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Reward & Tokens


The Reward System of The Mystic Realms is done by Tokens! They are tangible no copy items that can be turned in for different rewards in the SIM!

How to obtain Tokens:

What are the Tokens?

Attending public events

Anyone that attends public events, at the end of them can get a reward token that is no copy no mod.

Host the event themselves and the host receives two, as do any players that attend as support npcs.

Submitting RP logs

Roleplay logs must be from SecondLife and in our roleplay sim. No discord or off sim roleplays will be counted.

Roleplay logs must be turned in within 30 days to be counted for a token.

To obtain, please send in roleplay logs to the mailbox in the landing point to be gifted tokens.

Being active

When a player is manning their workstation or asking for RP in chat groups etc, constantly trying to stir up RP in general: any staff member can toss a token towards these sort of engaged players at any time.

Roleplayer of the Month

One engaged roleplayer who participates and makes a difference on the SIM will be chosen by the staff. 

We aim to never repeat Roleplayer of the month, making sure to be fair, nonbiased, and allow players to also nominate.


Recruit to the sim! For every new member you bring to the sim, both you and the new player receive a token!

Flickr Contest 

Players joining the contest on our Group Flocker get 1 Token just for their submission.

(Limit of one token per player, even if you submit more pictures.)

Those that win the monthly Flickr contests will also win:

1st place >  5 tokens.
2nd place > 3 tokens
3rd place > 2 tokens.

Treasure hunt

You might also find hidden tokens by exploring the SIM! They can be inside trees, under rocks etc.

First claim, first served.

What are the Token exchange rates?

10 tokens: a free merch item

20 tokens: create a custom guild/faction

25 tokens: a month of free home rent

30 tokens: add 10li to their rental amount with no additional rental number added [3x max.]

40 tokens: to build their own home structure ICly on sim (following VRAM rules.)

The structure will not affect your decoration limit but the size of the build will be taken into account with staff.

50 tokens: gets to host an ooc party in the sky. 

55 tokens: to build their own community structure on SIM.

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