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Mayhem in the Library meeting!

Scene took place on 21/05/22

[11:59] Sulvulondrem crosses the room to the sofas, flinging himself down in one and leaning back against the cushion. He eyes the woman across from him, though it's not sure whether he's more interested in her, or what she's reading. And then he yawns, tilting his head from side to side to loosen his neck.

[12:02] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: having been sat reading a botanical book, the mixed elf let out a quiet groan of frustration at her current situation, still undecided if it was an alchemy, potion or her magic back firing, she was unsure but all she knew is she was stuck being blue for only gods know how long. Readjusting her position, she went back to reading, head only lifting slightly as she saw someone sit across from her.

[12:14] Lady Merusha slid through the portal of her home in the pocket dimension and through the bookshelf of the library without any problem. It was different now that she was becoming...well, what was she becoming? Cosmic? Before, whenever she crossed into another realm, she would experience it like wading through jelly. Everything thick and opaque and gluey until she was fully submerged in the new realm. Now it was like walking through a thin sheet of water, her point of departure accompanying her, so one could perhaps say she was in two realms at once. She touched her head, yes it was still there, but the hair was another matter. It was...well, what was it like exactly? Like a piece of the starry skies had dropped onto her head, and then decided to grow at an alarming rate. Her hair now reached her feet, almost. And all in a matter of a few days. She inspected all her limbs before descending the stairs. Almost everything was there, in a manner of speaking, glowing oddly with the energy from the pocket dimension she had just

[12:14] Lady Merusha left. Everything except her hand. It had happened earlier today too. The hand had simply stayed behind in her house when she had plane-walked. She had screamed when she had first noticed it was missing. She heard a voice from the library and entered to see Sulvulondrem sprawled on a sofa, and Aryassa seated across from him. Neither of them looked like themselves. Sulvu was not as smartly dressed as when she had last seen him, and Aryassa! She smiled at them both. 'Hello, there. I apologise for being slightly late.' Her voice sounded tinny and distant, as though a part of it too, was still stuck in her home in the other realm.

[12:18] Sulvulondrem looked up, his head canting to one side. It was definitely Merusha - he recognised her voice, such as it was... though it sounded like she might be speaking from a long way away. A slow smile spread across his lips, crooked and wolfish and unlike any kind of smile he might have shown a few short weeks ago. It seemed he was not the only one with a drastic change to his appearance - not only was he no longer purple, the woman across from him was almost certainly not blue the last time he had seen her and Merusha was... "You've changed your hair," he drawled. And then he changed position to give her a better look. "Seriously, what have you done to yourself?"

[12:21] elestana walks up to the library doors, having heard there was an open house, but not hearing the time. she adjusted her long dress, scoffing about the fact that she finaly found someone to make her a warm dress right when the weather changed. she stopped at the door as she heard voices inside, then kocks on the door, not wanting to be rude and barge in.

[12:22] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: having thrown her book away in complere frustation, plopped herself further into the couch while throwing her head back and letting it hit the back of the couch, she felt her magic rain of her slightly as the book disappeared to god knows where, she couldn't care. Sighing loudly, she rolled her head back and forth before hearing a voice, focusing in on it she looked towards the source and blinked three times before smirking, she had only caught the tail end of what Sulvulondrem had been saying "Purple looks good on her" she spoke back before repeating to Lady Merusha "Purple suits you, and greetings Lady Merusha" she was intrigued by her appearance.

[12:23] Odium: made his way to the library.Though their wasn't the sound of cold cloppers this time around.Just the ruffling of feathers as the frigid fae make through that door.The grey man basicly sweeping the floor as he went and letting out an long yawn once he came inside.No , he did not recognize anyone.Taking off his glasses an moment and cleaning them with an sleeve.Once done he would answer the door for Elestana and let her inside since he was closest.

[12:25] Lady Merusha frowned and took a good look at Sulvu. 'Your skin!' she blurted out, then she blushed, thinking of her own, but of course instead of blushing, the cosmic energy rippling through her flesh just rippled faster. 'I...I can't explain what happened to me, but I'm changing into something...ohhh' Energy instead of tears flashed from her eyes, and she held up her maimed arm with a pathetic moan. 'Something's gone wrong in the realm. I sent a message to Sunday via the big chicken...and I don't know if she received it...if someone doesn't do something, I'll melt into the cosmos soon!' she wailed, not making sense, but her brain seemed to be becoming addled too by what was happening to her body. She glared at Aryassa which was most unlike the usually polite Merusha and though others had entered, she ignored them and continued to wail, 'How can I hold a staff meeting in this condition?'

