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Persona non grata in Faerndil (IC)


Until further notice, Faerndil Village is off limits to the being known as "Mads".

Mads is hereby expelled from all Faerndil grounds, which includes any ground inside the fencing. The merits of this expulsion are due to the following crimes: Serious Assault of the Faerndil Guard Brian, Use of Explosives (Magical or Otherwise) Inside Civil Environs, Theft of the Common Goods (including food, drink, and other things), Disorderly Conduct, Disruption of the Peace, and other dastardly crimes of malicious intent.

If found, he is to be escorted off Faerndil's grounds, by force if necessary, by all members of the Guard. Otherwise, he is not to be hurt more then is required to remove him from the grounds. For any who wish to confront Mads, consider him dangerous and able of various forms of trickery. He may take other forms, especially disguised ones.

For those who do not wish to directly confront this scoundrel, please inform a member of the Guard as soon as it is possible.

As a warning to all other being wishing to disturb the peace allow this to be a warning, do not attempt your tomfoolery inside the village grounds.

-Sister Dee'ari Galadhrien

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