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Sim Plot: Power Outage; Magically disturbance

(( This blog will act as an OOC time line to help keep track of the changes through the plot ))

(( Photo taken by CassandraMiddles, edited by Daddy Amore ))

Anyone who has been wandering through the realms for the past two weeks would have noted a change in the air, magic users and magically beings would of especially felt the shift as it began and continued to grow, nowhere was safe from the change and for a realm so seaped in magic the outcome has certainly been interesting.

The first disruption of magic occured after the Blood Lunar Eclispe at 6:08:03 PM PDT, on Monday 16th May 2022

- Many at that time would have felt a loss or an erratic moment of magicka and power, either of their own work or items they used. The magic was also crackling in the air, sharp, strong, but with an extremely wild and uncontrollable nature. During the time magicked fires would roar powerfully, potions would be more potent and the air throughout the realm was filled with a strange aura - it was chaotic, unstable and sizzling. Whether or not this has a connection to future disruptions is up for you to decide.


- It was clear by now, that magic had either taken a mind of it's own or was being influnced from an unknown source, the lack of control magical beings had over their own magic could amaze some people and amuse others, it was a quite a sight especially the scene that had been made at the library that day. Between a cursed prince, a head curator that had limps disappearing and reappearing of their freewill and an assistant curator who had turned completely blue and was slowly flaking away, a meeting to gather new staff, turned into discussion about what was going on with emotions running high. By the end of it, there was a definite confirmation that something was wrong with the magic in realm and this came to be through an alchemical test of some magic tea and a collection of normal herbs. Said test was done by an experienced alchemist.


- Within a few days of the experiment, thick thorny vines began to pop up all over the realm. There wasn't a single spot untouched, inside and outside they took root, from Faendril to the Dire Waters, through the forest and down to the Sinking Swamps, vines could be found. Unmoveable and seemingly never ending.


- An impromptu gathering of magical beings took place in the Seelie's Queens garden upon her return. In said meeting the queen was updated on the turblance the Realms were experiencing with their magic and made the decision to plan a day where, an open court with both the Seelies and Unseelie would be held to see what could be done to help the growing situation. Alongside that the Seelie Prince made some arrangements with a few enchantress to see if any enchanted items could be used to lessen the effects of the magic outtage.


- The two Fae rulers held open court in an attempt to get to the bottom of what was going on as well as find a solution for it all, calling a temporary alliance between the Seelie and Unseelie court until magic has been restored to it's proper balance. During the court session

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