[12:30] Sulvulondrem: "The big... chicken?" Sulvulondrem repeated. This was a new one. He hadn't noticed any unusually large poultry around the palace. "Mother is... away," he said, vaguely, waving a hand. "Solstice and I are dealing with things until her return." Something about the tone of his voice suggested that this was probably a very bad idea, and the realms were lucky his twin sister was on hand. "You're right that something is, shall we say, different." He had a slight 'no shit' tone of voice that bordered on insolence. "So what did you DO for this to happen? Or did you just wake up looking like a constellation?"

[12:36] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: had a look of confusion which shifted to glee while listening to Merusha wailing "I feel as if it's more concerning you believe there is a big chicken in the realm" she giggled out at the ridiculousness of what she just heard, shifting positions, her expression changed as it became more deadpan and serious, "If you look around dear Merusha, you'll note you're not the only one suffering" pushing a book page which flew too close to her face away, she listened to Sulv and nodded in agreement with what he was saying "Queen Sunday is away? How sad, I have the books she asked for..oh well" she muttered quietly before going back to what was on hand "Yes what did you do?" she spoke out in curiousity, looking behind Merusha as she spotted some people, waving at them in greeting and offering them a smile.

[12:40] Odium: offered an firm nod to Elestana once inside returning her politeness with an brief look before peering at the host of the evening.The grey creature just having an long look at the purple people eater and Sul.The wooman seeming to gain the dragon's color overnight.Strange but nothing particularly unheard for fae, masters of glamors and illusions for the most part.His ears would wiggle though hearing the darken prince ."Would explain the various fauns and centaurs at the entrance at the palace.The rooms all look the same to me though.Which once are you and your sister staying at?"He trotted an few pace closer trying to 'sniff sniff' at Sul curious if even the man's smell had changed with his war drone.Perhaps wearing the medieval version of ax body spray.He did offer an half hearted wave back to the blue wooman on the sofa unclear who that was.

[12:47] elestana smiles and bows to the group assembled her eyes lingering over each of them, as if studying them. "my lady, the stalight afflixion simply gave your radiant beauty a bit of extra glamour." she turned and greeted the others politely. Prince, "it is lovely to see you again. i hope all is well. "

[12:49] Lady Merusha was jolted out of her blubbering by Sulvu's and Aryassa's rude remark. 'Me? I didn't do anything...' She narrowed her flashing eyes at him and Aryassa, 'How could you think such a thing! But perhaps one of YOU did?' The tinny voice now sounded like fingernails scraping over a blackboard, grating. The sound of her own voice pulled her up short and she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, 'I'm sorry, I'm not myself, and neither are either of you. I sent word to the queen about the troubles via the gryphon, I've momentarily forgotten his name. If she's away, then you should have received my missive. Something needs to be done about this before we end up with a total catastrophe on our hands. We are not the only ones suffering, odd things are happening to people all over this realm. The bunny woman...I've forgotten her name that she closed a portal that was left open when some ogres or was it trolls? entered our realm, and that might have caused it...but I don't think so.' She put her hand

[12:49] Lady Merusha on her hips and turned to Sulvu, 'Your Highness, something needs to be done! What are you going to do about it?' As Odium and Elestana came into her line of view, she flashed him a look, 'Do you know anything about ...this... Your er...Majesty?' She gestured to herself, then to everyone and no-one in particular, meaning of course, everyone's odd physical appearances. On the other hand, she bestowed a brilliant cosmic smile on Elestana for her compliment.

