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The Seelie Queens Garden; a discussion on the current state of magic.

Scene took place on 30/05/2022.

[12:05] Sunday was still frantically looking for the stolen book, stress and fear obvious in her expression. Earth would rise and fall as she'd lift and search. Flowers would part and spread brances when the faun checked between petals. The whole realm seemed subject to chaos and disarray, the stressed seelie cursing and groaning to herself at her fuck up. yet again.

[12:06] Maylea mumbled many words as she walked around, Lost in thoughts as she tried to recall ever step she did during her magic works pondering why on earth it went so wrong and turned her into what she is now. She had even wrote a letter to home demanding explanation too cause it seemed it also turned out to be a genetic issue that played part of it all wich once she found out made her groan and kinda cuss her parents for never telling her. But at the same time the poor faun.. or well unicorn now just needed a breather to calm her nerves. She hasn't even met up with anyone she knows here to show her the new her.. afraid of the comments that would come around. Letting out a sigh and a slap in her face with a groan after as she continues to walk " why of all it has to happen to meeeee" as she ended in the seelie garden. Not even aware someone was there yet.

[12:10] As the seelie queen decided to lift an entire tree with fingers gripped into the soil, she'd hear the whine behind her, pausing in surprise. As if in slow motion, sunday turned and slowly set down the tree, as if a child with a hand caught in the cookie jar, even if not noticed yet. Loud rumbling followed from sunday's frantic search for the book and with a slow pause and pivot, she'd eventually remove her hand from the soil, the tree finally groaning back into its rooted position. "What happened?" The seelie queen called out to ask, absolutely assuming another fae had been cursed.

[12:14] Maylea perked her ears as she did hear the sound of plants being moved and groans of tree roots? But soon after she heard a voice she recognized and peeked her head up from behind a large flower bush. Spotting the seelie queen herself she squeaked slightly biting her lowerlip in panic ' shit.. wel to late now to run' she thought to herself and took a breath and came in the clearing with a very faint smile " hi.. " as she waved nervously " ehm, im not sure if you remember me or well guess now with this whole look" as she gestured to herself with a sigh " but its me.. maylea, ehm.. used to be black faun?" as she scratched the back of her neck " i had some LOVELY magic failure and turned me into well" as she pointed to herself again still somewhat dumbstruck it happened. Her voice was at least something she managed to keep as her eyes where also still close to her original ones just lighter.. but all the rest well that had a huge make over.

[12:23] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir wandered her way through the fae realm, no destination in mind as she walked, despite how calm she appeared, the enchantress nerves were on end because of whatever mess was happening to the realms. Her skin was crawling with the demonic energy she usually had trapped away causing all her thoughts to be stuck on finding a solution. So stuck in her own mind, she hadn't considered were she was going and only noticed something was off when she heard a weird groan, blinking quickly, her eyes flickered from left to right in an attempt to find the source before settling in front of her and watching as a tree was lifted then placed 'Erm...' she bit her lip in confusion, weight shifting as she scratched the back of her head. About to inquire as to what was going on, she paused catching the tail end of what Maylea had said 'It is effecting the fae too, what nonsense is occurring right now' was the first thought to flash through her mind as she listened on quietly, only purposefully using her tail to rustle some nea

[12:23] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir leaves to announce her presence.

[12:29] Sunday smoothed soil covered hands over her white dress, smearing it with brown streaks as she'd take a few steps forward, a smile across her face. Far too used to faeries glamoring in the realm, she hadn't quite known the magic was meant to be a failure until stated, "yes, of course, child of my dear friends," She'd remind, lopsided smile showing even through her upset. If that is a mishap, then i wish my own were like this. You look in-chant-hing." she'd tilt her head, her gaze looking the woman over, "I'd been told of the magical upset and of the wild plants of the mystic woods, but i did not know it had started to affect our realm as well," but that was dumb of the faun, as the other part of the realm was even a gift of the fae. Brows furrowed, her fingers laced together, uncomfortable and stressed whilst looking back towards the tree she'd just hulk hoganed. The sound of approach from Zestari caused the faun's gaze to draw in her direction, brows lifting as she started to speak. More hand wiping out of stre

[12:29] Sunday happened, sunday's dress nearly a whole new color tone, she'd speak up, "yes? is there more news of dis-uh-ray?" She'd ask, beckoning them over. Looking back to Maylea, she'd frown, "i might need to host a meeting of the court to hear of what else i have missed in my travels."

