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What is with the strange vines?

Roleplay of Asherah and Sirenia meeting and then talking around the mystery of the strange vines.

Asherah swam slowly today, carrying the soul shard that she'd filched from an old witch on land. She was in two minds about what to do with it? Store it? Or use it in her magic ritual. She sighed, blowing a stream of bubbles into the sea. Store it, definitely. Something was off in the realm and it might be foolhardy to use magic right now. She settled next to a forest of kelp and placed the shard into the bottle she wore around her neck. It glowed brightly in the dark waters of the sea

Sirenia wandered endless pondering all the strange new vines creeping up around the beaches.. her magic seemed off.. she swam around a corner not watching where she was going and and wandered into the kelp forest and bumped into a strange object and heard a yelp of pain

Asherah turned on sensing the agitation of the water and stared at the mermaid. She frowned. 'I don't know you, are you from around here? Do watch where you're going!' Asherah's tone was brusque, but then she relented and gave a small smile. 'I'm Asherah. Who are you, stranger?'

Sirenia she peered into the kelp and frowned at the other mermaid slightly.. "im sorry forgive me.... " she stuttered shyly "I am sirenia.. I just came here a moon ago I havn't meet anyone so far" She looked to the bottle on the other mermaids neck and saw something glowing "ooo purty" she murmered to herself

Asherah saw Sirenia gazing at her soul shard and covered it with her hand. 'Nice to meet you Sirenia. Thank you, yes, this is rather special to me... Are you new to the area? Very few enter this kelp forest, so I'm used to having it to myself. Of course it doesn't belong to me or anything like that, it's just that many of the surface mer don't like to go in it. Not sure why exactly. It's perfectly fine to me.'

Sirenia stopped staring at the other mermaids neck and giggled " Oh its ok.. yes i love to explore when there isn't anything else to do.. I have noticed some strange things going on and been exploring to figure it out.. the magic in the water seems off... " she paused to look around, " I been feeling uneasy......"

Asherah nodded. 'Yes, something isn't right, and I'm not sure what it is, but I've noticed some rather strange vines growing on the beach and in the shallow water. They seemed to have popped up overnight. Have you seen them?'

Sirenia nods and sighs gently " yes i been trying to keep an eye on the strange vines... they been growing so fast but I don't know where they came from" She rubbed her arm and a few dead scales fell off as she spoke. "have you found out yet?"

Asherah shook her head. 'But I was planning to go up to the surface some time later this week to investigate. Have you been up to the land at all? The land folk might know more.'

Sirenia shakes her head "no i was up there a few days ago but there was no vines there ... its so strange"

Asherah 'Yes, they seemed to have popped up overnight. Worth investigating. I tried to cut down one of the vines, but it grew back almost immediately. If you like you can come with me when I go up to the surface.'

Sirenia "I agree we need to investigate.. the sea animals are being effected as well not just us mermaids the other day a dolphin told me that some vines trapped a school of fish I had to save them the best i could.." as she sighed she angrily splashed her tail sending a wave of bubbles and kelp around her

Asherah frowned again. 'That's not good. I've nothing against vines, but once they start attacking creatures of the sea, I'll want to do something about it. Perhaps we can find out more though when we go to the surface. Since it may be affecting both land and water, we'll probably have to work together to solve it. Shall we meet here the day after tomorrow when the sun reaches its zenith? Oh, you can shape shift into land legs, can't you?'

Sirenia frowns as well "yes but i haven't mastered it fully.. but yes we shall meet tomorrow.. there is much to do!" she nodded and promised to meet here tomorrow. With a wave of her fin she said goodbye to Asherah till tomorrow

Will be continued in next post so stay tuned!

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