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Sim Plot: Power Outage TLDR

A quick easy to read TLDR for the Power Outage sim plot.

• 16/05/22: Blood Lunar Eclispe, magic suffers from some unpredictable side effects as an effect of the eclispe.

• 21/05/22: Mayhem in the library, a meeting takes on a chaotic turn as magic beings effected by the unstablity of magic, see it play out in real time with some magical tea. It is confirmed that something is wrong with the magic in the realm

• 24/05/22: Thick vines begin to pop up all over the realms, spreading through each of them slowly

• 27/05/22: Some experiments take place in the Dire Waters to see if anything can be done about the viney situation on hand.

• 30/05/22: An impromptu meeting takes place in the Seelie Queens garden, the subject of the magic distrubance is bought up and discussion of enchanted items to help lessen the effects.

• 03/06/22: The two courts of Fae hold a joint court as they call a temporary alliance in light of the magically instability, they are joined by the Dragon Queen as they all attempted to figure out what is going on with magic and what caused it.

• 09/06/22: An unsavoury figure made their ways to the shores of Mystic Realms, situating themselves deep in the forest next to a strange pulsating device that seems to absorb mana, magic and energy, pulling it all towards itself. Rumour has it the person is called the Monarch. • 12/06/22: It comes to a head, as magic is rapidly being sucked out of the realms, - A more indepth timeline, covering details not mentioned here.

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