[12:33] Maylea gave a slight smile, glad that she was still somewhat recognizable although with all her changes but would frown upon the words of magical issues " has there been something going on? I have been locked in my house for a couple of days so any big news must of slipped past me.. but if you do say magic is corrupting or such i am not surprised what the main source is of well my transformation.. partly it can still be my own fault cause apparently i have very far in history also equine genetics that could of triggered but still.. i rarely fail upon alchemy and the irony of actually wanting to make something for flowers to have unique colors to turn me into a unicorn is absurd " as she placed a hand on her hip and snorted. Blinking in surprise cause her behavior did change too a bit it seems. Though her ears would perk behind her as she looked over her shoulder to see another presence as she smiled softly and gave a nod to the stranger.

[12:41] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir turned slowly in the direction of the broken speaking, using her empty hand to move aside some plants that were in her way, gaining a clear view of the Seelie queen now "Hmm..disarray one can say that" she spoke vaguely, rubbing her jaw as she did so, anyone who was looking in the direction of the Fey'ri would note that the plants around her were beginning to wilt as a reaction to the excess amount of magic leaking from her being. Ignoring the effect she had on the plants, she stalked forward silently towards the queen offering Maylea a nod of acknowledgement back as she did so. "I'm am unsure of your name" she had positioned herself so she could see both woman and was speaking to Maylea "But you are correct, something is happening with magic, I'm shocked to say that it took so long for the fae realm to feel the effect" she mused, tone confident but concerned, eyes darting between the two for a quick second and then resting on the tree that was moved, simply looking at it with a raised eyebrow. All while

[12:41] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir this was going, her right hand, had been moving on it's own in a repeated pattern, catching and throwing the dagger she wielded.

[12:45] Sulvulondrem crossed the garden at a stride - barely paying any attention to anyone, save the short figure ahead of him. He'd come to a stop just in front of his mother and if she allowed, would rest his hands on her shoulders and dip his head to press his forehead against hers. "Mother," his voice was a whisper meant only for her, and in it she'd hear the child he hadn't been for many years now, a little boy seeking maternal comfort. He looked bone tired. "I'm glad you're home"

[12:50] Sunday only finally got a good look of Zestari, the sight of the fangs catching the faun off guard, even if only for a moment. Looking from her to the soft and pure looking maylea was a strange difference, though after the initial jolt, she'd recover and give a light smile, the worry still never leaving her eyes. The only thing that made that nervous smile fade was when she'd notice her garden wilt at the approach of the lavender tinged woman, a frown replacing it instead. She'd fix it later, at least. Maylea had her attention first. "i have just come back to the realm last night. I was traveling to Hrive nearly a fortnight to connect the realms." she'd give a light nod in the direction where the newly assembled portal was, an hour's travel at least. "but i have heard of wild plants forming, of magic being more kay-haw-tick, and several magical cree-churs harmed from this kay-haus." She'd feel the hands on her shoulders, only tensing for the slightest second before recognizing the aura that surrounded the figure

[12:50] Sunday Turning, taking in the figure she'd been fretting about constantly, Sunday's face softened at the exhausted expression of her son. "Sul-" The faun touched her fingertips to the prince's cheek, feeling for that darkness if he allowed it again, with a healing touch. If he accepted, a rush of her energy would attempt to weed out the fatigue, leeching it out of him and replacing with health and rejuvenation, whilst bearing the exhaustion on her own shoulders and feeling for the curse in him. "i came back as soon as i could when i-" she wasn't sure if she should divulge the feelings in that maternal bond before so many. Instead, An arm would pull him in, in an embrace while she'd look back to Zestari. "MY name? I am Sun, peeking through the daisies, of the barleythorne name." her title was not mentioned "but i prefer Sunday."

[12:56] Maylea would watch the new face closely but gasped a little as the plants she touched started to break apart making her her frown slightly, still her natural reaction when any plant was harmed. She would listen though what the queen had to say as she walked over to the bush and gently used her magic to get it back in pretty greens but was very very carefull cause well with now that she knows about what is going on and having to deal with a whole new level of magic cause she did know unicorns where that of another level she just did little things for now, nothing big nope. As she let out a sigh and nodded in the end " wel its good you are back cause whenever magic goes wild that needs to be fixed as soon as possible" she said in a softer voice as another figure approached making her look twice cause at first glance she wasn't sure who it was but upon hearing the name and confirmation of the affection the queen gave to him she recognized the figure as sulvulondrem " sul " she whispered a little. Sure it has been

[12:56] Maylea weeks she saw him but would he even recognize the once black furred faun? she would keep her tongue furder and just watched the group for now.

