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The Western Dales

A hilly low magic haven for those who enjoy the fruit of manual labour and hard work. Hobbits, humans, halflings and anyone with interest in the working the soil thrive under the sun of The Western Dales.

Nestled a few hours west on foot from Faerndil, the Western Dales are lands of open fields, rolling hills, abundant orchards, and fertile soil, and is the homeland of the halflings. It is a place of simple life and simple pleasures. The days are filled with the sounds of livestock and toil, the evenings with laughter and pipe smoke and hearty meals, and the nights with a peaceful silence. Trouble rarely comes to this place, but when it does, the villages of the Dales band together to put a stop to it. Despite their apparent laissez-faire way of life and lack of a proper military or walls, they have never been conquered by an outside force, as if Lady Luck Herself watches over them.

Magic, while certainly present, is far less prevalent there as compared to Faerndil and other places in the Realms, and many of the folks that live there likely wouldn't trust a turnip grown with magical help over one grown "rightly", as the halflings would say. Still, the Dalefolk are welcoming and friendly to outsiders that behave themselves and do not disrupt their way of life.

While most Dalefolk are happy to live their lives without every leaving their pastoral home, there is a notable exception: The Daleland halfling caravans. Large wagons pulled by horses or donkeys take these merchants and traders and entertainers all over the Realms and beyond. These adventurous souls go from town to town, kingdom to kingdom, along their established trade routes, buying and selling goods to take to their next stop, eventually returning to their homeland with gold, goods, and tales of adventure (which may or may not be exaggerated just a bit). Many places, especially Hrívë, look forward to the arrival of these caravans.

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