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Rental Rules

VRAM Rules:

Small items must be under 10k VRAM

Medium items must be under 20k VRAM Large items must be under 24k VRAM


Small buildings must be under 50k VRAM

Large buildings must be under 100k VRAM

How to check on Vram: 

Right-click on the item > click "More..." > click "More..." again > click "Inspect"


On the left hand side you should be able to see "VRAM" and more are available in the popup you will get.

What is VRAM? 
VRAM (video RAM) refers to memory (RAM) used to store image data for a computer. VRAM's purpose is to ensure the even and smooth graphics. Too much used give a poor experience for everybody.

Vendors & Landing Point Stalls

Vendors that have donated freebie items for our group to wear get a free vendor stall for the item as well as their stall display for free.

Others will get 25Li for 200L a week, and must follow the same general rules as tenants.

Some spots may be unavailable due to previous engagements.


The stall, as well as the items sold, must also be in theme with the SIM.

1. All renters will abide by the overall rules of the sim. Abusive, offensive, or out of theme content is not wanted. Anything sexually explicit, out of theme, modern, or resale will be removed without refund.

2. All rentals are at the discretion of the sim owners.

3. Rentals are first come, first served.

4. Limit 1 residential rental per player (not avi).

5. Rental wreathes will be found by the available rental main door. Right-click and pay for it to be yours.

6. Rentals must only be taken by Active Roleplayers. We have a limited amount, please do not rent if you have no intention to roleplay.

To allow for the common areas to be as lag free as possible, VRAM (Video RAM) limits are in place.

Wreath colors:

Yellow Green- Locked     Green- Rented
White- Available              Orange-Reserved
Red-Overdue                   Purple-Over limit

​>  if you need more LI or has any question contact CassandraMiddles Resident for inquiry.  < 

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IC Businesses


As they grow, they will be up in three different sizes

Small booths: 30Li for 60 a week/booth 
Vendor stalls/carts:
20Li for 40 a week/cart
Buildings: 50Li for 100 a week

Market Days:
Event run days

1L for 24 hour deco, revoked after 24 hours of the event is up.

50Li limit for market days. 250li limit for event days
Events would include training days, fighting scenes, tournaments, etc.
GMs are happy to help with a request form turned in

Players looking to open an ic business in areas that are village established, please reach out to Cassandramiddles Resident to set up a rental spot for your vendor booth/tent/space.

Everyone starts with 25Li for small booths and as the world grows, more Li can be obtained over time.

1. Always inspect your buildings and objects - If VRAM is not shown on your viewer, hop on to firestorm and check. 
• Right click > more > more> inspect object
• Small objects to be under 10k
• Medium and large under 20k
• Buildings under 100k
We prefer as low as possible so if people ever need help retexturing, link us the build so we can modify and lower it

Our build team recommend these ways to help reduce lag when renting on sim: 

2. Check for shadow prims.
shadow prims: oft times, stores add a shadow to their prims for people that dont use advanced lighting. right click, edit, select face. click the face you wish to make transparent. click the 'texture' and then click 'transparent' itll delete the original texture, so make sure this is something you have a copy of

3. Removal of normal maps and specular maps.

These are not always needed as not all use advanced lighting, especially on a busy roleplay sim.
• Right click, edit, textures, and go to normal and specular maps. click none. you can always replace these with others too, but if they're not needed then remove them, they'll drop significantly in vram.

• Encouraged to do on high VRAM objects, we recommend creating copies on occasion as you work. If you need help texturing something, point tag the build team in discord and we'll help you where we can or buy the item and retexture it for you.

Renting businesses.

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