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A temporary alliance - Open Court

Scene took place on 03/06/22

[12:43] Sunday had spent the morning setting up the throne platform for the courts, a look of weariness on her expression. Glasses still on her nose in case any scrolls came in, she'd stand in front of the throne, not yet sitting until more arrived. In particular, the unseelie royals. Fingers laced together out of nervousness and she'd tap her hoof against the rock, hopeful today would go smoothly.

[12:48] Dustbunny can only be seen first as a fleck of white on the horizon as she arrives, the bird coming closer at an alarming speed. The gryphon's eyes grow wide as she realizes that she needed to slow down 3 wingflaps ago. Thrusting her wings forward, she begins to bank, limbs flailing as she goes tumbling across the seating, bouncing onto the island with the thrones and skidding to a stop into the flowers. She gets up, holds her head up high and preens as if she meant to do that, at last looking at who was around her.

She perks her ears, greeting Sunday in happy chirps and trills. She had not yet seen her since the faun had returned, and the gryphon wags her feathery tail, thrilled to see her friend.

[12:57] Maylea had sneaked to a seat at the meeting, Probably a tad early but better early then late though she kept her silence. Being quietly present for now as more folks slowly made an appearance.

[12:58] Sunday smiled when dust showed up, watching as shed skid, grinning. THere were possibly a few flowers in those feathers, adding to the charm. Arms reached out to hug the brib if allowed, squeezing her warmly, "i am so glad to see you," even if they might've seen each other often. The newly changed maylea was given a warm nod in greeting as well, a head incline in greeting. "we will start once the others are sitting as well," she'd decide, warmly.

[13:04] Azaervyra - Zaehlea Zohnrad wearily made her way towards the meeting spot, gliding as she moved through the unfamilar realm leaving little bits of poisonous thorns as she did so, unused to being in such a physical realm, the undead fae was critical of everyone present, having only seen people through the eyes of Zestari, but 'only a fool would miss out on the opportunity to take control of their masters body' was the smug thought that passed through her mind as she took a seat, studying everyone who came while doing so pointedly ignoring the endless screaming in her head.

[13:07] Katerina Similar to Dustbunny, a white speck appears high in the sky, she had already been in the area a while back. She decided to dive down from above. She had heard Sunday was around, but the familiar scent of a certain non gryphon, gryphon. Caught her nose. Her purple eyes staring intently down from above as she flies towards the floating island of Sunday's new kingdom. She slowed her decent quite quickly with a heavy push of her wings downward. Still impacting the island at an angle but slow enough she was heard thumping against it as she lands and skidding to a stop. Always the show-boater wasn't she?

[13:13] Tyrian Suvious came pooling out of a shadow located out of the corner of everyones eyes, along with the Pooka Odium in tow. Large wings and feathery tails unfurling from the darkness as they approach their respective thrones, sitting atop the floating rock as they gazed across those who had gathered nearby. Tyrian gave a smile to everyone, a gentle bow of his head, he never expected a throne for himself but would take a seat regardless. "Greetings, to all." he would say softly, but for now would fall quiet for both Sunday and Odium.

[13:13] Solstice Barleythorne was perched on the throne of branches and moss which fanned out behind her like a halo of nature and golden leaves. This throne was besides the dais of the Queen, her mother, who looked just as regal as always. She kept her hands folded in her lap, her hooves crossed and to the side, and kept her back straight as she awaited the beginning of the meeting. She smiled, and fidgeted with a lock of wavy hair out of habit. So many new was probably best to let mom do the talking for now. Sighing, she looked up at her mother, and wondered to herself where her twin was, perhaps reflecting in the curious gaze she showed the woman. She was late, as usual.

[13:15] Sunday squinted when another gryphon made themselves known, her eyes widening right after once slightly recognizing. "Kat..?" She'd ask, surprised, before the unseelie and her daughter showed up next. Relief crossed her face that it wouldn't just be her on the thrones like some doofus that didn't deserve their crown. SHe had actual royals surrounding her that did actually deserve it, while she'd finally flop down in her seed grown throne, trying to sit prim, nervous. "i thank you all for coming. Once we are all seated, we will begin." was she stalling?