[12:55] Sulvulondrem: "Mm she'll not be gone long," Sul said, stretching and shifting again on the sofa, the leather squeaking slightly as he did so. "You know how it is, queenly things to do." He snorted at Odium then, "Why Uncle Odi, are you planning on visiting? How lovely. I'm sure we would be delighted to receive you and your mate." But he pointedlly did not give the location of his private chambers. "Your blueness has not detracted from your loveliness by the way," he casually commented to Aryassa, then grinned at Elestara. "Splendid, in point of fact." Then he rolled his eyes and there was a soft 'ugh' under his breath as Merusha's voice cut into his thoughts. "Nope. She must have received it just before she left. Seems quite clear that wild magic is wilder than usual at the moment. Amplified somehow, and in an unpredictable sort of way." His head turns to give Odium a long stare, "Maybe it's the consequences of someone trying to tip the scales of balance too far in one direction?"

[13:04] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: ran a long nail through her hair tussling it as she played with a potion "Well aren't you a charmer" she commented to the price sweetly, before turning to Merusha, perching herself up and leaning on the arm on the chair, "Well..magic has been fucking up to be blunt" she dropped her arms over the edge of the couch, attempting to summoning a book towards her before looking over her shoulder at Odium and Elestana "What brings you two here?" she asked, eyes running over them for a few moments. "Lady Merusha, you called a meeting yes? How about we stop focusing on things out of our control and focus on that? she spoke softly but with an edge, her regal side making a show as she attempted to get everything back on track ((sorry about the slow post, migraine hit real bad for a moment))

[2022/05/21 13:09] elestana gives Merusha a warm smile. and walks up closer. "i have some knowlege of a few spells and curses, given the right sample i could try to identify the source? perhaps that would lead me towards the escape clause or a cure?" she would turn to Aryssa. I came because i wished to read up on the fae magic. I came from a place that knew nothing of it. I only encountered accurate knowledge when i arrived here. I am hoping to learn what COULD be influencing the lands magic so i could try to help find a way to balance it again. She points to the horns that had grown on her head as she talked. "this is driving me mental."

[13:15] Odium: was simply an pooka .Honored creatures for The Mother of Fae.Blessed were the fey that to got to represent all of The mother's children in their guises and pelts.Today an peacock, perhaps tomorrow back to being an goat or an entirely new creature.Who could say with nature's natural tricksters?Looking back to Merusha however as the wooman screeched for an answer, he spent an moment cleaning out his elongated ears with an picky.Her tone particularly ouchie being so close."Ah, I've been watching the landscape.Being more in tune with the feywylds, this strangeness has been going on the past weak or so.Im unsure of portals, however the air is erratic.Mana twists and turns like an feral beast caged desprite to get out and cause chaos.I assume that is the reason their is an weridness now.I wouldn't say its from an misbalance.Chaos works for no one .Its is simply an force in the universe .A raw entity no one can really control and is an danger to all when out of wack".He mentions before looking down at his

[13:15] Odium: nephew."Indeed, we were there last night,but I don't know your rooms.Does make visiting awefully hard, not knowing where to go.Could always ask an guard, but what fun is that when the devil is right here?"He mentions pointing an cold claw at the whelp.While the boy seemed distracted by Merusha screeching he continued to try to sniff sniff at the youth.Trusting his pooka snoot.He shrugs though at Aryassa comment."I'm fae I go where I want, until someone with better sense or might slaps me around and say otherwise"

[13:19] Lady Merusha 's eyes swiveled to Odium as Sulvu spoke and she nodded vigorously then thought better of it, in case her head might fall off. She probed her neck gently with two cosmic fingers of her remaining hand, and said, 'That's quite a sensible and logical remark Sulvu. At least your brains are still intact, unlike mine which seem to be addled, I can barely remember my own name.' She giggled. But Aryassa's caustic comment brought a frown to her face--it was thankfully still capable of frowning. 'Yes, I did call a meeting to discuss several matters which seemed important at the time. The meeting was to be followed by an Open House, but now that this has happened to all of us, sorting this mess out takes precedence. If things continue the way they're going, I'll melt into the stars soon, and I can't vouch for what will happen to the rest of you. So, now that some of our visitors have arrived, I'd like to change the agenda, because the clock is ticking. The question we must now all tackle is this: How Do We Find Out

[13:19] Lady Merusha What Has Happened To Us? But perhaps a cup of tea and a bite of something sweet will help us think clearer? Grab a cuppa from the table and a cake, and let's begin a fruitful discussion.' She rested her eyes on everyone in the room in turn, so that they would all know she meant to include them all. ((Click the teapot on the table with the white tablecloth by the bookshelf)). To Elestana she said, 'Spells might do the trick, Miss, but I doubt whether curses will help, since I consider this state of affairs some sort of curse already. Pardon me, but what is your name? I don't believe we've met. If you have a spell to sample the mana and to detect what is making it out of kilter, please do tell us what it is.'