[13:05] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir held her jaw, rubbing it lightly as she averted her eyes from the display infront of her, something about parental interactions made her feel highly uncomfortable especially from two people she did not know. Eyes casted downwards, she zoned on a some fallen petals watching how they blackened and whittled as she stood there, a pang disappointment flickered through her chest, causing it to become uncomfortable tight "I'm losing control..." she said to herself in a soft voice barely above a whisper. Steadying herself with a deep breath, the enchantress forced back the emotions and refocused her attention that was on hand, through not paying attention while it happened she gathered the new coming was someone important to Sunday "Greetings Sunday" she bowed her head at the faun, her teeth uncurling and curling as she spoke with a mind of their own. Shifting to Maylea she sighed "There is only one issue with that, to solve the problem we must know the cause and at present time we have no idea of the cause or wh

[13:05] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir it started, just that it's getting worse over time" her voice however had shifted in the few moments she had been stood silent, as it went from one person speaking to two, giving it a haunting effect that echoed; as it reached her ears, the fey'ri covered her mouth, eyes moving frantically "Shit!" came out muffled from behind her hand.

[13:11] Sulvulondrem felt the questing touch of his mother's magic and opened himself to it, putting up no barriers to her. He'd feel her plucking at the exhaustion, trying to take it from him - and though he'd let her ease his weariness a little, he would gently but firmly sever the bond before she took too much upon herself. His hand would cover hers as it lay on his cheek, fingers curling around it to finally move it away from his face. He'd hold it for a moment, giving it a reassuring squeeze. There were things they would need to speak about privately. Then he would step back, taking up a position by her side, his gaze sweeping over the garden, noting each of the others present. He noted the unicorn he did not recognise the way that the plants withered at the feet of the tall, purple hued woman - and the way the unicorn moved to repair them. He didn't recognise this unicorn - not the one he'd seen in his mother's company before - and yet she spoke his name softly. His brow furrowed, the voice familiar. A look of surprise

[13:11] Sulvulondrem leapt to his face. "Maylea?" There wasn't really time to consider her new appearance though - it was evident that they were discussing the chaos of the realms, the chaos he had been ignoring. He still wasn't sure why, he only knew that the maelstrom within had calmed - and that he felt more himself than he had in a while. And yet also, changed in a way he could not quite put his finger on. He studied the purple woman with interest as her voice became an odd duet of sorts, and it seemed to him that she had not meant to project this power - yet another victim of the chaotic winds of magic. He held his peace for now though, deferring to Sunday.

[13:15] Rose Psyhi walked aimlessly around the realm, going wherever her legs took her as she whistled a quiet tune with every step she took. Usually around this time she'd be studying with 'the tiny boring human' or looking for berries to eat, but today seemed like the day to explore. Despite her senses being all out of whack, she still carried the ability to smell the scents around her. Quickly coming to a halt as the smell of multiple people filled the air around her, she slowly stepped closer to what seemed like a group of people, squatting down a bit behind a bush to peek over it, but her wings would still give away her presence if anyone cared to notice.

[13:17] Sirenia had shifted into her legs and walked along the sandy banks for what seemed like hours.. she needed for figure out what was going on. As she walked she didn't notice the land began to change underneath her into the land of the fae.. but only did she stop when she heard voices. Her eyes looked up and in shock did she see four strange creatures before her.. Not wanting to maybe be noticed she stopped behind a bush to watch curiously.. Biting her bottom lip and tilting her head she stared at the strange creatures. She peeked again over the bush but made a mistake as a twig cracked underneath her big clumsy feet

[13:18] After Sulvulondrem separated that link and moved by her side, the faun took in the rest of the situation, watching as Maylea restored the plants she'd worked so hard on, the woman frustrated with with her loss of control, and even scanning the area, she could see there was discord and discomfort across the realms. Dryads struggling to pull themselves up from their roots, feeling more tree than fey. Pixies disappearing into puffs of dust mid flutter. Even the air had a tinge of upset in it, as if votive, wired, and the slightest pluck of havoc easily ready to disrupt the realms further. Brows furrowing, Sunday'd nod, "I will try my best to solve this, but I will need the help of all." She'd decide, struggling to go from mother henning her son to taking the mantle of her position as Queen. "We need those with wings to search and see how far this is happening, where the main heart of it seems to grow from, and what could paw-sea-plea be causing it." Swallowing hard, "and while it is selfish, i re-co-hest there

