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It Draws to a Close - Power outtage plot.

A month or so has passed since the chaos of the Monarch’s Masquerade Ball, the Monarch seemingly quiet between then and now and the cultists have been laying low, almost as if most weren’t there.

(Taken and edited by Too Many Character)

With the death of the advisor at the hands of the Dragon Queen, it seemed the cult had come to a standstill for not long after the death, their leader, the Monarch would disappear leaving no traces of their whereabouts for anyone to follow. This MIA status caused disarray within the ranks as there was no longer a clear sign of leadership; not soon after the members would start to either leave or find something else to do with their time as it was evident from the returning of magic, a lot of their efforts were going to waste. While most went into hiding, stragglers would remain, for reasons unknown to anyone but them.

The castle would swiftly become abandoned and the wards around it weakened to the point anyone could simply walk through them. Leaving an array of knowledge, crystals, trinkets and riches up for grabs to anyone who had the guts to traverse through and steal from the daunting castle. Alongside the empty castle, there was also the obelisk unguarded and unprotected, still holding a majority of the realms’ magic hostage, available to anyone and everyone to control or destroy. The only thing missing from the castle was the cursed tome, instead in the possession of the dragons in Hrive.

(Taken and edited by Too Many Characters)

The cursed book, a creation of the fae and cause of mayhem taken by the lady in waiting, Dalia upon the death of the advisor ends up in the Royal Dragon Court on top of the snowy peaks of Hrive. A book meant to invoke chaos; those close to Dalia would be the lone sources of knowledge on if she had suffered from any effects. However, rumour has it that the book has been stashed amongst the dragon's horde by the Queen herself, Queen Vyphora and everyone knows only the brave or foolish would dare to touch the horde of a dragon.

(Taken by Vyphora, edited by Too Many Characters)

The book hidden under lock and key, the monarch missing in action and the cultists disheartened, it may seem that peace and harmony is returning to the realm slowly but surely. From the newly available farmlands to the prospering elven village, the tides have turned and the darkness that hung over The Mystic Realms is dispersing. It is key to remember, however, that the obelisk still holds most of the magic, the Monarch is not dead, the cultists are still around; who knows what will happen when rumours of prosperity trinkle into their ears.

It is up to you our players to decide where we go next, whether the magic will be released, if the castles will end up in ruins robbed of its treasures. The Mystic Realms is a world shaped by your actions and the consequences of them.

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