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IC Rules


Etiquette and RP Conduct 

Be respectful!

If there's an issue, try to work it out on your own, but if needed, reach out to the staff and we can handle the issue with logs. We cannot do anything if there is no evidence or logs. Offenders will be spoken with and unless resolved, will receive a warning. There is no limit of warning to banning, each situation circumstantial. Please also keep all OOC chatter in DMs or groups to not interrupt roleplay flow!

10 minute rule! 

Wait 10 minutes before you jump in front of someone's post; IMing them first is recommended too with a max 5min wait for OOC reply.

Paragraph RP?

Para RP(Paragraph roleplay) is encouraged but not enforced. Everyone should be free to follow their inspiration/moment! Please do not Rapid or Bullet post. This means that you should write a post and allowing the others in the group to respond before you post again. Everyone roleplays differently, no matter the size and quantity of their posts. Be patient and be kind. 


Emotes and roleplay posts should be written in 3rd person for consistency and immersion.

Post Order 

Post order must be followed up to 5 players. More than that, in group RPs and SIM Wide adventures, wait for 4 posts before posting again

Being disrespectful to others and trolling with rezzing items will get you permabanned, Be as wise as an oak!

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