[13:18] also be a search for a book. plain at first but it is flesh bound. it is cursed and might also be a part of this." Though it could be doubtful, she'd leave no stone unturned. "it was stolen from me overnight." Glancing back around the realm, "i will host a meeting of the courts soon, perhaps asking the unseelie king to take aw-de-ants with me if he is also having trouble with his magic." tilting her head, she'd look towards the two new figures, one just being a peek of wings, not introducing but including them in the conversation as if they'd been there since the beginning, "Have there been any issues of magic in your homes?" fingers twisted with anxiety, her gaze landing on some thorns in the far distance. Her own binding vines that connected to the faun's bloodstream twitched, as if they were their own limbs as she thought on it.

13:23] Maylea gave another nod to the other woman, turning herself into deep thoughts. Has she noticed something the days before she started to lock herself up to work on her alchemy? She tried to think of something but sadly she hasn't seen anything that could of caused it. She did let out another sigh with a faint frown as she was annoyed she made the plans she did and not focussed on what else has been going on, but too late for that cause she was also now a cause of it. She would look up again to the queen and her son as he spoke her name, giving him a faint smile with a nod to confirm his question if it was her, she didn't speak more of it cause she was trying to accept it that this was her new self now. As the queen spoke once more she would listen and take mental note of things before speaking " well i guess the magic did manage to sneak inside my home cause i can confirm now that it malfunctioned with my doings.. but i do have some warding spell i can try to use it in there to cleanse it out but thats only a

[13:23] Maylea temporary solution till the main source is found cause i can always get back in. " she shared with them.

[13:33] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir shifted her footing, kicking up some dirt as she allowed their words to reach her ears, physically she was in the moment at hand, discussing the crisis at hand, mentally she was wondering why Rose was crouched, the sight pulled a huff of amusement and a light head shake, from the otherwise depressed Fey'ri. Going from Rose to Sirenia, her mood stayed light if only for the moment as she watched the slightly clumsy movements, unknown to Zestarii, her teeth hadn't stopped curling and uncurling, clenching as more people arrived. Dragging her mind back to the matter at hand, she caught sight of the plants that the fae, whom she could now identify as Maylea, had healed, offering the woman an apologetic look as she listened on to Sunday's words, not taking it all in until she heard the word 'Curse' interested peaked, she subtly moved to be facing the queen more "Cursed book..." she repeated back, the tone of her two voices clashing, one was intrigued while the other seemed too gleeful at the news.

[13:44] Rose Psyhi listened with full interest as the beings conversed, her ears twitching whenever she heard the voice of Zestari, her eyes immediately landing on the woman. "Ooo... Tall lady.." She whispered to herself quietly and leaned forward to hear better, but her legs seemed to have another idea. With wide eyes, Rose slowly fell forward into the bush, her wings flapping quickly to try to save her but she had already made contact with the ground. Legs slowly sliding down to the surface beneath her, she simply stared at the sky, dumbfounded and embarrassed. "Not.. the entrance I planned to make.." She said quietly as she tried to get up from the awkward position she was put in.

[13:45] Sirenia walked out from behind the bush and nodded to all the strange creatures.. she has never been this close to others besides the other mermaids. As she listened she heard about a book and wondered what the fuss was all about over such a silly land object but she kept her mouth tight and shut. Her eyes shifted back and forth to everyone... "greetings to you all.. I am Sirenia... I am new here... "She paused to peek up at them again scared a bit to be near such creatures but she shook it off and unclenched her fists at her side.. "You all seem worried about something? Is there something wrong?" she asked gently.