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[13:23] Sulvulondrem had a vague nagging sensation at the back of his mind that he should probably care more about the weirdness of the realms - but somehow he really couldn't bring himself to. And if he tried to really examine the problem, it seemed to dart away from him, slippery and elusive and entirely too much effort. This, too, should probably bother him more than it did. Merusha wasn't helping - whereas before he would most certainly have agreed with her, now he just found her, well, shrewish - her voice like the annoying buzzing of an insect. He waved a hand at Odium. "See? No one can control it. We'll just have to ride it out. No doubt it'll settle itself all in its own sweet time. And uncle, if you visit you can just ask a guard for us. Much easier to visit with us both in one of the common rooms, no?" This close, the pooka might notice the sharp smell of ozone that clung to the dragon-faun hybrid, the tang that usually only accompanied his manipulation of magic. There was definitely something off. Sulvulondrem lean

[2022/05/21 13:23] Sulvulondrem on the arm of the sofa, "But you look so cute when you're horny," he almost purred at Elestana, apparently already forgetting about the serious business at hand as he stood and sauntered over to the table to retrieve a cup of tea for himself

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[13:33] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: sprawled herself out on the couch she was calling her own at this point, playing with the fins at the side of the face while looking at everyone, her eyes rolled as she looked at Odium, "yeah..yeah" was all she said dismissively with a wave of her hand, while listening to the commotion with a manic glee in her eyes. It was clear that the mix elf was struggling with getting comfortable, the blue made her skin itch, as if it was drying up and needed water, rolling on to her back, she threw her arm over her eyes, knocking her glasses on the floor. "Darling Merusha" her voice low as she spoke "If you turn into cosmic dust I know someone who can put you back together" she laughed shrewdly, refusing to take this all seriously, sobering up she carried on "Is it not depressing being sat here and trying to figure out what is wrong, if magic is the cause then....we're fucked" she shrugged her shoulders, she knew better than anyone the chaos magic could cause, chaos and her seemed to often be bedmates with how much

[2022/05/21 13:33] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: trouble she liked to cause. A dull ache had settled into her bones at this point, the density of them wearing on her, but it didn't change her mood especially when she heard the princes last comment, barking out out a laugh "Oh my my my, someone is very bold" she said to the prince

[13:33] elestana nods as she listens. "i agree about this state possibly being a curse. I dont have a spell to examine, more of a ritual,. More appropriately it examines you, or the piece of you anyway." she looks over at the tea and decides to wait for the moment. she flashes the prince a devilish smile at his words " and here ibeltane was responsible for your boldness. I am happy to see i was wrong."

[13:36] elestana: *here i thought beltane*

[13:43] Odium: would reach for the teapot pouring his self an cup once Mersuha made it known.His fingers checking the teabag reading it was Faerndil special blend."Ah, something local and warm".His cold breath breathing onto to rim as it crystallized and made the brew more lukewarm and consumable for the snowman.He took small sips as he leaned against the corners of the window.The grey creature naturally snuggish out of season, and the mellowing brew ensuring he didn't really want to get up and stop drinking his cuppa of tea.He however taps an claw to his lips considering his nephew's words as he begain to plot the more the youth spoke ."I see, that might work out.Perhaps later this evening then if your not to tired from the library prince? "He mentions.He would need the deep dragon's help, but things might work out even with Sunday's leave of absence.He did rub his snoot though as the strong smell of ozone clinging to the hybrid."Ah...curious.Do you consider yourself an capable magic caster?Theirs some...remnants that

[2022/05/21 13:43] Odium: cling to you.Sort of like magical ashes.The flame is gone, but the leftovers I can still smell them on you "He was about get closer to gesture to the lad before suddenly feeling an terrible sneeze creep up and water his eyes.He reared back but it was to late.The creature from the winter count let loose an rather loud sneeze as mana already erratic would flare up compounded by the tea.Being one of winter's favorite fae.Ice and snow was naturally responded to him.An large and impression icicle would suddenly and violently gather underneaths Sul's sofa and popup like an ground hog.The cold spike likely to toss back the furiture and possibly Sul with it.

