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Dress Code

Wear any attaire from any culture!

- We do not limit you to a specific regions medieval wear, you do not have to wear european inspired attaire, Asian, African, any clothing from anywhere across the world you allowed to wear.

OOC Rules



Shoes We understand the difficulty of finding shoes for certain bodies that fit the theme, this is where the fantasy part can really shine through and you can take some liberties as long as they fit the sim

Unsure if what you are wearing fits the sim?

- If you are unsure about an outfit, do not hesitate to reach out to a Helpful Helpers or Watchful Wardens for assistance

Our discord has lists of helpful shops for those who are stuck!

- We have pinned shops in 🛒shopping-channel that hold an approved list of stores, this list is always getting added to as new shops are discovered, we also have popup stalls on our sim landing plot that hold clothes which fit the sims theme.


Avatar complexity limit is encouraged to stay under 150k, so that every roleplayer, whether their PC is powerful or not have an opporunity to have fun rping without lag,

Sim attaire rules
The Mystic Realms is Medieval-Fantasy roleplay sim meaning attaire has to fit with the medieval time period with a few exceptions considering there is a cross over period between the medieval era and the renaissance era.

Medieval period was from the 5th Century to 15th Century 
Renaissance began in the 14th century


Dress code

The Mystic Realms are reachable by anywhere in the universe, from Asian cultures to Norse tribes, but please do keep away from denim, zippers and electronics, respecting fantasy setting attire as we are a medi-fantasy themed sim!


If you wish to be nude make it tasteful, not every roleplayer will be comfortable seeing genital just hanging and swinging freely when they are strolling around the sim, so please be mindful of others; the circumstances are different if the place you are on is where nudity is expected to be seen: e.g baths, hotsprings or nudity encouraged parties

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