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Job Seeking in Faerndil

A list of the jobs that can be found in Faerndil and who to contact if interested.

Faerndil Library:

- Librarians 
- Lecturers 
- Scholars/Researchers 

- Mages

Contact: Lady Aryassa - Assistant Head Curate (daddy amore), or/and Prince Sulvulondrem - Head of Education (elfame)

Brothel Staff: 

- Bath Attendants

- Dancers

- Escorts

- Servers

- Event Hosts

- Drug Handlers

- Barkeeps

- Guards

Contact: Lady Chinastu (daddy amore)

Faerndil Taven:

- Bartenders

- Servers

- Bards 

Contact: Davian the Bard (darklink2296)


Faerndil Infirmary:

- Nurses

- Healers

- Alchemists

Contact: Fawn (silvermialethe1)

The Town Hall and Bank:

- Guards

- Bankers

- Assistants 

Contact: Mayor Rose

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