[13:46] Lady Merusha rolled her eyes at Sulvu and flapped her stunted wings in agitation at Aryassa's comment about her turning into cosmic dust. Merusha's wings were unrecognizable, they now looked like some sort of crystalline-cosmic mashup. Only when a couple of the cosmic crystals fell off and hit the ground then melted into thin air did she calm down, possibly out of fright, and make her way over to the table for a cuppa. She breathed in the delicious aroma of the tea and took a sip, 'Mmm, lovely. It tastes like peach ice-cream, my favourite' She eyed Sulvu calmly over her cup. 'When your mother returns, she'll be appalled to learn that you just left the realm to sort itself out while you pursued other interests...' She let her irritatingly grating voice trail off. 'But Miss...miss...your name? I'm happy to have a ritual performed to examine a piece of me, before I disappear altogether, and as long as the ritual is tried and tested and not in some experimental phase. But do tell us more about this ritual. What does it

[13:46] Lady Merusha entail and what do you need?' Strangely enough, as soon as Merusha had said this, those around would observe her head and neck disappear altogether for a few seconds, before popping back into view. The sight would be disconcerting, since only her odd, long hair was left, seemingly floating in mid-air. Merusha herself did not notice anything amiss. Her head and neck popped back into as Odium sneezed and the icicle sprouted from the sofa. 'My goodness!' screeched Merusha, spilling her tea.

[13:48] Merusha: *into view

[13:49] Sulvulondrem: With a laugh Sul crooned "Perhaps it's the magic in the air... There's definitely something in the air, don't you think?" He didn't respond to Merusha's comment about his mother, though irritation bristled through him and his lips pulled back into a silent snarl as he stalked back to the sofa and sat to take a sip of tea. And it was then he noticed a newcomer loitering by the door. "Hello there," he greeted the faun - but with a distinct 'how you doin'?' tone to his voice as the wolfish smile returned and he looked him up and down. Twice. But his flirtation is momentarily evaporated as one end of the sofa upturns, flipped by the icicle that formed under it, and he slides along the seat in a most undignified manner - all whilst attempting to not spill hot tea into his lap. "Oh fu--"

[13:56] Fawn stood back from the others, quietly sipping his tea. He wasn't sure what to make of the conversation that was unfolding before him, but the subject of the unbalanced mana held his attention. His tea tasted of white wine, soothing the fauns nerves. He thought to acknowledge Sul, when the poor soul performed a self sneak attack. He stifles his laughter with a smile. "Hello, yourself."

[13:57] TMR HUD: (Daddy Amore) rolled a 4 on a D20

[14:01] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: lazily swung her leg off the couch, laughing at all the chaos happening around her, twisting slightly to look at Fawn "Good day to you" she said in a light tone between the laughs. It was all very funny to watch but the alchemist in her was very curious about what was going on and stood up from her position and went over to grab a cup of tea, coming to the conclusion that, that was the cause of it. Uncapping the potion bottle she held, she poured some of the tea in it and instantly got a reaction that caused her to drop the bottle in shock and step away, the herbal formal that was in it was now covering a small section of the floor while sizzling and bubbling, heating up very quickly. Turn away from it, in hopes it would stop by itself, she looked back everyone, while holding the tea pot "Something is wrong with it" was all she said in the most deadpan way she could.

[14:03] elestana Nods "my apologies. My name is ella, we have met once before, but very briefly. I am a traveller from the deserts in the far south. This ritual combines science and magic. some concoctions react when exposed to magic, others to curses. I have observed the local fauna hosts such necessary plants, though some minor adjustments must be made im sure to accommodated fae source." she glances over at Sulv and grins obviously having a comment to the 'Something in the air' statement, but she keeps it to herself for the moment. her focus returns back to the purple starry woman. she thought for a moment. "a bit of blood would be best, but i could make due with a lock of hair if i had to, but it would take much longer. you are the one who decides though, as it is a part of you you are trusting me with." she turns and smiles as she hears the faun talk. "hello again, Druid."