[13:18] Dustbunny would lean into the hug of her best faun friend, giving a warm, soft churr, careful not to spill any of the hidden flowers in her feathers. If allowed, she would preen her hair, carefully placing any stray tendrils back into place with her beak. "I'm glad to see you too. I missed you" she said softly, the bird missing her friend in any length of time. She is oddly relaxed in the fae realm, the bird at ease and not fearful like she would be in the woods. As another white bird landed, Dust would whirl around, using her body to block the Queen, her ears perking to see what the commotion was. She let out a squawk in delight, recognition in her eyes "KAT!" Her tail wags, but she does not move.

Upon the call for seating she would turn to give Solstice in a happy chirp, having known the twins since they were born, and if allowed,would give her a quick preen. She looks around briefly for Sulvulondrem, the bird looking a little confused as to why he was not there. No doubt got caught up in the library.

[13:18] Dustbunny Taking a seat on the rock steps, she settles in.

[13:22] Odium: had let the scalie goof ball lead the grey fae away.The odd ones out landing at Sunday's doorstep and to the beginning of court.A lone talon sliding his glasses further up his nose .Tinted specs masking the harsh light of this little section of the realm.Of course caves and the dankest of dark places was preferable ,but sacrifices would be made today as the fairy showed up to court with Tyrain.Signally his silent approval of the topic at hand.He simply nodded to the queen and spawn as that chilly rump backed up into the nearest throne that did not offend his senses.

[13:27] Sunday finally settled in to relax, not surprised Sulvulondrem was not there, at least not yet. There were other royals there, even if their figures werent, but they'd sit amongst the crowds. "Now then, as we are all settling in, i think it is ah-bee-us why we gathered this meeting today. " she'd look about to wait and see, "there has been unrest in the realms. Magicka has been failing for many or going very, very wrong." Her brows forrowed, "i have been mon-he-turd-ing the thorny plants in the realms that have not yet come to the faerie realm. Though we do not seem ee-mewn, it seems they are spreading at a fast pace and have shown up in the same time as the issue." She'd bite her lip, hating how unprofessional she sounded, "we wished to speak in re-ass-shore-hing you all that we are trying to find the answer to this. if you have any news on it, please do stand to speak after our most Pooka of Pookas" she'd look towards Odium to allow his words if he wished, "speaks."

[13:29] Katerina Decided to take a nice patch of spot, right where she landed, flumping down with a dull huff as she curled her leg off to the side, lookin like a lazy birb. She was content though. "Hope... You do not mind... If I steal this spot.." she'd chirp to Sunday in borb speak. All before fully remaining quiet, her ears perked high to listen in on the affairs.

[13:34] Noor of Rowensdale (ammy.zimberman) quietly arrives in her usual fashionably-late demeanor. There is no greeting to those gathered, as the court has already started, but of course the Queen and King, as well as Sol and Tyrian get a very polite and over the top curtsy before she sits. Sitting close to her queen, and taking parchment and a magic quill to take notes of the meeting, she raises her eyes idly to the speaking gryphon and adjust her glasses.

[13:38] Tyrian Suvious softly just preened at his nails and fingers, gently scratching along the rocky throne he was sat on, and in a way made it his own. He kept a smile on his face, a positive mood despite the dark issues currently at play within their realms, hopefully a solution to be made soon as he pondered on the unfortunate misdealings with magic.

[13:40] Terrarno came /walking/ this time, instead of flying, only taking a small flight to get up on the little floating islands where the court was held. the gryphon easily having been heard from his massive weight and feety thumps against the ground, along with the heavy gust of winds to those nearby when flying up. his movements were almost forced looking, yet he took a silent seat to watch.

[13:42] Odium: eyes would dart side to side not recalling so many griffins around the throne the last time.He noticed their was an lack of representatives of Hrive which made him raise an brow that the only dragon here didn't belong to the snowy peaks .His tongue clicking against his teeth before lifting his head higher signaled by Sunday as the man did speak."Being tied this realm much like Sunday, it is easier to sense fluctuations in the land.I first began to notice several weeks ago mana, the lifeforce of the wylds become more erratic and uncontrollable.The feywylds by its very nature IS chaotic, but its only grown worst the couple of days.Picture an caged beast, growing in anger.Desperate to get out and unleash that rage.The result is many of you may have notice your own mana having wayward effects.Spells gone wrong..even physical changes .This world was never predictable, I cannot say what will happen to you or your loved ones if it continues to grow unchecked.The thorns are simply an reflection of all this.One

[13:42] Odium: disaster amongst many more that will come to be , if the root cause is not stopped".He forwarns.

