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Ostara Ball by the Seelie Courts!

Come One, Come All.

The Seelie Courts Celebrate Ostara and wish to invite you along with them as they dance beneath the skies in the first ball of the season.

======================= Info:

Date: Saturday April 16th.

Starts at 9am SLT and goes throughout the day

Dress Code: Fantasy wear is mandatory, but no high heels, zippers, denim, as always. This is an IC Event so if ooc players attend, please keep any ooc dialog in dms, still dress in theme, and enjoy the dancing.

Location: TBA but in the Realm of Fae

Hosted by: The Barleythornes.

Seeking: Bards, performers, etc that wish to be a part.

Also seeking ooc: A Dj that would like to be paid to set up a fantasy/bardcore themed set for throughout the day. please dm cassandramiddles resident for this if interested.

May this find any that wish to come. Be it from hearing through grape vine, receiving an invitation as all of the realm would be invited. All are welcomes, human and elves alike! Those of Faerndil, the merfolk, and seelie courts would be cordially. Others may hear from gossip or word of mouth.

On 16th of April from 9am SLT within the Fae Realm.

((Invitation beautifully done by Daddy Amore and Iokko Molko

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