too, but I'm not sure what. So we have troubles too in Dire Waters. Were there a lot of crystals? And did it turn this dull red colour after it shocked you?'

Sirenia "yes it was a bright red with a black spot on it when i found them.. I sadly showed someone else too." She looked away at the vines not to far off and narrowed her eyes at them.. Angry boiled inside of her and she felt water slowly circling her legs. "I agree magic is too screwed up. .something is in the air.. i feel like something is starting.. evil..." she took a big breathe and turned to her friend

Asherah raised a brow. 'Oh? Who was that? And what happened to the person you showed it to?.' At this point, Asherah felt a sublte change in the air. It was similar to the feeling one could get when lightning struck the water and you happened to be nearby. Highly charged. She tensed. 'Wha-' she started to say, whipping her head around

Sirenia "I doubt you know him.. he is new here.." she said with a wave of her hand.. she was trying to calm down as the water began to circle around her more. The air crackled with her anger but before she spoke again she clenched her hands into fists to try to sound calm. "I heard rumors from some land folks there is a pulse or something happening and we need something special?"

Asherah felt the rest of the word stick in her throat as the charge or whatever became a giant suction and seemed to suck everything bit of energy in the air away. When it passed, Asherah's body went limp and she must have lost consciousness for a bit, because the next thing she knew, she was clutching the vial around her neck, now empty. She felt drained, and exhausted, but she managed to whisper. 'The ward, it's broken. My soul's gone!'

Sirenia looked to Asherah and felt her emotions going sad "What? " she asked.... and looked around "What soul shard?" her anger now gone and replaced with concern for her friend

Asherah seemed startled at the sound of Sirenia's voice, and jumped. She shook her head unable to take her eyes from the empty vial. '' It was then that she caught herself. She was on the verge of telling Sirenia what she was, and what she collected, but she stopped herself in the nick of time. Her lavender eyes darkened to purple and then returned to lavender and she said firmly, 'My potion. It's gone. I keep a special potion in this bottle for...reasons.,' she finished, defensively. Didn't you feel that? That wave that sucked everything away?'

Sirenia clutched the crystal around her neck when she remembered the last wave. Her magic was gone.. she wasn't able to talk to the fish anymore... turning to her friend she spoke "What has happened to the magic? The sky is dark.. fog covering everything... " Her voice cracked with fear

Asherah nodded woefully, but in full possession of herself again, now that she had recovered her wits. 'I felt it. It was like an enormous wave. It came and sucked everything, all the energy, or so it felt. And it took my potion.' She cocked her head to the side. 'You're right, I can't hear the sea creatures anymore, it's as if the whole of the Dire Waters has fallen asleep. ' The necromancer flexed her fingers, their long claws flashing silver in the light. She made an undulating gesture with her hand. Nothing happened. She stared at her hand and tried again. Nothing. 'My necromancy has gone too. I tried to summon the spirit of a shark, a friend of mine, but it was like shouting into the void, I felt...nothing. What are we to do?'

Sirenia shook with anger and wrapped her tail around herself. staring up into nothing.. "I tried to talk to the dolphins near my home when the last wave hit. I was asleep. But luckily I had my crystal nearby.. " She stared down at it as it glowed lightly against her skin. "I just wish we knew what happened.. "

Asherah sighed deeply. 'Well, I'd like to go back into the water for a bit first, before doing anything. I can't hold this form much longer. But Once I've recovered, and perhaps spoken to a few in the Dire Waters, I think I'm going back to Faerndil to see what I can find out. The land folk might know something. Coming?'

Sirenia "yes lets go" she said. "luckly going back and forth from my tail to legs and back isn't that hard for me."

Asherah changing back into a tail was a bit more painful and slower than usual, but the siren managed it with much groaning and grunting. She was so focussed on her own transformation that she forgot all about Sirenia. At last, she looked around for her friend. 'Sirenia, are you there? How did it go for you?'

Xan brings his wandering patrol to a halt, having made it to the beach. He scans the area, eyes straining against the darkness, and just barely catches the merfolk slipping back into the water. He tilts his head and gives a curious warble, stepping a bit closer. "Greetings. How fare the two of you?"