[13:45] Vyphora 'The Oracle' landed gracefully upon a rock on the outskirts of the Court, While usually the elements seemed to calm and embrace her, her presense made the elements shutter and writhe. Her body covered in sharp overgrown crystals and an eery black ooze clung to her scales. She didn't stand as graceful and regal as the Dragon Queen usually did. Her black claws enlarged and her eyes more sunken in like black pits as she stood, blue wisps of light swirled around her as her head twitched and focused on all those around her. It was not a good idea for the Queen of hrive to be out and about given her current state of mind.. however with the magic failing.. her magic failing she needed to learn more.. even if her mind was being lost to the feral instincts of her 'femininity'.. so to speak

[13:45] Dustbunny cranes her feathery head back to look at the Queen, untucking a limb to give her a thumbs up and the biggest cheesiest gryphon smile, surely meaning for it to be encouraging. Tucking her talons back under her, she seems to relax even more, her feathers sinking and splooting out, giving her an appearance as if she's melting off the rock step. She perks her ears as her mate lands, staying where she is but gives him an adorable little peep to let him know where she was and she sees him. But she listens to the issues at hand, despite of her stare looking so vacant.

13:52] Sunday was surprised to hear more news of it that odium knew and she did not, but was grateful for it. lilting her head in his direction, she'd listen a moment, though paused when more approached. Vyphora would be welcomed up if she wished, a hand waving her upwards, "Ah, the Queen of Hrive is here too, perhaps she has more news?" She'd look back towards the others, "this realm is all magical based. And the lands of the Mystic woods, hrive, even dire waters were a gift of the fey to the elves of Faerndil. Because of this, mana and magicka are a danger for all of us. Whether it continues to be wild or if it might even diss-uh-pee-hear from us all. I wished to know how far this is reaching. how much is is uh-fuck-ting the other reaches of the realms, and if we have people helping cre-hate ways to help protect us from this. crystals, runes, charms, even fey marks. do we have ideas of this that we can im-plee-mint?"

[13:57] Katerina Lets loose a soft stifled huff, as she heard Sunday attempt to pronounce larger words. She'd giggle if it were polite to do so, however it was not, so she fakes a cough to try and hide it. Her eyes fixed on her old friend that she has not seen, looking over to Terrarno that decided to show his mossy beak. Old man... Well, where dust is, he is not far away.. That is known for sure. She'd offer a nod towards him even if they did end on a poor foot. Her head cranes back towards Sunday, keeping her attention on her.

[14:00] Terrarno 's golden eyes look at around at those present, his sit tall and elegant but deep inside he was quite uncomfortable. feathery ears catching onto his mates lil peep, turning his head and responding with a deeper chuffy-chirp in response. his eyes would linger on Kat momentarily, acknowledging her nod. hed respectfully return one back to her. Moss, vines, and what nots in his large crowned head swinging briefly at the light motion.

[14:00] Vyphora 'The Oracle' shifted on her clawed feet as she listened to the Seelie Queen, She sucked in a breath and slowly her lips peeled back to reveal many layers of sharp teeth. Her tail swung to the side irritably. She slunk off the rock, her movements far from the poised graceful manner of the typically logically sound female. Her black claws raked across the collum of the pillar beside her, earning a screech from the stone as sparks flew. She walked in a strange irregular pattern as she approached and when she spoke her voice echoed in many different tones. "I... apologizzzzzzze... forrrr my tardynesssssss" She spoke with a sneer. "And... I am ssssorry... if my... manner offendsssss..... It isssss a dragonness's gift....that cursssesss me...." She spoke in a terrifyingly low purr as she let out a soft laugh to herself. "Magic.... issssss... waning.... everywhere.....My... visssionssss frequent....the elementsssss.....weaken..."

[14:01] Tyrian Suvious glanced between all but eyes fell onto the pooka as he spoke out, the dragon pursing his own lips as he listened, "There is also a matter of whether this is a natural, or un-natural occurrence. Is it something we should try to fix, or is it something we should let run its course?" he added as he glanced between Odium and Sunday, "Once we've found the origin, the root cause as Odium mentioned, perhaps we'll be able to make a better judgment call on this. After all, this could be just as natural as a fire burning through a forest to allow that forest to grow anew. Though, only time will tell what this truly is. We must all be vigilant, look out for anything unusual, be it these vines, a creature, or something. If only magic wasn't so unpredictable, we could scry into these events." he would nod.