[13:45] Sunday shook her head to Sul's words as he replied to Zestari, "it needs blood for the curse to work, open or not," she'd answer, having found this out last night from Tyrian. "and it seems four items around the realms are needed to break the curse, with one's own blood as the ink." it made the faun uncomfortable, but it was important to state. Though she'd not remember the full riddle, "there is more in-for-may-shun in the faerndil library...the book itself, i was able to get it back, but before i could solve the riddle, it was stolen." Maylea, sunday'd shake her head "Be careful of the warding, perhaps use items that are already im-booed[imbued] with magic. not adding to it with something fresh?" She'd look over her shoulder a moment towards the palace before back to the others, her hand smoothing on Sul's back a moment, "please speak with them still for me, my starlight? i need to attend to things." stress and now exhaustion returned to her expression, now needing to send out messages through her couriers,

[13:45] Sunday oversee the realm, and send word to the unseelie king. if allowed, she'd give a low and apologetic bow, before excusing herself, trotting off swiftly

[13:49] Maylea shook her head " oh its not new magic, its something i had made long ago in case of well.. guess an emergency like this " as she noted more figures had joined she didn't know herself so lucky for her she didn't had to re-introduce herself as now unicorn instead of faun. Shaking her head again still unsure of many things but she tried at least. " i think its safe to say its good to warn everyone who has magical knowledge to watch out for any side effects.. it looks to me that it comes to where any magic is present for sure " folding her arms together she took note of the queen taking her leaves and bowed her head politely once she took off.

[14:01] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir nodded at the Queen "Blood" she recalled the collection of blood she had on hand and the most recent she collected, preparing to inquire about the book more, her head whipped around and jaw clamped shut as she caught just in time Rose falling into the bush 'Oh poor baby' she thought while doing her best to not break out into hysterical laughter, waiting until everyones attention was elsewhere, she silently moved behind everyone, eyes zoning on Sirenia for a moment,as she was carefeul to not make any noise and crouched beside Rose "Are you ok darling?" both of the voices held a humorous tone to them, a clear sign they both were trying not to laugh, if allowed, she'd offer her arm to other woman and help her to her feet, holding her until she was steady before turning back to see the Queen depart. Brain rushing to see if she could recall any information that was said during the short time she had her back turned, it took her a few minutes but her mind came up blank beyond 'protection and not to use magic',

[14:01] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir stayed silent as they discussed but agreed with what she could remember hearing, clearing her throat, she had an interal debate about what she was going to offer, remember for a short moment that this was fae she was dealing with "If...if it is needed, I have a variety of ancient tomes, a lot of them used for warding and protection all enchanted, some quite powerful, some fae made, some made from other sources, seeing as this is an issue effecting everyone I can offer some of my...collection and expertise to aid in the effort" it was clear that this was an offer that pained the woman to make, as a being that was usually selfish, sharing things was not something she enjoyed nor could do lightly.

[14:06] Sulvulondrem would bow to his mother as she left, remaining in her stead - though he felt he scarcely deserved the honour just now, and a great deal of redeeming would need to be done. He'd diplomatically ignore the winged woman's faceplant, sure she didn't need any more attention brought to that, and nod at Sirenia. "Well met, Sirenia, I am Sulvulondrem of the Barleythornes." Much like his mother, he didn't call attention to titles. "And aye, magic has become... unpredictable, with unexpected and negative side effects. I wonder - have you noticed aught in your own domain?" His eyes had swept over the woman, taking in the shell ornaments and surmising that that, coupled with her unfamiliarity of current affairs, pointed to her being one of the mers from the Dire Waters. He didn't thank Zestari - because he was fae, and such words came with a heavy price. Instead he said, "That is generous - Merusha, the head librarian, would doubtless welcome any such donations - albeit temporary - to help investigate this. I also wor

[14:06] Sulvulondrem at the library - so if she is unavailable, I can help. Perhaps, as the Queen suggested, a round table meeting is called for."

[14:09] Rose Psyhi inhaled deeply as she looked at Zestari, letting out a quiet giggle as she was helped up to her feet. "I think I'm fine.. I guess today is not my day." She said quietly as her wings shook off the dirt that dirtied some of the feathers. Dusting herself off, she bowed to the queen as she left, making a mental note of another embarrassing moment to remember. Leaning over slightly to whisper to the tall woman, "Im not sure whether I should introduce myself, or run away and cry." She said as she stood awkwardly with her hands together in front of her, her voice cracking a bit with the last words she spoke.

[14:14] Sirenia nods and nods again and then looks back to the one called rose and couldn't help but snicker to herself.. "oh yes.. in my time in the waters magic seems off.. uneasy and my magic to talk to animals have been faulty.. It seems something is wrong.. " With a worried glance she looked about again and bit her lip.. "Magic can be amazing or can be utterly a complete failure.. but something else is going on.. Is this book your talking about the cause of the vines along my beachs?"

