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Introducing Our Hud!

How does combat work here?

---Combat or contest rolls-----
-If fighting, please go based on a simple contest between the two rolls; Attack vs defense roll. Highest wins. If attacker rolled highest, the blow is a hit. If defender rolled highest, the blow is a miss. 

Dice rolls on a D20:
1-5 Fail
6-10 Low Success
11-15 Success
16-20 Great Success.

-Attack v Defense Ties are a stalemate in that round and require rolling again the next round.

-Lose 1 HP per successfull hit

-After 3 successful hits, the attacked player is out. See more below.

-Players can use the difference between the two rolls to determine the style of the result, but not the result itself. An extra flashy hit or dodge etc.

When someone hits 0 Hit Points, they are not DEAD. It is up to the player to interpret and chose how to 'out' their character.  Passed out, captured, limping away to lick their wounds, or if they really wish, they can die. That is completely up to the player. Everyone is expected to respect how each player wishes to remove themselves from the combat. 

On the same note, please do not use consent to be unbeatable. Use it with judgement and keep in mind other players will also note on your rp and this can affect who wants to interact with you in the future. Same goes for people who tend to ignore consent or push outcomes on people. 

Let us emphasize dice combat is NOT MANDATORY NOR REQUIRED AT ALL. We prefer roleplaying it out fully and let dice rolls be for any decision making. Talk in DMs and come to a consensus if there's an issue.

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