[14:02] Solstice Barleythorne looked at each person who spoke with rapt attention, affording them the respect they deserved by listening and marking their words to memory. She twisted her lips between her feet nervously, feeling concerned about the broad implications of this situation. She looked curiously at the woman introduced as the Dragon Queen, finding her purple skin and crystalline appendages to be quite beautiful. She would have to say hi to this woman if given the opportunity, whom she offered a smile and welcoming wave. She would remain quiet for now, and focus her inner thoughts on possible solutions.

[14:04] Noor of Rowensdale (ammy.zimberman) makes a note of the dragon queen´s arrival at the meeting, making sure to add everyone she was aware of to be added to the list on the parchment. Those she does not know by name or reputation are described by particular aspects of their appearance. The faun keeps taking notes only, as it goes, notes she would probably add to some sort of record or archive later. Odium´s warning is written underlined for dramatic effect. When the seelie queen asks for ideas solution wise, Noor takes a moment to contemplate herself what options she could think of. Being a sorcerer, it was sort of her deal to have practical and effective magic on a daily basis in all the efforts she could make. "Well, me queen, protecting devices could be enchanted fer the magical practitioners ter be able ter perform their regular chores with less impact, but it would require e safe environment fer them ter be conjured, like e totally safe and distant dimension from this realms. But it would only be e palliative and limited solution.

[14:04] Noor of Rowensdale (ammy.zimberman): Even iv we did the same with warding devices ter be spread across the lands in key areas, it would naught solve the issue. Also, only the gods know how long it would take fer them ter eventually be effected as well. Like King Odium said,as well as king consort Tyrian, it is imperative we find the source ov this wickedness ter take any sort ov measure that could make e difference."

[14:13] Sunday frowned as Vy spoke up, the sounds ominous in themselves alone. Her brows furrowed further, concerned and she'd stand to try and lead the dragoness to a throne as a dryad plops it down for her with at least some grace to him. Sunday'd try to help settle her to her rump before turning back to listen to the others. "i think we can still scry while it is still wild. the portals and faerie rings are still doing de-scent in this realm, though it has been failing in the others. i have also heard of upset of Merusha in the Faerndil lands. The lie-bear-hee has a ward on it, would this be a safe place to work on those pro-teck-shuns? if so, perhaps we send suh-plies there he-me-dee-hate-lee to get started on it. if there is a better place, we will take that into con-se-turd-hay-shun and move it there, so long as it is safe? i am willing to do all in my power to protect these realms, whether i oversee them or not. They are all our homes. Even if these are just a band-hedge on the problem, it will still help us unti

[14:13] Sunday true so-lewd-shins are found."

[14:15] Odium: looked down at Vyphora as indeed the mad king had been wondering where the dragons were.He huffy goat snorted under his breath."Fashionable late hmmm".He grew silent then as Sunday spoke more on the matter as his arm cross.The purple's wooman's manner of speak though had his brows knit together."You talk funny".He says plainly, and this was an man sitting next to Sunday.Pretty used to her Sunday-isms at this point.As his consort spoke he nodded up and down."I enjoy the whims of chaos myself, 'however' chaos is an force.It is not magic.It cannot be controlled nor pick sides.I as much as I enjoy the entertainment it brings.It will come back to bite us in the end like the beast it is.Fae, dragon, mortal, or immortal.The most dangerous thing is we're dealing with the unpredictable nature of mana which leaves me unsure of what is to come, in the coming days.Im in the agreement with Sunday and Noor that theirs needs to be haste to whatever actions we finally decide".He mentions as Noor takes notes for the

[14:15] Odium: meeting.His ears flickering to scritch scratching of quill.He however grew quiet of helping other realms.His lips tight at the very thought.Shame things were growing so out of control...helping mankind often left an sore spot as his lips pucker like an lemon.

[14:17] Dustbunny is momentarily distracted by the Dragon Queen, cocking her head and looking at and admiring all of the shinies on the purple dragoness. She didn't even attempt to hide it, or even seem intimidated by her, despite of the bird's past history of being fearful at everything. She gets distracted by the clovers, her ears continuing to pick up on the conversation as she listens, unsure yet of how she can help or offer any solution.

