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The Elven Village of Faerndil

    (FAY-ern-dil) "Friend of Spirits/Fae"

 A quaint little village made to be a place to rest for travelers, more of an outpost. However, it is a little off the beaten path for most travel. It is home to a military encampment, a few huts, an inn The Noble Oak, Lake Morn, the waterfall Nellavorn, the temple Eleniaun, and most importantly Galadharthad, the wishing tree.

The Elven village is home to a temple for the Goddess of Justice, located at the back of the village. A peaceful building that acts as a sanctury for believers and a quiet place for those who just want some time to themselves to think. 

    Galadharthad itself once acted as a place for gathering and rest, which allowed the village to grow out around it. Faerndil has not seen much in the way of development, but that may change.


As the area developed more, the Temple was built as a way to not only serve those who do not have the opportunity to worship elsewhere but also to watch over Galadharthad.

    Currently, the roads and paths are well-worn dirt, the market has little other then the produce grown locally, and all but the inn and the temple, Eleniaun, are thatch huts.

Eleniaun, the modest temple, sits in a small hill overlooking the wilds and the minor Lake Morn.


It carries with it the pantheon of the Kingdom of Faena, which has thirteen deities, with four being the most important. These deities do not need to be followed to get assistance from the Elenaiun. No religion is enforced.

  The area, including wildlands, was a gift to the Realms from the former Seelie Queen: Chinastu Chieko, and at the time her lady in waiting Lady Sun Peaking over the Daisies, Sunday. Gifting a land seaped in magic to the Elves of the Mystic Realms.

However, despite it being a gift, the Seelie court is completely hands off, allowing the village and villagers to manage themselves. 

   Some say that other elves exist in the realm. Though none have yet been seen, but scholars know that they probably exist.


(If you would like to add to the elven lore contact Deathly Fright or Ammy Zimberman) 

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