Sirenia splashed into the water without ease and felt a twinge of sadness for her friend. Her tail came back without no problems. she poked her head up on the surface to peak around and as she looked up she saw a giant winged beast in front of her chirping. Her eyes grew wide and she shrieked "gahhhh!!"

Asherah heard Sirenia cry out and frowned, wondering if her friend was having problems transforming. But no, she was fine, it was something on the beach that had frightened her. Asherah saw the gryphon and smiled. 'Oh, hello there! I think you scared my friend. We thought we were alone. Thank you for inquiring, but we are NOT faring well, no not well at all.'

Xan pins his ears back and grimaces at the mermaid's shriek, "Ah! Apologies, that I frightened you. I forget how fierce this armor makes me look." He gives a solemn nod as the other chimes in, in a much more bearable tone. "It seems that's a common tale these days... Oh, I'm Xan, by the way. If you need anything, just let me know. I'll be patrolling around between here and Faerndil most of the time."

Sirenia stared at the beast and looked to her friend and back "umm hello... I am princess Sirenia" She said in a soft voice and shook her head.. "no we are not ok.. " she bite her lip as she turned to float in the water

Asherah turned to Sirenia. 'It's alright, he's friendly, even though I admit, he's rather fierce looking. Er, Xan, my name is Asherah' - she would let Sirenia introduce herself when she'd recovered from her fright - 'and I'm very glad to see you. Can you tell us a bit of what has been happening in Faerndil? You see, earlier on, we were sitting on the shore minding our own business, when some kind of wave...I can't quite describe it, it was a wave of something not water, but it sucked everything, all the energy, out of the air and the water. We've lost our abilities! We can no longer hear the sea creatures, and they cannot speak to us. magic has gone!' Asherah held up her webbed hands. Transforming into my tail was somewhat more painful than usual too, though my friend here didn't have a problem.'

Xan nods, and takes a moment to think, trying to think of how best to explain it. He hmms, and says, "I don't pretend to understand it myself, but from what I've heard there's something... or someone... siphoning magical energy from every magical creature, even from the land itself. It does affect individuals differently from what I've heard, it just depends on your strength, or perhaps a susceptibility to the siphon's pull."

Sirenia "Maybe cause im royal no idea. " Her eyes flickered to the griffin as he spoke and nodded.... "so this evil?" she asked.. "do you know where it mostly is coming from?" She was worried now, so something was draining everything and everyone of magic.. wasn't just her friends in the sea.

Asherah widened her eyes at the gryphon and was so shocked she was unable to speak for a full minute, a feat that was highly unusual for her. Finally, she said, '' Her eyes flashed purple with indignation. 'How dare it...he...she...steal my magic?' She almost leapt out of the water with anger, for though Asherah often walked on the evil or rather opportunistic side herself, she could not tolerate the idea of anyone stealing from her. Her voice when she spoke this time, shook with rage. 'Is anyone doing anything about it?'

Xan moves to lay down, as his paws are aching from walking so much. He shakes his head, "I haven't seen it myself, but the rumors say an obelisk of sorts has appeared deep in the forest, pulsing with an ominous glow and terrible energy. From what I've heard, no one has figured out how to destroy it, or even approach it. I've heard there's magic blocking anyone magical from even entering the vicinity."

Ayane Arai had managed to finally shift back into her tail form after much discomforting events from yesterday and before.. She had to use half of her crystals to fix her state but was glad she had a stock aside in case of emergencies. Not gonna lie she was worried about Maugrim about him venturing off alone to recharge his crystals. It made her mutter under her breath " stupid darn triton.. i should of gone with" she would speak to herself whilst swimming and heading to the shore to where she was suppose to meet with Sirenia. She soon enough spotted a familiar tail and swam closer before surfacing slowly and a bit sneaky before she tapped her on her shoulder " found ye " she said with a smirk.