[14:22] Tyrian Suvious glanced over to Noor with a smile and a nod and was glad someone was taking notes, as he always so often forgot to bring any kind of pen or paper to these gatherings. To which he slightly chuckled to himself as he folded his arms in front of his chest, and lent sideways on his throne to get a better look at everyone. He pursed lips at Sundays suggestion of the library, "Is the library not entirely overtaken by vines? Last I checked, it was rather prickly there, some even growing straight through the comfortable sofas. Sad really, they were nice to relax on with a good book." the drake pouted. He nodded to Odium and did give a look of concern to Vyphora too, and his first time of knowing who was now the Dragon Queen of Hrive, though not his first time seeing them. "A precarious situation we find ourselves in, perhaps the peak of the wylds mountain may provide us the magical nexus location we need."

[14:22] Azaervyra - Zaehlea Zohnrad pushed her foot lazily into the ground, blinking slowly as she saw the dead thorns appear around her foot before disappearing, everything right now to her was just white noise, the aggravation of being around royalty, was the grumbling thought that came to her as she shifted in her seat with a sigh that echoed around her, the fae cocked her head debating on whether or not to speak up, for as entertaining it was to watch them go back and forth, had any of them seen or felt the effects of it at all?

[14:26] Terrarno silently listened and slowly but carefully, laid down to a bird-loaf. tucking all limbs, tail, wings and head in all at once. the big guy was tired yet present for support! and would more than likely keep silent until addressed.

[14:29] Vyphora 'The Oracle' rose her still slightly sore wings and with one thrust she sent herself skyborn and landed upon the floating island of the realm's leaders. Her normally earthy scent was mixed with something far more nonintoxicating tantalizing to anyone who might of looked upon the dragon queen with a sliver of desire. She turned her black pits towards the seelie queen as the woman guided her to the chair, the Dragoness sat down.. not in a typically regal form as her claws dug into the armchair. She lowered her head slightly like a predator hunting beneath high grass. "Thissss... sssstate... wont.... lassssst... long....." She spoke in a hiss towards the Seelie queen as she gestured to herself and tried to smile reassuringly... the key word was tried... even with the smile pulling on her lips the multiple rows of teeth inside that violet mouth was a thing of nightmares. Her eyes shifted to the many eyes upon her and she practically preened as if she enjoyed the attention. There were only a few beings that would know what

[14:29] Vyphora 'The Oracle' was happening with the Dragoness had they been around a Female Dragon in heat that is...They were known to become violent and aggressive in the presence of their mate. As the conversation continued and the Unseelie King made comment on her manner of speaking she only smirked and let out a hissing laugh most offending to the ears. And then the mention of Hrive made her nod. "The iccccccce ....crysssstalsssss within the mountain...... rangessss still glow with magic.." She said as she turned to look at the other leaders. "My... Onyxxxx Cryssstalsss... Protect... my... Mind... from visionsss... they have... become.... ussseelesssss....." She exhaled as her nails dug into the throne chair with a hiss. "I... wasssss flying... last vision... and... crasssshhed...Broke.... My... wingggssss.. Lossstt... crysssstalsss...." She growled low, the elements around her seeming to grow more angry as the wing in the leaves of the branch just above her head shuttered. "Need... to... fixxx... thisssss"

[14:30] Noor of Rowensdale (ammy.zimberman) looks through some already filled parchments over something. "Noor understands some are feeling it worse than others...however iv we are thinking ov emergency palliative solutions, then we must start with protecting druids so they can perform their magic free of influence first. The wolves report some unusual activity with cursed bunnies - which might or naught be related ter this issue. But with the vines going insane, and iv animals are being effected as well, it might be wise fer us ter think ov temporary solutions in priorities. Ter start warding them fauna and flora first, and then going ter the other magical practitioners." she searches through the reports she got. "So e group ov sorcerers and e group ov druids that volunteer the ward the lands...." she gets lost in paperwork, turning silent for a moment.

[14:34] Sunday listened to vyphora, but shook her head "if you changed while in the chair, it is ok, we can always have more. but do rest. perhaps we have a healer following you back to hrive as well." worry creased her expression, wanting to be that healer but being so stretched thin as is. As the others spoke, Sunday thought on it all for a moment, but was rather glad Odium was in agreement, again, this baffling and making the faun more than happy. Tail might've thumped a bit against the back of her throne as she'd listen. Everyone had great ideas, the faun thinking of those locations on the hill as well that were mentioned, "We have ree-chew-hull spots there that can be used, i am willing to host and home those that need the pracks-semen-uh-teas to it in the palace if it is needed. we have more than enough rooms and can always make more if it will help. i keep crystals of my own energy in them in case of near death of others too. i will co-lecked these and bring them to Noor as she is my royal ad-fie-soar. with these

[14:34] Sunday let us work on the temp-whore-airy fixes as we solve this issue. My son is working on spells now to try and help, Prince Sulvulondrem. We will also try to pool all the tombs and books we have to find any answers for this." her gaze went back to vyphora, concern still in her expression. Glancing towards the birds surrounding them, sunday'd ask, would any of you three be able to help Queen vyphora with both healing and travel?"