[14:16] Maylea " ill try see what else i can lend out to help, but since i did had a change im going to try to not use as much magic for the time being but, i do have my fair share on already pre made potions and warding stones and so on too so ill try to stop by in the upcoming days at the library too " she would say to now sulvulondrem. Before she brought her attention back to the two new faces giving both woman a gentle nod with a faint smile as one of them had introduced herself " im Maylea " she would give out her name too but other then that she didn't share her story.

[14:21] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir hummed under her breath, a haunting duet or two voices coming out "I wouldn't worry about introducing yourself darling, I haven't done it and I've been here for awhile" she offered a soft smile to Rose "Do not be embarrassed either, they're all too focused on the crisis to notice your little trip" she joked lightly, attempting to ease her worries as she heard the crack in her voice. Glimpsing towards the seelie prince, she honed her expression to stay neutral at the suggestion of donating to the library, "I'll see" was the blunt reply she gave, not at all pleased with the idea of donating such precious texts to the library "There are some books that need warding there no? Perhaps an answer lies in the restricted texts that two people at this point have asked me to ward off" her tone was nonchalant but cautious, bidding for information, glancing towards Maylea, she raised an eyebrow at her offer, 'Such generosity of the faes' was the best way to summon up her unspoken opinion of it all. "This...issue seems

[14:21] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir far greater than the something a mere book cursed or not can cause, I've seen a fair few incident that knockec magic off kilter but never something like this" she spoke to Sirenia.

[14:26] Sulvulondrem gave a slight shake of his head, "Doubtful," he replied to Sirenia. "The book bears a curse, but the vines and chaos seemed to arise after the book first became known - and the book appears to target individuals. It may simply be an unfortunate coincidence with the two banes colliding. The vines do seem connected to the turmoil with magics though, a symptom of it, if you will. Maylea - I wonder if you are able to tell us anything about them? I know you have a strong affinity with growing things. Perhaps that might be an angle to investigate - any herbologists may also have an insight, if you know any. Limiting the use of magic if possible would seem to be a wise precaution for all of us - but as you say, anything already made, cast or written may avoid the worst of it." He offered Zestari a thin smile, "I do not mean to suggest you give them up - merely make them available for others to study for a short time. Of course, I leave to your discretion those that you would allow sight of them - as you indicate

[14:26] Sulvulondrem there are already books in the library that should not be available without oversight, and I see no reason your books should be treated any differently, or presumed to become public property. There are too many books for a single person to examine properly, so a group effort would seem prudent."

[14:35] Rose Psyhi nodded to Zestari before turning her attention to Maylea, her eyes taking note of her appearance before she bowed to the woman. "I am Rose.." She introduced herself to those paying attention, quietly to not disturb the conversation the others held. If her tail was present, it would have been spinning 'til she took flight being surrounded by beautiful beings. Instead, her wings seemed to shake and flutter as she whispered to the woman beside her once more. "Why is everyone so pretty? Have I died? Am I in heaven?"

[14:37] Sirenia shakes her head at the thought of going back to the library with all those evil grabbing vines... but if it ment helping someone or something she would be willing to do.. it was a shame books couldn't be in the water so they could read as well but crystals if used right was about to hold information she learned a few years ago.. but then again she sighed as she looked back to the water a long distance away and turned towards it thinking maybe it was time to head home.. she has lots to think about and to tend too.. but hiding as well from the king of the ocean was on the top of her list... looking back to the others she bowed her head "I must depart.. time is short and i must figure out some things.. excuse me" she took a step and another and departed towards her home to the sea

[14:44] Maylea would let out a hum " wel i haven't gotten a chance yet to investigate those certain roots but i can for sure, but i will be careful since i am not used as of yet to my new level of magic but i am willing to try for sure. Oh as for my warding and such ofcourse, i just lend them out though its no problem if they get used to the max where i have to make new ones" as she gave the prince a smile " or let me say safely, i will probably make new ones once its safe " as she let out a soft chuckle. Her mood being lifted just a bit though her doubtfulness of her new form still wore heavy on her chest but day by day she might be able to accept her change. Her eyes would glance at the winged woman at her words " you are not dead or wel not that i can see though" as she smiled softly before looking back to the others " i must take my leaves as well, If i learn anything new or may have an idea i shall come seek you out sulvulondrem" as she gave the prince a light bow and a nod to the others " stay safe everyone " befo

[14:44] Maylea she walked off.

