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The Feywilds Guidelines 

What are some of the basics of the fae/fey realms?

Fae cannot lie! 
They can tell halftruths and they can withhold information, but they cannot lie. Perhaps it causes them pain, perhaps it curses them for several hours. But any lying is a large consequence.




Magical death 

Fae cannot truly die but their vessels can. Once they pass, their bodies flow into tomb blooms, harnessed until a new body is found for them. In our lore, the more good deeds you've done, the more likely you'll be able to choose your next fae race.


Fae are allergic to iron!

Like how werewolves and vampires cannot handle silver, fae folk cannot handle iron.

Careful with your words! 

 Words are important to the fae. Thank yous, pleases, requests, names, all of them have important meanings. If you give a please or thank you, expect to have a contract be made between you and the fae thanked. They might come collecting in the future for their reward.

The fey courts

Fae are oft divided into seelie, unseelie, or neutrally unclaimed. Treat these as you might alliance! Or dont! Seelie are often the lighter, sweeter, everything is purple types, oft spring and summer types. Unseelie often like to play darker tricks that, though amusing to them, might not be so fun for those being tricked, oft winter and autumn types.



Time in the Fae realm
What might be months in the realm could only be a day or two in the land you come from. An hour in the realm equaling a day in your normal realm's time. Mortals might leave more aged than they came in and it gives a good reason for your characters to age up if ever needing to for plots.

All races are welcomed!

But do remember, this are the fey wilds! Being respectful to the fae customs, the forest and their living creatures is for your own good! IC consequences might fall upon you if you don´t!

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