[14:38] Katerina Perks her ear up idly. Staring Sunday down for a simple few moments. "I have... Flown worse.. Routes.. I live up.. In the snow peaks so... It would be possible my dear..." She would chirp and coo in response. Speaking in only a way a druid would understand. "Healing.. I am versed in physical ailments... Perhaps I can assist if required.."

[14:42] Odium: wasn't an bread person but when birbs became loafs that was an enough of an reason for him to break character and briefly smile at the resting featherbutts.So warm and fluffy, the complete opposite of the cold creature that felt closer to death being one of the unseelie.Noor though was appreciated being he couldn't make Tyrain do everything, as the snowy sod was sluggish out of season.Chilly claws fanning his self amongst so many bodies all sharing their heat in these close quarters.One eye visibly narrowing painfully the more the she scale spoke.Beastial senses kicking him in the nuts with all this sharp noise the dragon was making.The animal though simply played dumb and looked the part when talk of cursed bunnies were spoken off by Noor.A lost look formed on the muzzle of the man.Pookbunnies who?

[14:42] Solstice Barleythorne coudln't help letting her gaze wonder as Vyphora came closer and closer, until the woman sat across from her in a throne newly brought out by her mother. The Dragon Queen was radiating heat, and Solstice's nose wrinkled as she picked up on the pungent scent that would give away Vyphora's condition. Sol shifted in her seat, the pheromones making chills travel up her spine. She felt jittery suddenly, her inner dragon very confused and growing somewhat primal. Smile just smile and tried not to make it obvious to everyone else that she was being effected. When the topic moved to Vyphora's illness, Sol's face blushed intensely, and again she shifted. She put her hands to the side of her mouth and whisper yelled toward her mod. "It's rut, she's not...ill..per-say." She grimaced.

[14:44] Terrarno raises his head briefly from his loafing. clearing his throat "I am afraid my flight ability is rather.. weak lately" the gryphon speaks, in common. his voice was quite matching to the old birb. deep,strong , wise and mumbly. "I have no doubts Katerina will be able to perform the task without issue" Terrarno looks to Sunday, giving her a low bow of his head in apology.

[14:45] Tyrian Suvious simply opened a pouch hiding within his belt, pulling out a small vial of liquid mint which he began to dab under his nose and then across his chest, best way to stave off any attempt of dragon heat-age. Not that he was a man to be effected by such primal urges, it simply smelt better, he offered some over towards Odium and the others if they should want to mute the odor

[14:47] Vyphora 'The Oracle' waved a clawed hand and let out a hissing chuckle. "No... need for healing.....Wingsssss... healed... long ago... crasssshhhh happened...many weeksss... ago" She hissed out and glanced towards the Gryphon as it chirped but she did not understand its speech. When the young faun beside her shifted and spoke on her behalf, Vyphora shifting in her chair and peered over her shoulder towards the princess. Despite the absolutely feral look the Queen gave the young one she nodded her head in agreement and looked towards the Queen. "Nothing.....deadly.....for me... that.. isssss... only... thosssse... who...touch.. my... matessssssssss" She emphisized mates as plural as her claws scrape the chair. She turned her eyes towards Terrarno and then back towards the other gryphon. "Flight.. hurtsssss.. sssstill... sssore... nothing.... more.....Gryphon... yessss" she nods her head to the snow bird.

[14:51] Noor of Rowensdale (ammy.zimberman) takes more notes as the conversation goes, turning silent again.

[14:51] Sunday wasn't reassured by Vyphora's words and instead her face turned a dark crimson. She'd give a light nod however once reassured it was just rut and not sickness, looking back to the others. "if we can work together and dell-uh-gate, i will call this court to a close, at least on my part, and start to work on the palace for any needing a place to stay as they work on the reach-you-hulls." she'd stand up, most definitely a bit flustered.

[14:52] Dustbunny floofs out her feathers, getting cozier and,turning into a giant fluffball. She opens her beak about to say something about healing, but her expression just forms into an "OOHH." kind of look as she looks at Sol explaining what the "ailment" was. "I definitely can't heal that" she whispers, more to herself than anyone, and certainly still not understanding how all of that works.