[14:52] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir considered what was said to her, the prince was crafty with his words, she could give him that much "A collection of materials would be best to study, I can provide the enchanted items, it would be best if you can find someone else to provide runes and crystals for while I have them, I believe the mixture of different magical energies will offer a larger variety of protection, these items can then be disenchanted and the disenchantment of them will leave behind their residue, each item having it's own individual residue pattern; if capture quick enough can be made into a solid item, a group alchemists maybe able to use to make a form of protection against this madness, the use of blood infused with magic will also help, adding an extra layer of protection." She spoke clearly, not 100% agreeing to the studying of her texts but still allowing them to gain some knowledge from them, whilst speaking she had heard the whispered words of Rose, storing them away to answer once she was done explaining, "Of course

[14:52] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir this is all optional and completely theoretical, while I have conducted such experiments before never so under such interesting conditions, while risky, it maybe a risk needed to help stop whatever is going on from or if not stop, hold it at bay for those who are effected worse off" she spoke with finality, putting her years of experience on the table, she was never one to help out others unless she liked them, but this issue...seemed bigger than her own wants and who knows maybe she'd be able to turn this chaos into something she could use later down the line, the thought alone had her smirking, said smirk stayed as she leaned into Rose to reply "They are fae honey, their meant to be beautiful" she laughed at her, finding her reaction adorable "And one is a mermaid, or some form of aquatic from the way they claimed the beaches" her voice was still a whisper that only Rose could hear. Standing back up straight, she looked towards the prince, awaiting his answer on what she suggested, eyes tracking Maylea

[14:52] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir she stepped towards them before going off "If you must know I'm" she pondered what to introduce herself as, her titles from before the realm or her usual title she goes by "I am First Enchanter Zestarii, greetings"

[15:01] Sulvulondrem pinched the bridge of his nose - fatigue starting to wear on him again - but he'd bow to Sirenia as she turned to leave. "Mother knows a unicorn," he suggested to Maylea with a shrug, "I don't know if that would be of any assistance...?" It's a vague suggestion because frankly he has no idea. He flashed her a quick smile and nod as she reiterated that she would be safe, "I am glad to hear it my friend, I would not have you - any of you - risk your own safety. You'll find me at home and if not there, the library. Or have the pixies send me a message and I'll find you." Turning now to Zestari, he nodded, "Yes, I concur - your words have wisdom. And spreading the weight, as it were, might help reduce the risk of any one magic user experiencing a catastrophic mishap." He's groping in the dark really, all he has is theories. "I'll convey your words to the court - I'm sure that we will be able to find such a group." It's unclear whether the 'we' is the court, or she and him. He'll let her interpret that as she

[15:01] Sulvulondrem chooses, but he does give her a grateful smile at the sharing of her knowledge, inclining his head to her - an unspoken thank you and a hope that she will indeed work with him. "None of us have the luxury of ignoring this issue, it seems, and you have the knowledge of this." Needs must - they might make uneasy allies, but allies they would have to be. For now. Again he bowed - but this time more generally, "I'm afraid I must too take my leave. I shall echo Maylea's plea to you all to stay safe." Before leaving, he'd stoop to scritch the head of the rabbit sitting near his foot.

[15:02] Rose Psyhi looked at Maylea with a shy smile, laughing nervously as she tucked her hair behind her ear. "Right.." She hummed as she watched the woman bid farewell, presenting one more bow to her as she waved. "You as well." She smiled softly, her wings slowly tucking together as she listened to Zestari speak. Rose was still a bit lost within the topic but her interest rose as the woman continue to talk. Looking up at her with wide eyes full of interest, her lips parted to form a small O as her words poured into her mind. Quickly shaking her head, she watched as Zestari leaned in, her eyes becoming even bigger as she heard fae being mentioned. She was in the presence of fae? Her hands slowly lifted up to cover her now blushing cheeks, her embarrassment returning to her, multiplied.

[15:09] Zestari-Ilevani Aefir bowed her head at the princes words "All of us are stuck in a boat of uneasiness as of right now, I believe it is best to put aside the differences of light and dark and come together to find a solution, I can be summoned via a raven" the woman was swaying on her feet lightly, her magic leaking was draining her of not only mana but energy, she was running low and needed to rest if she wished to be of any use, placing a hand of her rumbling stomach, she opted for a leave "I will be on my way now, apologies to your mother for the mess I made of her garden, it cannot be helped in these moments" she spoke out before turning to Rose, "I'm going to the tavern for some drinks, join me if you wish my dear otherwise have a lovely rest of the day" she smiled sweetly before turning to go.

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