Sirenia shook with anger now... her hands formed fists but felt a tap on her shoulder and whirled around to her friend ayane... she breathed a sigh of relief. "omg there you are.. " her eyes teared up. Now that Xan told them about this darkness she would keep a better track on her friends for sure. Her tail slashed the water above sending a spray of water everywhere. "We need to do something.. I cant live without my magic."

Asherah listened intently to Xan. 'Then you, yourself, have not attempted to investigate?' The question came out in an accusatory tone. The self-absorbed, and arrogant, siren was just getting started. 'I hear that Faerndil is without a leader. I haven't seen that female with the halo for a good long while, no wonder things like this are happening. Someone definitely needs to look into this.' She turned to Sirenia. 'Will you come with me into the forest to find this obelisk? I'd like to see it for myself, and to see what happens when I try to approach it. If we want our magic back, it's up to us to get it.' Then she demanded of Xan, 'You are big and strong, will you come too?'

Xan chirps and perks his ears up as a third head appears out of the water. He nods in their direction, "Oh, hello there." He squawks and narrowly dodges the spray of water from Sirenia's tail, not wanting to get his armor wet! "Keeping an eye on friends is a good start." He sort of shrugs and makes an odd warble, "I'm new myself. I haven't met with the leader of Faerndil yet, but once we learn more about this thing and who controls it, I'm sure there will be time to make a stand. Though, if you wish to go looking for it, I could lend a paw. I seem to be rather unaffected by whatever this is."

Ayane Arai frowned when she saw Sirenia distressed " whats wrong? What happened" her eyes turned stern now like a very protective manner as she looked around for a moment, seeing the other mer and a large bird being wich made her look again finding it kinda neat. But now wasn't the time to get excited, she knew they still had to check things out regarding what happened yesterday.. wich still scared her and took alot of her to actually dive into the waters again but she found strenght and some of her fish friends helped her and kept her company today. Her eyes would glance at the other mer as she shook her head " its best we wait till Maugrin returns, i know he was going to investigate the obelisk himself.. much to my own displeasure cause i hate it that he went alone.. but it would be smart for us to hear some other folks if they know more about things. Plus who knows what it will do if we get closer, specially those who are born or trained in magic" she would say in a calm manner but meanwhile she would wrap an arm around Sirenia and gave her some comfort if she'd allow it. Seeing the giant bird squawk she would give it a smile and a gentle nod to greet it too " see even our new friend here suggests it too, we can go on land and hear some folks out before taking any big action "

Sirenia shook her head at Asherah "I dont know if we should go yet. " She looked back to the sea as she felt Ayane wrap her arms around her in comfort. Where was Maugrin.. since taking the throne she felt to check in with him constantly.. She was worried about him.. The crystals had both changed them just before magic blacked out.. But she wondered if her powers had changed would she still have them? Shaking her head in frustration she sighed and looked up at the sky again.. "I vote to wait." She finally said.

Asherah turned to the mermaid who had joined them and narrowed her eyes. She'd never met her, and was not happy to hear what she had to say. 'Hello, my name is Asherah. And who are you?' Asherah could be very blunt when she felt the situation demanded it. 'Have you seen Maugrin lately and if not, where has he disappeared to at a time like this?' She noted Sirenia's advice to wait with a curt nod and a flattening of her lips into a thin line.

Xan nods determinedly, "She speaks wisely. It could be the only reason you're still alive is because you're this far away from it. Like a riptide, whatever siphon it's using may pull harder the closer you get..." He grunts and moves to stand back up, stretching out a bit before shaking his wings out. "I'm thinking about heading back to Faerndil myself, getting out of this armor and taking a moment to rest for the time being. Unless you'd want me to stay here."

Ayane Arai raised a brow at the way of speach the other mer had as she just smirked " oh hoho.. feisty hm.. Im Ayane Arai, have been hanging around on other places but Sirenia here knows me" as she squeezed the mer closer to her " plus Maugrim knows me too, he in fact saved me yesterday from near disaster and told to me and Sirenia we should investigate things first before taking action. If you don't trust me word well you could just wait till hes back as ask him yourself?" as she tilted her head with a serious look. Yeah she wasn't one to be bit on cause she bites back. Looking back up to the bird " well great feathery friend if you do find some info please be a dear and come inform us? Its better everyone in this realm knows what is causing all of it, rather we like it or not we got to work together to stop whatever this doing is" as she let out a sigh to calm herself again and just smiled softly to comfort sirenia.

