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Job Seeking in the Faerie Realm

A list of the jobs that can be found in Fae Realm and Courts of Fae, and who to contact if interested.

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Seelie Palace Staff

General Staff

• Attendants • Chefs • Wine Makers • Couriers (positions filled) • Guards

Staff Specific to Queen Sunday

•2 Ladies in waiting • 2 - 3 Guards •

Staff specific to Prince Sulvulondrem

•2 Courtiers • 2 Guards •

Staff specific to Princess Solstice

•2 Ladies in waiting • 1 Guard •

Contact memebers of the Seelie royal family if interested in these positions:

• Seelie Queen Sunday - Cassandramiddles Resident

• Prince Sulvulondrem - Elfame Resident 

• Princess Solstice - 

Businesses hiring

Fae Realm - Taven

• Bartenders • Servers • Bards • Taven wenches •

Contact the owner of these business if interested in these positions:

• Fae Realm Taven: •

If there is no owner listed and you are interested in the establishment contact: CassandraMiddles Resident or Daddy Amore or the leads for the area.

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