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 Each of the 5 Realms that exists are a gift from the Fae/Fey, they exist because of them. The Fae Realm is all of the realms but not everyone is prevy to this knowledge icly.  

The Feywilds


The Feywilds are a parallel dimension that can be described as a surreal realm of chaotic magic. This makes it wildly unpredictable as conventional logic and reason are almost, if not entirely, non-applicable. In this respect, it is commonly compared to Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland as a confusing world built on its own rules that only make sense to its inhabitants. 

"The Feywilds can be entered by crossing a faerie circle in their own times and lands, making it easy to go to and from where you currently RP if you ever need a little getaway.

The Wilderness

rotf_011 (1).png
rotf_007 (1).png

The Wilderness is a natural environment on its own mortal realm, parallel and connected, but not on the same plane as the Feywilds. It has not been significantly modified by mortal or immortal activity, a wildland rich in natural resources, not under extensive agricultural cultivation either. Although Faerndil is close enough to usufruct its resources, aits village advancing in a natural expression and development, most of the forest is quite wild and intact, with very few cleared paths to walk through. 


Sylvan (wood) elves have made camp there, in coexistence with the forest, as well as the local werewolf and beast packs, Travelers and Nomads came here shipwrecked and are struggling to figure out what to do next with improvised camps. And there is a rumor of a bandit camp, hidden somewhere...



Just outside the outskirts of The Wilderness one might  find a small and rustic village that welcomes travelers, merchants, humans, all creatures mortal and immortal alike.


Faerndil which means "Friends of Spirits/Fae", is still growing by their needs. A free-to-join community of non-fae, a place that welcomes those that might not venture into the Feywilds, mostly run by elves. 

The Dire Waters


Also part of the Wilderness are The Dire Waters of The Mystic Realms. They are the water realm that leads to the Wildes of the forest. Many stories tell that this land has been both abandoned and unclaimed because of the creatures who roam there.


Whether they block them off or drown those attempting to visit the land, the local folk are not sure. But not all are bad. There are colonies of creatures living beneath the surface.

Merfolk, sirens, dragons even. Will they be friend or foe? How will they react to the travelers that come via boat?


Hrívë - logoless.png

Nestled in the Snow Peak Mountains north of Faerndil is Hrívë, a small mining village home to a hardy people. It was founded a few decades before Faerndil after large deposits of iron, copper, gemstones, and some mithral were discovered. For most of its history, the townsfolk were rather secretive, yet friendly. Yet after the mines seemingly ran dry, many left the ever-cold mountains for warmer lands. Though recently, the village has started to stir once more. Newly discovered deposits of ores and precious gems attract those seeking their fortunes to endure the harsh climate of the Snow Peak Mountains.


There are rumors that a consortium of dragons actually rules and protects Hrívë from the nearby giant tribes, but this is clearly superstitious nonsense...right?

The Western Dales

Dales PROMO photo LOGO - smaller 2.png

Located a few hours west on foot from Faerndil, the Western Dales are lands of open fields, rolling hills, abundant orchards, and fertile soil, and is the homeland of the halflings. It is a place of simple life and simple pleasures. The days are filled with the sounds of livestock and toil, the evenings with laughter and pipe smoke and hearty meals, and the nights with a peaceful silence.


Trouble rarely comes to this place, but when it does, the villages of the Dales band together to put a stop to it. Despite their apparent laissez-faire way of life and lack of a proper military or walls, they have never been conquered by an outside force, as if Lady Luck Herself watches over them.

Finding our Mystic Realms

Unsure on how your character would find our realm? There’s many ways to discover us!

The faerie realm is accessible by any Faerie Ring and Scrying Reflection, for those just wishing to visit and not live in the realm. Do note that time works differently in the faerie realm. Weeks in the realm might be a simple day in the common world depending on which you are coming from.

If none of these situations suit your character, please reach out to a Helpful Helper or Watchful Warden for other ideas that might work, we’re happy to help!

Faerndil is an abandoned Elven village that has been recently rediscovered and reclaimed, word spreading across the region that this realm is filled with an interesting sense of magic.

The coast is perfect for shipyards and trades, and though it seems to have been abandoned after many attacks by the Sirens and creatures of Dire Waters, it can still be found on maps.

The land is already populated by wildlings and wolves, taking over the dense forest where it is thriving with creatures and forest life. Some wish to protect and preserve it, others wish to turn it into their own new city. 

The main reason many are coming here is because of overpopulation in other regions and wish to migrate and start fresh. Some have heard rumors that hospitals and schools are needing to be built and wish to help, others heard that there are precious minerals in the earth just begging to be plundered. 

No one knows what supplies the magic in this land but it is thriving. All matter of magical and non-magical folk are able to find this land if they simply look for it.

This place is meant for photography, casual roleplay, and hanging out.  

But do please try to stay in the fantasy realm of dress.
If you wish to host a party here or event, please let Cassandra Middles know!


We do ask if you are near someone wishing to roleplay, and you are out of character, to please talk in dms to not interrupt their flow!

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