[14:06] Odium: saw Lady Mersuha unintentionally spill her tea, as he looked to his own glass after the great sneeze and rubbing his snoot.The Rudeka then flipping his cup as the rest of the brew spilled out on the floor as he didn't take anymore chances."Think im allergic to whatever in that blend".He remarks offhand .Aryassa proving such as she tested the tea personally herself.The brew bubbling on the ground as he butted scooted back into the window.The fae and heat just not going together.He looked down to Sul playing seasaw with the sofa.."Well..thats one way to stop the fae flirting.HAH did I blue ball yea prince?"He mentions as Elestana pointed out the healer from before.

[14:08] Lady Merusha brought her hand to her mouth, after her screech and met thin air. She didn't screech again, but slowly sank to her knees whimpering, the cup sliding out of her hand. Bits and pieces of her disappeared and reappeared in rapid succession, like the twinkling of stars. First her head, then only one eyeball, her ears, both arms. At one point her head and neck looked as though it had been severed, because the entire torso disappeared along with her arms, leaving only her legs. She moaned, softly. As Ella spoke, a thought popped into her head, unbidden, and she sat up. As she did so, her body settled as though calm, rational thought had somehow subdued it. 'A ritual is a good idea,' she said to Ella, 'and I can give you a drop of my blood, such as remains, but I would have to observe the ritual. I prefer not to let my own blood out of my sight. Would you agree to that? I would also advocate something a tad more objective at the same time, just in case the magic you intend to draw on is also out of kilter. Call

[4:08] Lady Merusha a backup plan if you will. Do we have any alchemists here? Do we know of anyone with alchemical abilities? They could perhaps find a way to iso...' Her mind drew a blank and her brain became foggy. This was when Aryassa poured some of her tea into the potion. As if released from some tether, parts of her started to appear and disappear again. The shock of it rendered her momentarily dumb, which was perhaps a relief to those who had grown tired of listening to the screeching voice. 'Who made the tea?' she gasped at last. She turned around and her eyes fixed on Fawn. 'Did you?'

[14:14] Sulvulondrem: Sul's ungainly progress along the sofa seat is arrested by the arm - and for a second he sits rigid, staring at the tea as it sloshes from side to side in the cup, as if he can't quite believe he didn't dump it right onto his groin. "Mine tastes fine," he says when he manages to gather himself enough to speak again. But even so, he reaches over to put the cup on the stairs beside him and scowls at Odium because yes, he did. "He just arrived! Give it a rest Merusha, you're paranoid," Sul protested, leaping to the defence of someone he had never met before for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that he wasn't thinking with the head on his shoulders. "El," because now he was pushing familiarity to new levels, "If you can do this ritual we'd all be grateful." There's a heavy unspoke 'if it shuts her up'. "Are we all donating blood?"

[14:21] elestana El blinks for a moment as she watches what transpires before answering Merusha "i.... am an alchemist." her words are slow as she tries to focus past the strangeness. She snaps her focus back as Sulv speaks to her. "only those that wish to, but if you feel so inclined to donate."

[14:24] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: silently watched the reaction as it continued to fizz and heat up, eyes going to Odium as she heard movement, flashing a smile in their direction "Apologies for the heat, opening a window may help" she said in a slight manic tone "Although the bubbles don't seem to be the only thing in heat right now" she joked while looking in the princes direction. Refocusing on what was in front of her, walking to the front of the library for a moment, she picked up a quill and paper and began recording the reaction that happened, barely missing Fawn as she walked back. Her attention being bought elsewhere as she watched Merusha cry "For goodness sake, shut up already, so dramatic, everyone is suffering, some more than others and don't go around blaming people" she scoffed, her voice trailed off as she went back to the paper, blindly making her way back to the couch. Looking up at the prince, she noted his tea did not cause any reaction "Interesting...very" she said absentmindedly before going back to writing, the scratch

[14:24] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: of her quill against the parchment loud, hearing a call for an alchemist, she mumbled a reply "I'm a alchemist, and a potion maker..." the rest of her words were cut off as she buried her face further for a few moments before suddenly dropping everything and looking Merusha "So desperate, that you'll just tag along with any ritual?" she tutted in mock disappointment at the head librarian.

