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 The Quenya name for winter, and is called Rhîw in Sindarin. The fifth of the six "seasons" in the Calendar of Imladris, and corresponds more or less to the 72 days between 1 December and 10 February in the Shire Calendar.'

 Hrívë is a village nestled in the Snow Peak Mountains, built after prospectors found large deposits of iron and copper, as well as some mithral and gemstones. A mine was established, and the small but respectable village grew around it. Trade routes opened into the southern lands, mostly following the foot of the Snow Peak mountian range east to the shore, as well as the annual spring visit of the halfling caravan from the Western Dales. Trade all but stops in the winter time, as the South Pass (the main way in and out of the mountains) becomes impassable by wagon.

Hrívë predates Faerndil by only a few short decades. In fact, it was those very mines that led to the founding of the elven village. The tradesmen wished to travel through the massive forest rather than around it to reach the coast and other ports. The fae, naturally, were not thrilled with having large amounts of deadly iron in their forest, and began to harrass the merchants. In an attempt to foster peace and prevent needless death, the elves offered to guarantee the safety of the fae in return for letting the merchants pass through unharmed (as well as a tax of mithral). Faerndil was then founded to function as a stopping point for the tradesmen as well as a home for the elves tasked with upholding their end of the fae contract. For many years, this arrangement worked well, and both Faerndil and Hrívë prospered.

The mines began to yield less and less ore, and when the mithral vein eventually depleted, most of the villagers left the cold mountains for warmer lands and better opportunities. Most of the village fell into disrepair over time, and several buildings were torn down to use for scrap to upkeep those few that remained. It was also around this time that Faerndil's population plummeted, taking away what trade they had left. To make matters worse, the frost giants and fire giants that live north of the mountains are threatening war once more, leading to lumber and food shortages as the giants strip the land of resources to fuel their wartime needs. 


However, recently, things are starting to look up for the villagers that remain in Hrívë . A new vein of iron and copper has been found (as well as hints of more mithral), and a new mine has been built to harvest it. Also, a variety of people seem to be returning to Faerndil. Trade convoys are planned, and the villagers seek to entice new people to come and live in the mountaintops alongside them. 

Will you stake your claim in the snowy, windy peaks, and find your fortune? Then Hrívë awaits

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