Sirenia turns to the griffin and nods.. "yes please do and come back and report what you find.." She said with a command like it was an order to be followed. "I think that we should have our friends for now investigate more on the down low for us who cant come to shore much." She smiled up at the griffin now pleased to have a brand new friend.

Asherah gave both Xan and Ayane a stony stare. 'Very well, I intend to investigate on my own. I have a feeling that this, whatever it is, will affect all of us, more and more, whether we like it or not, and I for one intend to have an inkling of what I'm dealing with.' With those words, she dove into the water and swam off towards some distant rocks to change into her land form in private.

Xan nods to Sirenia and chuckles, "I will do my best. Stay safe for now, all of you. I may investigate further myself in the meantime." He watches as Asherah dives and swims away, with a sigh, "Don't do anything you'd regret..." He looks back to the other two and nods, giving a curt little chirp as he turns to walk away, tail swaying behind him. He looks back to say, "Stay safe!"

Ayane Arai made a little 'tsh' noice as she watched Asherah dive under " stubborn much.." she muttered a little but shrugged " her choice, im staying away from a source that could also drain now, im a trained witch so i do know better." as she shrugged and just hovered next to Sirenia and watched the giant birb " safe flight friend! Don't fly into anything that seems weird" as she grinned at the gryphon

Sirenia watched her friend swim away with a sigh hoping she doesn't do anything that will come back and hurt her or others. she pulled her hand up out of the water letting the water spray all down to her face as she waved goodbye to Xan.. "Safe paths my new friend!" she called to him. And turned to Ayane now with worry in her eyes.

Ayane Arai watched the giant birb fly away before she looked back to Sirenia seeing the worry on her face " hey, it will be alright.." as she patted her friends shoulder again " i know times are currently scary, hell they scare me too specially that i nearly drowned yesterday" she muttered the last part with a sigh " but lets just have faith and see what Maugrim figures out and see what our newly friend sees through the sky too alright?" as she tried to comfort her " just take a deep breath, you'll be ok.. maugrim did tell me yesterday you're also nervous about becoming the new leader here, that's okay.. i don't have much experience with leading myself but i do have my years of experience by just listening to tales so if you ever just need to talk im here alright?"

Sirenia "yes.. but I know one day I will able to lead with confidence and will become a great queen. That one day is not right now but hopfully when all this magic is back to normal I can be normal to?" she said with a hopeful wish. She felt tired.. to drained to do much and she put her fingers to her temple.. "I feel uneasy about this, but for now all I want to do is wait and see what Maugrim wishes."

Ayane Arai took note that the mer was distressed but also seemed exhausted so she would dig through her hip pouch and took out a little purple flask " here, trust me on this and drink it before you go to sleep. Its a potion i had made once when i need some proper sleep, its based of lavender and honey so tastes very sweet but will give you some peace of mind and a fresh start for when you wake" as she placed the little bottle in the womans palm " you should go rest, ill stick guard for a bit on the surface here to see if i might spot maugrim come back, if not ill also head back down to rest up again"

Sirenia took the flask and nodded to her. "Thank you my friend.. I shall go to the cave under us.. It should protect me for now while i rest if not I always have my fish friends nearby as well" she chuckled and tucked the flask tightly in her palm and gave Ayane a hug. "Be safe my friend..." she would whisper before leaping up and diving into the depths of the ocean to rest for the night.

Ayane Arai smiled and gave her a hug back " rest well Sirenia " as she watched her go, she would let out a breath and crawled on land, staying in her mer tail for now as she scouted the area around her. The air still looking dark she would break the eerie with a song of her humming voice. Almost making it sound hauntingly but for any mer or siren, this was normal.

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