[14:42] elestana scowls at Aryassa and her hair shifts colors and grows as her horns disappear. "This poor creature could fade out of existence. we dont know it would leave anything to be put back together. You are living with the luxury of a minor inconvenience. this woman fears for her life, and all the lifelong magic users offer her nothing but condescending snark. its a wonder she trusts anyone to help her at all." She reaches out to touch Merushas arm for comfort, if she would let her. "i cant promise success but i will try."

[14:42] Fawn greeted the others, his eyes occasionally darting around at the malfunctions. The healer knew better than to sort this off as coincidence. He watched Aryassa's investigation closely, moving out of the splash zone once things got out of hand. The constant flickering and shrieking of Merusha rose concern. He didn't recognize her at first. He wanted to help, but he wasn't sure how. The accusation only irritated him. The faun rolls his eyes. "Come now, the tea has been present longer than I have."

[14:43] Odium: pooka pouted at Aryassa throwing bubbly tea "Next thing you know the books are going burst into flames.Just the sort of shitshow this is turning out to be"He remarks.The fairy though had an real issue with over-thinking things.It was through the storm of chaos going on however things became more clear .He didn't NEED to pooka plan something grand..the grandness was right here and the source was the tea all along!The catalyst for getting further in his schemes .Merusha litually falling apart certainly helping but highly hurting his eardrums until she was silenced.Bestial senses an bitch at times no doubt.He was making faces right back At sul the sourpuss as the beast huffed and snorted at the scalie faun."You got something on yea".As he atempts to get close enough to the youth holding out his hand before 'attempting' to flick Sul in the nose and reach out and yank off piece of his hair in the act.Just an distraction while everything was going on.

[14:43] TMR HUD: (Sweet Darkfury) rolled a 17 on a D20

[14:44] Lady Merusha flashed a look at Sulvu, cut her eyes at Aryassa and raised her maimed hand to Ella. 'No blood to speak of in there, but perhaps you could take it from my cheek? It may be purple though, like my skin.' Her voice had changed to a hoarse whisper, entirely on its own. This made Merusha unwilling to speak more than necessary since she was now afraid of losing it altogether. 'Warn me before you make the cut, please,' she added. 'I am desperate not to lose myself altogether to the cosmos, Madam,' she hissed at Aryassa. 'You would be too in my position. We're all affected to varying degrees, and my affliction is far worse than yours, unless it's had an impact on your temperament too.' She raised her head and gave Ella a wan, but grateful smile.

[14:52] elestana pulls a smal curved knife from a sheath thathung from her neck and lay flat under her dress as well as a small vial. "now,." she made a smull cut,, just enough to fill the small vial then runs her thumb across the wound. The words that came out of her mouth were foreign as it was a spell she learned on the road as she tried to close the small wound. "anyone else?"

[14:56] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: scoffed at the two ladies "Your affliction is only worse because you are making it loudly known how you are suffering" she shook her head in disbelief "Have you ever thought that maybe, instead of being so dramatic and drastic that all of this, that is happening is simply a magical reaction that will stop eventually? It is clear the tea did not help your nerves but an unfamiliar ritual, done by someone who..." she looked Ella up and down, raising her eyebrow but not continuing "But who am I to say anything" her sigh was one of drama, as she flopped back down, her paper floating up for a moment before resettling and dangerous grin taking over face as she leaned forward, a dark laugh bubbling up "Go on, do a magical ritual in a land where the magic is unbalanced" turning towards Ella, her eyes narrowed while she spoke "We are in library are we not, filled with arcane texts, finding out what is wrong is not the issue here, being condescending on a decision that could backfire heavily with what is going on, is

[14:56] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: not the issue here, attempting a ritual, where no infromation beyond what is being physically seen with our eyes is the issue here" she spoke in a serious tone, "But what do I know" she laughed out "I wish you good luck dear Merusha, If you need any text read over, I'll be right her, alchemy is something I enjoy after all" she smiled sweetly at the other woman.

