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Welcome to The Mystic Realms

Welcome to The Mystic Realms

The Mystic Realms is an adult 18+ rated roleplay sim in Second Life.

 A homebrew Medieval-Renaissance fantasy roleplay sim based around the fae and their influence on the other realms.  A sim for players and storytellers, built up by the players and storytellers, the stories told by you, dictate how the lore changes and the world evolves. We hope to provide fantasy lovers with a full magical and thrilling experience on beautifully optimized sims.

 We do not have any applications, just tp to the sim, set up your character in our easy-to-use hud, and have fun story building. We require you to look over our character rules, we allow any and every race, beast, human, humanoid,  elven, aquatic, furry, etc. If it fits our rules and the medieval-fantasy setting, it is allowed.

Photography is allowed on sim but we ask that you do not interrupt any roleplay and wear the OOC tag, keeping all OOC chatter in the OOC group of DMs.

Check out our Rules and Guidelines. 

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