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SIM Rules

Available races

Any race is allowed, even home-brewed ideas. But no Gods/goddesses as playable characters; demi gods with fae like characteristics are allowed​. Please do note, we do not see changlings/foundlings as pookah/shifters. 

OOC Rules


One for all! 

In combat NPC followers, pets and familiars count as one attack; damage to them is damage to your character´s HP

Furry Avatars 

Furry avatars are permitted with some warnings: you might be asked to fix eye size if too anime-ish; no neon color scheme allowed. As in nothing cartoon-like, overly bright and unrealistic and chibi.

Dragon & Big Avatars

Dragon and giant avatars allowed, in no restriction of size, but please keep the genitalia hidden. Do be aware that if you lag out the sim and crash others, you might be an exception to this restriction.

No anime avatars

To fit the level of realism we are aiming to, Anime and Cartoon-ish avatars are not allowed. We wish to keep the immersion as realistic as possible. Unsure of if your avatar works or not? Reach out to a Helpful Helper, Watchful Warden, or Foundling Funder for verification.

Sexual Content RP is private!


If you are roleplaying anything adult, keep it in DMs. Even if you have a lax comfort zone, others might not. We are an Adult sim, but we have specific areas and events for this content. This applies for both the sim and LL rules.

Keep in IMs even in your home


Chat range might make your 18+ posts visible even in your rental. Respect the private RP rule.

Keep your genitals away! 

Some level of nudity is allowed in Adult areas but please keep genitalia hidden/covered. Character a nudist? Sure. But nothing full mast or sexualized. Again, we are an Adult sim, but we have dedicated areas for it.

18+ Roleplayers 

To Roleplay on SIM you must be at least 18 years old. This is a mandatory rule and if broken, leads to an automatic ban.


We aim to not NERF players and let everyone feel welcome but if we do get reports of your character being almighty and all powerful and ruining the world building, you may be contacted. Gunpowder and gunpowder based weapons are not allowed on sim. 

Child/Teen Avatar

Child and Teen avatars are allowed in public areas - anything out in the opening and rp events that do not include nudity. Entering adult areas, adult RP, combat, and adult animations will have only 1 strike permaban. Anything done adult, naked, inappropriate, etc, get immediately banned, both child or adult with child, no exceptions


Use some common sense and don’t poach. Our sim is very welcoming of sister sims if our worlds are similar. Try reaching out to see if we might be interested in partnering instead. Poaching will lead to an automatic permaban on all regions.

Being disrespectful to others and trolling with rezzing items will get you permabanned, Be as wise as an oak!

The Mystic Realms is now an Adult Sim 

But we have specific areas for adult content. Please be aware that notices will be sent out when you walk into a specific area. Please respect what the notices say. 

This will NOT:

Make The Mystic Realms a sex sim. It will never be that but will be less strict of privacy and location FOR it if people do. This does also NOT allow RLV/Capture/Slavery/Gorean.

We still want:
Players to RP anything adult in DMs unless in those specific places. Others in the area do not consent to read your Adult RP without their own prior permission.
Players to follow consent rules. 


If you do not consent to an adult action/conflict/situation you are uncomfortable with and are continually harassed, do tell us. We want this place to stay a safe and welcoming zone.

Sim attaire rules
The Mystic Realms is Medieval-Fantasy roleplay sim meaning attaire has to fit with the medieval time period with a few exceptions considering there is a cross over period between the medieval era and the renaissance era.

Medieval period was from the 5th Century to 15th Century 
Renaissance began in the 14th century


Dress code

The Mystic Realms are reachable by anywhere in the universe, from Asian cultures to Norse tribes, but please do keep away from denim, zippers and electronics, respecting fantasy setting attire as we are a medi-fantasy themed sim!

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