[2022/05/21 14:57] Merusha: ((For those who don't see group chat, we're postponing the actual ritual, just collecting the blood from those who wish to give it now))

[14:59] Sulvulondrem: had a vague sense, somewhere dimly in the back of his mind, that perhaps it WAS having an impact on Aryassa's temprement. She certainly seemed acerbic, but he couldn't actually remember if she'd always been that way. Possibly it was having an impact on him too. He wasn't sure. The prince lifted a hand to rub at his forehead. "No you're right," he was trying to clutch at a thought that seemed to be trying to swerve out of reach, "it must be terrifying--" He scrunched his eyes shut for a second, a headache brewing, and as he opened them he noticed his 'uncle' leaning in to flick his nose and jerked out of the way - not noticing what he was REALLY doing. "Listen Merusha - I think you should lay off the planewalking and stay here. Or stay there - where the magic might not be so volatile - but going back and forth isn't going to be doing you any good." He's struggling to form rational, logical thoughts, his mind wandering in entirely different directions. Then he shook his head, "If we're done here, I'm going to

[14:59] Sulvulondrem: go..." And then the madness descends again and his expression is lascivious again, "Do feel free to call on me," he murmurs as a parting shot.

[15:03] Fawn steps forward offering his hand to Ella. "Take as much as you want, if it stops the madness."

[15:09] elestana nods understanding more of the womans unwillingess to help. " I wont do this in town, very little of what i am about to do is magic, . I plan to create two alcemicle combinations. One is a wolfbane base, to respond if it is curses, and faeberry base for testing if it is fae magic." she turns to the faun. "thank you. are you being affected as well?"

[15:17] Odium: scratches his head hearing Aryassa."She does make an good point.Rituals are dangerous magic, and things being so..erratic right now I could only see things possibly going wrong much more easyily".He mentions but that was really up to the star woman and the one offering help.The fairy though would pocket the hair he got looking between everyone."Well this is getting an bit..crazy for me.Im gonna peace out.The Mother watch over you all.Some need it more then others.".He mentions before the grey creature would make steps for the door to excuse his self.

[15:18] Lady Merusha simply stared at Aryassa balefully, not wishing to waste what was left of her fading voice on replying to her. Her temperament was obviously affected by the magic imbalance. 'I feel I need to rest before attempting any ritual, but we can collect the blood and leave it with someone trustworthy for safekeeping.' Merusha's voice was increasingly raspy and she paused for breath, while studying each of the individuals gathered there. 'I don't trust any of us to look after the blood, so we'll lock the vials in the cupboard with the potions and herbs ((OOC: we have cupboards upstairs, remember?)). It locks with an actual key. The key we'll keep in its usual place. Only the staff of the library knew where the keys to the library cupboards were kept so if a vial went missing it will be either Aryassa, Sulvu or me who has stolen it.' She stared at her staff sternly for a moment, then as though a cloud had suddenly lifted, smiled wanly and rested her head on her arm, as though about to fall asleep. Ella had collect

[15:18] Lady Merusha blood from Merusha and Fawn. When Ella had cut Merusha's cheek, she had felt a warm, tender, calm feeling wash over her which contradicted strangely with the chaotic hunger she felt surging from Ella at the same time. 'You're fae?' she mumbled to Ella, just before she fell asleep.

[2022/05/21 15:19] Merusha: (( Thank you all for a great rp! My rl brain is half asleep but I'm really looking forward to the next step - the ritual. Let's touch base on discord looking for rp tomorrow and see if we can set it up. Nite nite))

[15:21] Fawn nods. "Not by the tea, but the imbalance. I won't be able to think clearly or heal anyone without risks attached until this problem resolves itself. Please be careful." he warns. ((goodnight, thx))

[15:27] elestana these terms are agreeable, when we meet it should be outside. it is mostly a chemical response. that is why i trust it is safe enough to try." she turns to the faun, as she collects sample. "thank you." she hands the vial to Meru to lock away. (take care all. i have to get going as well

[15:30] elestana looks around real quick. "i have business outside of town, if it takes longer than expected i will send Meru the recipe and instructhave an overt you to have to wait for me ( i have an overtime contract starting at work im an rn. Im doing night shifts so i dont know hwne ill be around, dont wanna hold up the RP.)

[15:31] elestana: and instructions so you wont have to wait if i am held up*

[15:34] Aryassa - Cirae Limu: stood up and stretched her body out, her bones aches deeply and her skin felt as if it was peeling, she had pointedly ignored Merusha look and instead focused on reaching the sea, her movements were stiff, clearly in pain, moving slowly towards the stairs, cold waves of water washing over her and reaching out to those around her "Good day to you all"

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