[14:56] Odium: would see the queen grow tired and look like she needed to retire for the evening as the man interjects after borrowing some of Tyrain's mint and treating it like ax body spray to dull his own senses."And with that, the floor opens to all.If any of yea have any concerns to the court about these matters, or other dealings. Realms-wises or more personal Ours doors always be open to you.Now is an good time to speak here or in private.Im usually found on the unseelie side of the mound.Can't really miss it when the flowers dry up and the ground turns dark brown.".

[14:58] Katerina Seems to perk an ear idly as she looks about, eyeing the two other borbs present. Her tail flicks slightly as she looks the dragon queen over idly. A curious glance at her, she could smell it as much as anyone could. Though she seemed to not be as bothered. Her eyes close a moment in thought before she shakes her head in response to Odium.

[14:59] Noor of Rowensdale (ammy.zimberman) nods to Odium´s words. "And the absence ov our Seelie Queen, any issues directtly ter the Seelie court will be met by the princess" she gestures Sol "and Noor will be taking ye concerns and any raised topic ter the highness attention in e proper moment. The court is open please fer yer necessities."

[15:01] Terrarno slowly rose up from his feathery moss ball loaf. couple of greenish brown feathers falling off and floating with the wind upon doing so. the gryphons wings would stretch out before turning around, letting out a chuff-chirp to his Dustbunny if she wanted to tag along or stay; whichever shed choose- terr would be on his way down and walk off to rest near the palace.

[15:02] Tyrian Suvious could not think of anything he could interject or add further at this point, he'd just glance over to Odium with a nod and glance around to the others to see if they had anything to add where he himself could not. "I've nothing to add further myself." he would declare openly.

[15:05] Dustbunny watches Sunday leave, sensing the faun's fluster. Her ears perk at Terr's chirp, and the bird stands, trotting after mate and the faun, following them to the palace to make sure the faun was ok.

[15:05] Vyphora 'The Oracle' sat back in her chair abit more as she listened to the rest of the court, She tapped a claw upon the throne armrest. "Ive... nothing elssssse to add." She spoke in those distant multiple voices as her wings shifted behind her against the chair. "I... will.. take my leave.....and not... foul the air...." She said in a hissing purr as she looked towards the snow bird. "I will be..... in the.... garden until... you... are... ready to leave... do not... russshhhhhhh" She said, despite her tone and current demeanor there was kindness on her face as though she saw the creature as its own intelligent and independent being worthy of its freedom.

[15:06] Solstice Barleythorne addressed everyone as her mother excused herself, speaking with a twinge of welcome and kindness in her tone. "Queen Sunday put her faith in me to lead in her absences, as well in my twin brother, Prince Sulvulondrem. As Lady Noor has said, all are welcome to bring their concerns to myself and my brother. I will address them to the best of my ability." She nodded, "Thank you for coming everyone, and best of luck to you all."

[15:06] Azaervyra - Zaehlea Zohnrad glanced up towards those above, blinking bleary eyes before standing up and gliding away in silence, all the way debating if she'd mention what she knew about the issue so far.

[15:08] Katerina slowly stands, looking over the dragon queen silently before she shakes her thick fur and feathers free of grass and dirt, her body stretching out a small bit before earning a few cracks of joints here and there. "I will... Come... When I am ready... Expect me... Within the hour..." She'd retort in her usual motherly tone.

[15:12] Noor of Rowensdale (ammy.zimberman) nods and adds also the order in which people left as well as any relevant last remark. As no one seems to bring an issue, it seems the meeting is closing for now.

[15:13] Odium: listened to everyone for several moments but it seemed no one had questions which was perfectly fine with the pook.He gave an nod to the princess and noor before continuing"And with that I say we officially close this court till the next time, and enjoy us some dinner."It was about that time anyways and the fairy was hungry for something tasty.As he stands up to hook arms with Tyrain.He was the shadowstepping taxi.

[15:15] Tyrian Suvious hopped down from his throne and took the pookas arms, hooking them with his own and shadowstepping them off home for a break. "Goodbye to you all, and save travels~" he hummed before disappearing

[15:16] Solstice Barleythorne standing from her throne she bowed her head in recognition of each monarch and guest present. "Good evening everyone." She would begin her walk back to the palace thereafter.

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